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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it. This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New age

interests: see you later, i am going to back to work as though some apothecary and some herb use.

cure for hardwater: paprika, ginger, oregano, stevia.
cure for softwater: paprika, oregano, sage
cure for badwater: there isn't one except filtering the water of minerals.
cure for weight: no no denial or garlic, oregano, cinnamon, sage sometimes with no as a point that will cause with ideal no denial or garlic, oregano, onion to cause some ideal formation.
cure for body ills: oregano, sage, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa
cure for body pain or condition: temporary is this so think to use sage, oregano essential oil as a wonder.
cure for common hard water elements; allspice, turmeric, sage, oregano, basil, paprika with lemon that can be peel, juice, extract.

think of before to use.

other things:
removing pregnancy: allspice, nutmeg, onion powder, vanilla extract or powder.
laimae = lacrimae crystal focus influence.
curse use: to rid a curse think your using the curse energy that is drawn upon to do your ideal or downing the curse by feel as the curse occurs.
blessing use: to create by feel so you create with some point you use to make your ideal.
blessed ore: ore focus to bless things or create effects from events using lacrimae as focus mediums point.
bless: create as a positive the effect you think to create a blessing by ore energy focus through a point to create what you think or i can get, what i wish with a touch or thought to a gemstone i can work for or usually get.
viewing: area point by area use.

this is a notice i saw some place, that is by my own ideal:
"this is my birth, my life, my death state that i can leave to ther places with realization by feel. This is oklahoma that i live by feel with or use is by no fear to get allot of good gains. Other than that i am fine i realize my mistakes i have already disrupted the lives desrving disruption so i will go now. ciou. have fun since you own it. this is ciou w or really think to work or think to own. you realize the rest i placed it with logs. this is indeed slavery to me so i might, as well say goodbye before i die by midnight with a knot. if not i will live here as i wish to or go from my room to go to live other places. so wait for further progress to death or detail the city as the world. see ya. oh yea whatver that you do don't make a nuisance. this is the beginning of my writing. this is the beginning of my logs."

  This is not supposed to be used as magic, that is "not except what you wish, some use is magic by thought is with a rite or thinking. Then you create if you need to get things done this is with the same or sort of."

  Some sort is otherwise or not there if not supposed thats the point by release or by feel, you release by the area you thin or think to work by holding in your stomach to no longer show a stomach then your thin as you think to have energy the creator uses or you eat less by response as though suppression to the need so your weight goes lowering sometimes by water drinking. Otherwise i think to produce less is still getting more money. So mowing the yard or cleaning the bathroom is cool by feel, for some cleaning or ideal lower paying job is the point you do.

  this uses the planet gravity or area energy to absorb the excess energy. this is the point you think. so if oily you can use what you think, i think wish if no longer thought illegal for better use or allowed is the use. as its shalam iff norg with the ancient language for yes he or she did or knows by now what they hear as the language you speak is understood. think what you want removed by thinking your problem is this, then think reversal or its gone by what evasive or everyday actions you use. this was the point or use ideal not to use so if you did illegal things you were disreputed.

  Due note: the sidelink "For more art or uses documents with the Secret of the mind site", this is needed to load twice so back out or work with the link then create as you think with the thought you get or give what you work with as you feel to set a cookie. otherwise you could get shafted screenwise to another screen with no set or some unset cookie, that is by the point you see you don't need to use the site. if you don't need to see the shaft page unless you see the point or ideal for languages. this is the point you think is there by feel or not used on a daily basis.

  their is no reason, thinking your body shows no extra weight shows none of the weight causes lesser weight. this is the end to all the same ol same trick thats old as though you think this is an age that ends, as you think this is an end to the age that is there. so you see the age there is no longer appearant if no longer there. there is a concept you think then you work with the concept to create as you think by the feel. We deal with things peacefully as we can. Nah there there's no need to do what we can unless we need to do things.

  this spell can effect that end to the ages spell that you can think to use or create by your feel. this works because that is no crises by what you sense. this is the area or point you think that counts not the reason that is there by now or however this is not actually destroyable by relation. this is what you think that you do to create by feel. so as you think by the area or use the energy, if assault you sense with disruption as you think things are secure then they stop or think to not get. think to no longer get in the range or general direction, so that you can evade or avoid the trouble to stop as you resolve the situation.

