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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

jole the II Idea

This is a point I recorded by thinking to my third eye to glance at the area and notice what was done. So even if it says its private, its not private there. If you think to use these ideal, then  you you can use them as a point in thought about what you need at the moment.You don't have to do them, this is done as you suggest by statement of the idea to the air, someone else might do them for the experience point. This is a few noted effects.This will begin with other things, then goto world views. This is a point in fact, whether true or not, your subconscious can create what you want..This is a point in Jole the II's life that I noted down.

Other things:

clayton antwaine; He doesn't decide to suddenly become unreliable. He can make the trip to edmond, bringing me back and forth. You can't force someone against their will, but you can trick them. This is what I hope to do.

Psychic idea poetry

Think as you would like.
This is a point to the past.
The thought is what you sense.
The vision is what you see.
The psychic nature is something else.
This is a point put to the present.
That you notice what is there.
As a point, this is a sign.
Think the idea and intuition guides you.
Intuition is the soul by use.

That is only until you change the point.
This means use of your intution guided senses.
That allowed you to detect the truth or focus point.
This is a point put to the moment.
What you do is up to you.
Think and you know what to do.
Otherwise you can detect things.
You can see the point, that you need to sense.
This is a concept done by the third eye.
Empowered by the pinneal gland with what you think.
You can see anything that you want to see.

Now its done as a wish.
That is spoken idea or thought point.
These are thinking waves of energy sent to create what you wish.
There you go, we don't mind.
Psychic ability is thinking or peception to see things.
If you see accosting, that means you have something to defend.
Now a psychic spell in idea is thinking of what you want.
This is idea in a point and desiring the result by concept.
Psychic list is creating by writing or typing.
This is what you think by need.
The usual sighting, however this is done.
That is done by your own two physical eyes.

orange coconut; orange coconut drink is made by orange flavor enhancer mixed with coconut stevia or powder added wo water and turmeric, this is done for an admixture that is tasty and works like a charm.

orange; flavor enhancer use is useful but actual oranges squeezed and placed with water works as well usually much better and you get the vitamin c from the mixture.

sugar loss; sugar death is where you lose red blood vessels to using too much sugar from something.

sugeay = sugar eating; this can cause sugar death otherwise nicknamed white death, that is where you drastically lose weight and some muscles and are left alone with a body that doesn't work too well. That is when your body expands and then shrinks down to its thinnest shape without exercising the weight of food off. If you want to repair from this, then eat steak or other iron rich foods. That should restore you after your first bite, that is done by the body as if you get energy from the food. This is a noted efect of extra oxygen from the food as well, if any exists to be had by the food or drink. So enjoy yourself.

Juu; Oh by the way, I have a tontonto doe. So I can do anything if necessary. If I find out abuse is being done, then I will set out to stop it. That is all. Add to the dictionary, if you want to create an effect.
Think if it is all.

definings (skip to end):
alia = alleyway
ia = hit, item, in, item in, idea
was = waste, water, waste of time, think to shift to somewhere else and you are where you think to become better
ie = idea, item
so = soul, sometimes this soul is formed like an item is written to from genetic memories being inputted then stored, otherwise this is an idea that the creator of our memories made up to appease himself by feel.
se = said, what is said is a point made by actions, nothing much more than that.
fo = focus point, that focus point reveals what you want by what you think to need.
pa = paternal, personal pin, pain, painful moment that creates what you want with realization from what is done.
pe = pea, peck formation
pai = pay, pain bearing, bearing the pain that you imagine, think of what you want and the subconscious gives you what you need with use of the pinneal gland third eye.
pen = pean, the pea moment that releases you from all energy programming that you don't want, personal pen
si = sit down, shit and release, this is where you give a shit and seem to care for the point that's there with no bad feelings.
ke = key method, think to key in and do what you want (sometimes this is for a personal reason like better health yet you could reject the health as its extra weight and weight drop) and things work out
tote = thoughts, self-fought moments
sofi = softy, suffix, suffication
de = death, dead feeling and death thereof by the method of thaumaturgical breathing, trauma inducing by thinking of the feel. Otherwise thanatoic trance, that uses induced breathing to create a death like state and you feel like your dead unless you actually are undead. Then you know everything and things are what they are by what is done. This serves as an early release from the world to the normal world, that is outside the aura world and you are free to do what you need to do by what you want when you free yourself by the point of death.