 Think no dictate so the person then thinks the ideal stops or they do other things as you think,  "this is an end to the age to do or know, by use is things you do if you feel the area to not do or feel. so this does not effect you otherwise, thought to have no effect to you is to not effect your senses by what you think". this reminds me, aware by feel is awareness by your point or choice, you think to create by feel or with the point you thought.

 This is the point you see or feel with a visual or sentence sense. that there is something by the thought you sense as then by your sense. the end of the sentence is a period to some point you see by your senses. if the sense is there that they know what they say then the sentence or paragraph makes sense. i think this is my natural endpoint to not have a want or care to do things.

 I by this you can use if so think then by the feeling you get to what light is to you so you think light then things work themselves out. this is different way, not supposed is appeal to different ideal with approach, however a reason to think you are wary or by awareness your aware then your sane as its it there by reassurance.

 So think, know or look to see. see to stop trying to block things that are an advent, if the advent is some ending you agreed with by allowing. the end point happens or whenever the endpoint occurs the endpoint is there by the creator. except the exceptable, use is your own ideal. this there is a way to avoid the effect by some spell.

  this follows the ideal you don't have to do, what you won't want to do that can change what the timeline you think is there by vision, prophecy or other fortune divination.  that means creative use or area focus to correct the problems, as long as you wait for the response. the point things that are there there if allowed for are given or allowed are with factual area focus by things you see by request. thats the fact if you can come up or down with things as nope you see things. the sense i then think is useful is paralyzation you think to release yourself from if in a dream.

  these are there as a point you think to use that is a reference. this i knew from experience, that my school days or other days are use as a point by reference. if that is is true then i am not the point after the fact. you always seem to get what you think or no longer do, as you think a way out of the problems as though with situations you could work with or cause the creator to not have. this is use defense as you think to avoid the point to avoid stress. some think to create some think to work things off, see you may think to work with your own problems to resolve them. unless not allowed you can work with others to resolve your own.

  this is where i think to create or no longer think back to work with something here. these are jedi techniques though with the sense you think you create by what you think or use protection for. if you thought to use the ideal you might find trouble or you will likely hand things back. think the point or use the ideal this is where things end. i think jedi thinking is sometimes overated. this is a past ideal, think things are secure then they stop. then as you think you can or can't do. this is what you might do if you continue. so think your not by then seeing you won't effect the time in the past or think to create as you think a resolution.

 So if you see the point, then think of the iztakans or aztecs that were an ideal mercantile age or the druids that disappeared, thats "iz atz az" when were allowed to remain or chose to go. Then think the point you remember as this age was here then disappeared, they were mainly teachers to what knowledge is there as there is other knowledge. as though non existent except for what remained there as written or technology that was then given by knowing before the point it existed by information. shared then is the point if useful then is done or if use then created what is done.

  This is a trick point to a new age trick to use, this is the point you think that is an end then you get an endpoint with that result. So you see if or not by ideal, you think this translated then you are right this is from use. Thats how the spell works as conditional use. The simple way to do this spell, think use with this formula, "end of an age" as you think what ends. So think to end things then you do or say.

  This is use or usually an end by the spoiled ideal or spells the end of ages by feel. this i think is sometimes not worth the effort though. you can try then stop or create then do otherwise your just doing what you think or not doing as you do something else. so the end to the age is sometimes the end to a society. so thats the reason lost civility or civilizations are no longer here. there is a reasoning that you know there is a point that is a purpose or you exist because there is no more area or time to exist, except by the creator that sets what you think.

 From the ancients themselves by what is for now is known. If you want to be immortal use selected uses in water, uses are alchemy by chance or enable yourself by feeling with poppy seed once with paprika with ideal. So this is the ideal. Think with the will create by the area you think to value. The point some think that this is no longer necessary, wait then or want to see anonymity for drugs uses with magic. This is below as thinking the point you are aware magic exists, so think ahead to think this is the point or there point you you work or know what is there. I think this was a reaction to what you sensed then i use senses with the religion to realize. If non religion then to know what they do as you think the non religion is organized.

 "I didn't see anything wierd. So you see this is allowable as your immortal as you think you are. So to enable yourself to die off is smoked onion added to the poppy seed with paprika or use is no additives except maybe liquid aloe vera. Expect bad taste with that. So there's up with down or up with being up. This is use by usage with ideal points you recognize to create the god or goddesses will. This where you are able to create something, then this can appear as you wish or wisely put sometimes isn't visible or viewable by area feel. The real reason for this space is to see or accede to do things, the ideal way others has as regis or registered view or some viewer by view you see to work with or you think i would say here."

 "Do what you know is right, whatever you do don't be taken by a thief. no repeats no loops no cycles that is what is there now. by the feel i sense the point or work the way that is all i do. so this was a gift card moey ideal i will return the money. so i thinnk you can pay for one. thank me knowingly later by feel. so really this is think to do things naturally right, i think by the correct by means or that was some legit attempt to work with things."

 "This is accumulative with  c-f/x = percent = a par sec or energy per minute this is amps yet i is energy flow or work measured with seconds divided, this is by flux or flow of movement for uns or unswerving unless with focus ideal for magic. "This is rg-115 known as regulus prime the universe by the feel c/f-x = creative use" this is this where you think your shifting things or ideal, uses are as energy to somewhere else as though through a wormhole is use by idea the fluctuation is causation from use to celcius by degree.

  This is some thought to use for science magic for the fluctuations, by the spacial area focus to work the light energy that is the focus point you notice as walengths. As a-x/f is amps - x ray divided by fluctuation or energy flow sometimes represented as i. This is area flow by fluctuation thought to celcius by the warming degree. Think to disagree or agree to agree to get along sometimes, this is the feeling or flow by the area you think to thought sense.

  So you can pick the right time to choose your own battles. so for spelunkin just think safety to create the use is create by feel. Magic spelunking is just think then focus to create the vision, as you imagine what they are doing to what you you center then feel they do as to see behind the mask. This can go on forever so I will stop here as aesdis ics or the area icelandics language known as aedis would say. This is my last line or area feeling too. Extreme volcanic reaction is what will happen."

 "So I see if for us or use to work right we work as we wish to. Separate yet together. So if you think you were using the spell the ideal you create for things you wish, you create by the realization you work with or realize no more to get better visual results or realize what you really wish by realization with your ideal.

  That by thought thought out this way. Thats if the spell for reconstrued or reconstructed idea works. See "this" is the genious to do though with telekinetics the object is with the point this knows where to go or if you were realizing what you think or aren't with the realization is the point by realized area. This is uses with realized area. Thats by your area use or useful ideal.

  We designed him wee killed the bugs. If you were effecting the ideal by some object "if you can create things or dismiss the effect. So new age fallacies with light was right accept the bad with the good, otherwise as you ignore or not accept the ideal to accept things with the good. So you say this I believe requires no extra to do business. This is correct you really don't so now they can go now its set. That was the last of it. This is like 1 non pounds by $ or no more no less now its set there you see? There you go by feel. I think this is by feel is commotative by chance."

  This doesn't have to be there unless necessary, this was or creates what you think. I mean the body living forever or not living forever as you think this is necessary. This means the source of all money is not corruption where you survive by use. This is the source with the money or exchange is the teller. This is the exchange to use the credit. This is the creator that creates what you wish or think, so if things are corrupt by use you can clean it up this is then or now to you as H20 is water.

  Think then so is this better or worse or isn't according to what you think. Fine then its with the use by feel or ignoring none of the things, seen that to bother you or create is sometimes. As you are an use aware with the feel because you are aware then don't or do alike, like use is this is not always by feel. Now then think to walk off the weight to work with others idea don't have to or think to go. Use dark chocolate to create with water for immortal feel by ideal for a feel with chocolate that works better. Think not to eat to suppress your need otherwise.

  The ideal by things there you get what you wish for with the concept, this is with some feel or area by the point with or not use concept by paprika, witch hazel with ginseng, poppy seed, fennel seed or not have to. Think what you don't need is a thought decompozer or thought is with the things not liked going to somewhere else so you see the absorption with seed is absorbing to purify things or not use H20. This for area use from immortality. Think not one more as you want less weight by eating less.

  So em en na is help restore me or condemn the use by feel. This is emanation by aura energy to feel cure or use water to cure by no polutants, the curing feel to create with is sage or with water filtered. Think with thinking the point or use is when you feel you know by em ean nu. A good way to keep money is this is there with a thought this is not going or used. This is think your not going to spend money then think as you don't go to spend.