That release frees you from the point that you don't want to live through, so all you need to do is think yourself onto another exoplanet and you are there after thinking yourself going above the cloud tops that you imagine there in the atmosphere and recieving the cure to your condition. This is what you can do instead of constantly being reborn on the same world. If you think then you don't and you can find yourself reincarnated again and again until you think to see another planet, that is done on the same planet until your soul dries up by the energy being used up that it has stored. So think about that and you might free yourself as to seem with life before its too late.
Suraprea = Secret prayer; If you think to not expose your God or hide your faith. However you think to not openly pray, just state what you want and the creator gives you what you want if you intend to get the idea as a result or open end result. That is because you are nothing but a memory to his mind living the life as though he would want, so what you want if stated or thought about is what you get as if he wanted the idea. This is noted effect, that is what really occurs with a prayer anyway. However you can pray any way you wish to pray, this is a point put to the past by feel. Then if you knew the point, you know what to do, that means you create with a result.
non; think and this is to create with the point none more.
no; not, now
not; note, noted event
in; and, hand, not do
or; order, build up, in (energy)
kao; chaos moment, break down, psychic moment
is; in, indeed
id; idea, I'd
sa; say, save
ge; energy use, get
eas; was
xiy; exonerary, exhibition, concession
trefoe; transfiguration, adaption
nua; no matter, dark matter
nunagy; no energy, dark energy or energy that is what causes things to be pushed away yet holds together things by dark matter that uses interaction or area focus to keep what is stable there by idea.
oe; okay
sug = surge, form, remember
Dego = God of death; if you call upon him he or she might not answer except in answerable deity form, so think to know what you need and then call upon the god to form physically where you are and he or she can manifest or form into existence. Then if he doesn't kill or neutralize you, you passed his test and his formed avatar will give you whatever you want by thinking of what you need. So think about the deity and stating the point calls upon the deity's attention to form. If you want to cheat the moment, think that it doesn't kill you and your granted what you need as you think of the idea to get things. Your subconscious uses this as suggestion to do what you want, that is done as you call the deity into existence and you pass the deity's test of will. After that, you get what you want and all you need to do is think of what you need, when you need the idea.
Egoem = Egoism, Thinking; This is a point that is created by idea if needed, if you don't mind it then you won't be hit. Question the point and the point disappears. This is all there is usually set to the point that shifts with you. This is usually not done if not needed, though the point exists by feel. Ithink my friend charles used this effect to shift everything he thought valuable to himself from somewhere else. So I will use this as well, think of the point and the idea that is valuable is shifted to where I am. This is the effect in mind. The transit is the physical effect. What one can say about the idea is that you can bring anything with you to your next life. This is the method to use and do the deed.
Tsyt = transit, object shift: This is it; Think to shift it and its there. That's all there is to it. You can use this to shift nearly anything, including that which you remember is yours by feel or insight.
wit = writ, witten, written idea or effect by thinking about the point, so sometime if you are stating a word or two of the idea this works as well from the power of words and this is using suggestion with the subconscious mind.
doe = dough, dollars, $
nuta = danese, nebiki, neptune, goddess of cleaning, the cleantime pointer, think your need and you might get the idea as a want or the idea could die off. Otherwise depending on her mood, you might be ignored. If you think her name, you could find yourself cleaning the area. So think about the idea and the point to do, if you state the concept your soul does what is needed. This is how she does this trick, so think about your need and necessary things are done, sometimes this done by others that can do it.
snaspiy = snake spirit; Snake spirits can offer knowledge. The cost is sometimes a mention in idea by what you do. This offers some of your energy or something you own, that is used as exchange for the usage of the idea you can get by meditative insight. That's how you get the snake information. Then you get something that's done.

Other animals do well for this, sometimes they do this as well. But, the snake is oftentimes representive of knowledge and that knowledge is what you can think to gnow. So if you don't know, then you don't care to realize things. This is what insight your soul can give you. So if you think your able to get things, then you otherwise handle things.

This is usually done by what you do with your time on your hands. That is what you can do with your time, this is done unless you have otherwise planned things. That is truely what thinking things can mean or measure up to by feel, however yes, snake oil can cause baldness. But you have to consider others feelings so think about this idea.