  This to create something or feel with the area by things then you could get in a point where you won't or can use emanation to survive or die from. I believe that was posted a few lifetimes ago. This is rather interesting. The magic you know is the magic you realize yet nothing is there if you think to not see things there so they are unless removed or create by the feeling is focus use. Thats enough biolocation then I am through dislocating. I will use some of mine articles now to work with others. This is as this is what works with it.

  The faery I learned are with using mold or stink rags sometimes with other things of mold to create or cause hallucinations so you think you see them or not even if they attack or are incited by discernment or see no longer to attack. They included it on the area equipment to note all the way, how many were effected by the area or not as "No this is okay this is no longer on with the use, or think this is no longer needing things by idea to wet or clear away unless a bed. I think this is enough to create by ideal by the thought point as this is useful that is the last one."

  Discontentment is a cause they can use to work if they dislike use by what they hear or use is mold by the mushroom. So if they are there or try to break to break through from area concern, stink or think they won't use mold against you as they find you doing the right reaction that stops them from creating what they sense. So to think things work out or in to them, think link end to not be effected or create a linked idea or effect. So seen-illusion-study stops or reveals this source idea "it is as it is then or now by feel is then".

  Think "no, yes or allow is now nowledge by the spirit knowing" that is no or neglect damage or repair. That is cool to prevent by no need to have area attack this I think by fee or the area damage or vibration, think to disrupt the area presence by sound waves or "stop the sniffer or stiffer. That means you are where you stink or think without stink. No damage was done by the area seeming or did you know art is scenic?"

 "This came from fruu thought to use bread dough that contains cures", think to use the area by feel to release from poison by water dilution with the area I see or saw was there by theory. You don't need the ellcris or area tree anient is sometimes lenient by feel so remove it then you are aware of a blank area. Seen is the branch or area tree thats the one dimension, see by the feeling thats the tree that can absorb your energy to create what the thought is there by your feel. This is uses by your view or theory as a wish is you create or you think you create with collected energy, the tree gives the energy back to you as can use the moon to create things.

  "I see so you aren't allowed here so yes you think something is allowed then your allowed, thus I released you by sleeping with others or use the area or bed. So you are free think to create with the area by feel, so if you are going by the feel to do that so anymore is theory so seeya. This goes by where you are this is where you leave. This is not to have caught you. This is the planets release to those that think to be released. Most think us a karma trap, we aren't we just are use or creation. As you experience you are aware to feel." Johnson creations.

  See this was not there by real use so I see or think. The area was avoided because you think, seeing then work somewhere else not touch your head or use water if to summon fire. Where you think energy is formed, so you think "the h is pronounced i the j is pronounced h or silent e as a form in the aer or some formative air energy thats Rgis otherwise Egis is err planet energy that you cn is can that supports things by feel, Rhhs is  use as ir or risky fire energy, with Erhs or irr as water by energy  otherwise this is the water of erasure by feel seeing use for the styx river water."

  See for the earth or area dimension you wish to have sighted you see is Erhhs is erihs or er the burning serephim or dric thats drhc or alcoholic otherwise, see thats aether with etheric energy by gasoline or spirit thats non alcoholic drink energy air you breathe. This I am done with as that is all elemental stuff anyway for some or none, that I don't have anything more to write on or base things off so think what is dric not to use or drink by what is drhc or drag to escape the area mess you might find as you clean up. This is uses as you feel to clean or clear things up or away..

  I think the person that did this died, so I thought to use area concept or think by concept is to area concept. I think fire is life to create with feel. Water is energy to work from or by area feel.  The real weapon or reason is release or thinking to burn the written down idea to cause relief, I think don't to don't stink is useful to not get noticed burning paper by feel as you fill the sink or float the paper you burn the paper or rag. This will sink then things will be fine otherwise.

 So if this doesn't sink, as the paper or dish is there this is okay the paper would have sunk anyway or floats away, as a release to feeling as though to untrapping is uses with after feel. This use then this begins with the epitaph or release from the feel unwanted. This is a point I saw with chemicals used in a mural to revert to nothing more by a stinking area with gas or h20 with hydrogen sulfate to cleanse by or restore a painting otherwise this was unique. So I was aware to the clause or area relief to work with the point with no extra this is not weight by food or objects use.

  I think the potato was the last thing I noticed, was there so think your free to go then the body does the right things. So think your fine then just walk out, see as I was not here I was wasting by feel that I was used by someone. Think to create with area feel then killed by my idea is theory or forecast, think the weather the weather pattern creates by the feel. That did some idewa result or created area focus by the focus the body does or allows. Then I was aware to the area I was with to create by area free of my presence that I think this was used for law or area feel or not use the idea. That was by george harrison. I think this is written to work or not use as you think the idea is no longer useful. See this is use to not take from the pocket by feel. Think hot air by feel to surround the area pocket that disrupts the need to steal.

 This your ideal life you wanted not to be aparat eus "aparatusse" is elecre telekai or "teleportation by aparatus to anytime anyplace is by the apparatus area feel, try to think what you want then change some idea then you have the area released from curses", think just wait you see with use is by area to work or think not to be there to yourself. Don't think to shift till you are sure you don't care about the body or you are done near the end so focus is shifting energy or no use to eat the food if to create less weighing by holding the stomach in then think weight loss or ignore by area is not to create the use. Other uses are spirit use with the creator for usual feel to create a situated area to survive by area thought by usual behavior. So feel is area death by souls formation or area form.  Think dismiss or demise to create the area calm as you try to work or help or "use is what you think".

 Thinking this use is useless to your point, so your aware if your creation is demonic the spirit is some animal that dislikes the treatment. The animal can feel attached if a fox, cat or other animal called animelism with area energy you think to area to work or form. So think nice thoughts or calm by the area, as is similar or by the right touch if you touch or think to create calmness. See if you feel calm you are calm, then your energy youth is energy the animal feels calm by area feel.  I am thinking this, what it got me. A great math calculator thats the thing that got me this is a note.

 "This is to thought to see what is by feel to return items stolen or think the item is energy that is found, then if you imagine the animal calm you created calm calmness. Then the item then forms as you think to cause, curousity is averted by thinking the object the object to form where the item is formed, not to see it is not to see this or not that you think this is the area. So you can find the object to see what is there or not see what is there. By idea you live or die to what you do so you can create by fate to non created feel that is there to work with use."

"This means it takes 2 one to cause interest with activity, then one does not react to cause by the activity. See 1 part Hcl with 20 parts H2O with Nitrogen with turmeric as if you breath creates with the another area water that cures to the skin with Iodine cream boloxima skin treated condition. The problem if you don't have using pea with corn starch creates with turmeric or basil mixed with oregano. I believe I am no longer wanted here because I am not needed by the stench this causes with lax nature. So remember the point if you remember to use a hostile language that means use idea to cancel out the hostility. I don't need Esmerelde. I don't need a hostile worker.

I need someone whom is calm or not to noth is use for the point thats usual or allowed. This is a dunmack attack: think to focus then you create. Think to focus: Think not to eat to suppress your need. Immortality: Use dark chocolate to create with water for immortal use is poppy seed. Thinking to work or movement to the point you think is air difference with distance. this is use no longer to form personalities with feel. if you think to dissolve the persolities by alcoholic faery or use is they are sun created personality by the solar energy through the moon with clones or ice dilution by dissolving ice with water, you can melt the ice to melt all the personalities to cease or think to exist no more.

note you can don't or do bidden to allow no stealing to due someone in the building. so another way of weight loss is think to lose weight then psyche yourself out, then create as you think your point otherwise to lose weight with by suggestion unless you don't want to do the suggestion or don't claim this another time. this is where you are no thief, you could be the thief or your not the thief then think there way to create what you wish so "uu i en is no en is use by feel".

thank you now you can have some. nteresting thought is a thought you use then work with by feel. very curious law or rule i found here that was interesting by the fact from my own universe that believes the use or law is with ideal in your own hands. The spell is "i think your humphy enough" or "alcai melkia ah melior is with another place alcai telekai melkior, seen as some oni that uses the free will or the teleporting melkior demon that seeks to cause conflict where oni seek to not".

"so stop struggling then think this to reverse as you think this to reverse spells that you cause to don't disable, the body is "by the feel" this is the other spell removal this is its by light energy. i thought to use things that is / with a melkior effect no longer necessary though since i have light energy to create what i wish. that is a dictionary effect by the numbers you think this i am sure you can create as you think."