This is a point in life if not a point in fact. Think about others as you think about yourself. This is noted in life, sometimes things always about yourself. So yanno the truth I think this is a point that you recognize. That is a point in life. Think to act accordingly. This is for what I think.

You don't always have to react to every single thing. Think to relax, you know the way. Meditation or sitting back and allowing the days feel to go from you. Breath in and out and think to relate to your thoughts. This is the way to do it. Thank you for your considerance.
sna = snake (any sort), snazz (snare), snake snare, snack otherwise no snack is done
spiy = spying (out), spit/ting, spiked on a cooking stick or rod and set on a rack in a firepit. Otherwise: spirit, spiritual and done with things.
Vyrt May Ba U-x = I will gain my money back double.
Tsuge = The suggests, The suggestions; The suggeststions that I get, they are actual requests from people so don't mind me as I use them as a point.
En = The endpoint, The point at the pointed end, think of the idea and you can get what you want by thinking of the need.

World view
AraMaiGeo = aura manifest world: the aura energy is the manifestation, the world is the feel you have that is based in the physical world. this is anything that is possible in the aura, think of what you want and the idea exists unless not necessary. however the creator of this world is dead, now is a point that you can create what you want.

AraGeo = aura world: This is where you can think to create the point and you create what you need. This uses the aura energy and the world around you is the feel by the senses that you have. The God of this world is you, otherwise the original God is the creator, we are just memories of the creator. So thinking about things he realizes the idea, then you get the idea as an end result. One thing about this world, that is based off illusions and she's dead by asphixiation that originally created it. So think to see the reality of the area and you do if curious. Doing is where you shift to see what and where you want to see. Whether or not if you could survive there. This includes exoplanets upon testing, so think about that. This is a point in the past that it was created, that is a point in the past that is created equal to todays time. So think of the idea you want as a need focused upon is a want, desire is what you can get unless not possible as the negative doesn't effect. Then you could think and go to do entropic idea.

Then = The point with the end; The world at the end, this world view is showing things. That could occur or happen, this is done unless you don't allow for the point and do things to save the idea.

SodiarGeo = Heart world; This is the work of SH, think to use this as you want to use this as information or activity. The heart world is the soul world that is created by the formation of the heart. This exists by feel or uses with the senses, then created is the idea that you think to use things. The idea is a point that you create with by the way you think, this is where you can get a warm fuzzy feel to the area and through generation you can create anything. That is where you do self-actions, think of what you want to do things by the idea you need. The heart area can create anything and time here is every 1 second outside the heart is 1 year inside the heart world and get this, the heart has a simple brain as well. So that is what generates the results. The idea you have and think then need is what you end up with by feel, that is done if you speak or think of the idea as though an end result. By thith method, you can generate any result or idea as though a full manifest. This is a noted effect to the place, so don't take everything done as though an idea to do.

IvaiTichGeo = Body aura world; internal aura world, inner fat world, involved world; The world that is in your aura, yet not everything there is represented by a gene or DNA pattern. Somethings are foreign energy and matter. The idea of objects are sometimes where you are touching upon the organ. The creation is done by activity of the body and blood or liquid waste flow is water. So no matter the point, the idea is done if you intend it to be done unless not needed. A shift is where you go by leaving the room or area physically. This is basically teleporting by feel or use of the senses.

Think of what you want and you can get what you want. That is where the effect is either drinking or eating a little, then what you think to create is fully manifested. We each have a manifest where the aura world is creating internally what you want, what is needed is created outside the aura world, if necessary. Think about the place or area and being there to enter the aura world. Think about "going" and leave to exit the aura world. This sometimes what works by the aura energy responding to the water flow, this is where you are exiting by the feel of the senses.

One thing to note; the god and the goddess are the main gods of this aura world. You are the creator that give the main gods energy, this is done through the point and release of muscles or basic energy infusion from the area of the body. The pantheon is what The God and The Goddess can choose. Devine are those people that use their organ energy or blood energy otherwise to infuse the organ with energy or blood cells.

So this is useful to create what they want, that is done by the use of their pinneal gland third eye. They have a subconscious mind, so think to their spirit or aura energy to create what you intend to create using their subconscious to create the point. Sometimes this is done through suggestion, sometimes this is done through the idea that your thinking your there and nearby to use their services. Then if you think about things you can shift to a point that is elsewhere.

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