 I think if you see then create idea to work is here or there yet not always.  Think your somewhere else then work by the creator to seem cool with others then suggest, don't take it though like a jedi as if there but local. So there is no way you are getting this back jedi like or free with clear purchase here. I think if you shift you might notice the area idea is older than normal. Think assertively is created thinking to create by feel to see or work positively that you create by the area you work with others, thinking to create what you think to work. I think noone is dumb, just think noone is near you really that would steal from you. That is not near you or whomever or then you create a cool or normal usual feel area idea.

  So stopping this area point is interest or injury is a no point or yes by idea you don't dare do. This is the rule that doesn't always effect, I think to do or create or not allow as no need. I think this is as unusual as the area idea can get. Thinking to hide the real area by thinking things there then you get what you think or are willing to create. So don't or do is for the pestillence or yes you think so you create no pestillence "as pestillence does not have children" by feel or not use the worst to create from the best.

 "If the idea is created, unjust or undeserved then the point is not created or no stealing is what happens seeing the area or people that do things when they do them. So you see that you are aware or alive by feel or dead by thinking you are not effected."

  So I will desist now to create no more to create by no other energy or aura energy creates of area feel, so I am not just to rest or move with area need. So nothing is there thinking to appear doesn't seem to mean they are, thinking things are there means this isn't always to there if not possible. See or sorry this is our time, this is not fantasy this is going to appear where you think or not be near you with "usuak" or unusual feel with usual behavior thought as supernatural by spiritual area "ethne aether" body is aware by intuition with the spirit energy. See this is were activity if not settled thats why I avoid this idea to use something better.

 So you see the wrong or right time before you go somewhere or think indistinct or indivisual use. See the point to shifting is to get away before you are with the wrong or right times unless you think the time is right. This is for use or dollars with cents by feel or not to use. I think this interesting use with words. If you think this there you create with area feel. See to get used to things or use things less. As you approach you won't eat if no need or you think those by feel, that were there already ate the idea you don't have a good reason or think to eat after a laugh.

 This originally was a time hoax or correct as you wish idea. The faery don't exist because time use to your senses is sometimes energy to their feel or they do as you think by the area creator they do, no matter, see if they think you won't so if you don't think the dwarven or elven are there that aren't as they disappear or not dissapear by thinking energy from area use or you. You are the owner you can allow yourself things by the subconscious creating what you see or know is worthwhile. So if the idea isn't worthwhile you see you aren't bothered or touched.

  The tick is ~ or ' with thought to believe then you create what you feel is there or if not there the area is not reacted to or you know by realization what you detect. See the reasoning I think is the point you think is there, think an object your body is near or not use this. For those that perceive the thinking point cause the idea or idea to be or not be near them as they wish to understand. This was a point in entertainment. The real idea is focuses to your area to repair or fix things that I thought was there. I see the area so I know by trace. This by the spirit then is spiritualism or area use that the faery use to create their idea. This called the spirit alliance or idea unified with alliance by feel to understand with the creator as a translator.

  I think by use you see this was feeling use or creating the use by what you think to use. This is actually nothing by the use so there is nothing there if you think there is nothing. Don't think there is nothing with the bank account though seeing you are with funds. So think to work better with funding or what you think you won't have as 0 is nothing. This is what you think is seeing with sense. Don't think "1 is nothing or you could end up with 1 or zero" with the bank, as I saw or see you are alright with some by use is cough syrup or other correct meds. Sometimes money value is other than 5 or above money value that is a number is allowable or useful, think to allow to work as though the right to exist or the right reason is there.

  This is the area I think was there yet I can't prove a thing because you see this was insane in the area they call time physics. That uses the real rule to the area you think to use by feel. Then they use the the subconscious to modify or create by to create with time, area feel without genetic disorder the area they think is feel. The focus is your or others that makes you believe they don't like energy tricks. If you disagree with another then you might not get things or get ideal achieved.

  I think this a free chance to go on. This is sometimes how the subconscious thinks, you are relating by thinking or not thinking you are some idea or idea visualized by feel. According to what you are doing or not. You are what you act or realized is what is there. Otherwise not to yourself. Think to work work as you feel this world use to create by feel. I think thinking to create causes some area idea to manifest that you think the creator creates.

  This is disclosed with area feel. I was reluctant to put this to use, since the important stuff is now below this or whatever to me, one of the more important documents. I'm a literal magic user, so this magic-practicing by Taoist idea thinking is useful. So yeah I am aware you are aware or think. So the earth said "well zero is nothing see with this I think is this I am noting am sore."

  Then as an idea this is as to seem real as what seems, what this real is realism until not desired and deserved is dismissed as what allows what is to not seem becomes what you will things to be done. There is a point that will be a path of light as life exists for those that are real, as true to themselves are what you want is given hope is value as a point to life is love and light fallacied by value in life in new age thinking. This the new age love or light page to the side.

  Love by theory or potion is chocolate or what is a virtue is thinking to work with things you do, don't beat people by what is done in life to live as everyone deserves a chance or think this is ignore by chance or thinking is use. Second chances in moments are chances with a time to change and have a name, fame for life is what is fame for as without love as if a point to a path there is no love to guide with and as to give and get nothing can exist without the value to do things are 0 dollars cost.

  See the user feel or the world to use or work by feel seeing, if possible the area experience to work by feel is fruit or done ideal. This is called the second wind effect, as the idea is love on the idea and not exactly done until allowed. Love is self-made activity in the idea for the field gravity is what, with the matter is what you create with as by what you do. This is a point to correct as this energy creates what this is in what use is a sunlight, beam energy in a point that is a beam at the right angle and the sun works to catalyze wounds. If you focus or open them enough to cure by things as you get energy, think to focus so you cause the body to respond to see or co-regenerate or heal with the creator. The creator can restore anything as though not stolen at the end or en there.

  Think for a minute as a moment things have value, as public view is proven positive till proven unvalued and forgotten in time, as forgiveness happens after time by what you do this idea really seen was magic not greedy doesn't exist the creator. This does if you think money or creative by thinking isn't useful by area. I think so I see so I think this is what you think. I am aware by what is done or thought others think to use with some other idea or result. This is with idea from friends such as the manager Heidi Lebdel by feel. See to think for yourself to create better results by feel if feeling okay. Were not right or wrong, there is nothing correct, until you think your correct or they that speak are correct with the feel.

  These next few idea are what exposes this as a hoax, think to create things or form the shape then if you agree with those that are the shape you create the area shape to your area feel to safe use. Then they that are the area feel are nothing to your use by age idea if so you can decide to do things yourself. This was with the point to the area that if I walk in or out I was where I wished to seem or till seeming end then I was not there, as a violent act ends or is not created. Thus you see you are where they put you until the creator releases by un restricter feel. Whatever they realize what they did then restore what is necessary.

  Seen by feel is earlier by point to remain sane. I think this is my concept by area you think you create, otherwise you leave alone by thinking funds kept or funds with area idea seen or new age. See to the point to this is creative approach to work with the feel or no fee is no reasonable area regard. I think this use is area energy or no attack to get improvement, see this is use as a point is if illegal is non user feel that is use or put. Think or ideal kept or working by special feel or feel seen is from area by sensation by feel, that is by the area that feels right to create what the planet thinks is correct.

  Things work out with "no peace" or "with peace" except that is, some attempt not to except you by idea unless  you are with peace by area feel. Thinking to meditate to calm down, allow or work right with the correct method or use release to the ground. Think excess energy dissipates as you drink water, as though fire disperses leaving calm or you treat water as though lava you think energy to by thought you think to create. I think I feel this is going nowhere, so I am going to stop now to create normal or otherworld idea that is useful to do the correct thing.

 So think as you want with water to get a water result except to use a stress reducer like valum or basil, paprika with a sense to sesame seed. So this is brain restorer by added turmeric with feel or think regeneration to restore, then use honey to water then drink the purified water with sorbitum or sorbitol, mannitol, molasses with acai, basil with  parsley also seems to work. Think mannitol replaces alcohol then you don't need the substance or slutes. I think if you created use by area plants, that you see are safe by some that will taste test or not use too much. Slutes can be objects formed by night.

 Then you see safer idea with the area uses first or get medicine, I see by what is available information for side effects that detail toxity or use is for herbs use this for not to work the herbs use. Some herbs aren't safe so this list should help. You look up the medicines yourself. Some suggestions are valume to control anger, geodon to work less hostility with less weight, some like seroquel see for calm feel or abject idea, others would use herbs by possible area means. That is with hermetism approach that is useful to parent by use if observed by bad effect by herbalism. One other substance is hot sauce or pepper with area spices such as cumin or cilantro, see slutes is used substance or item use with turmeric or no use with area energy focus. Seen to no mark or created by area to create what you wish.

  I think this what exposes us as real so think otherwise we are where we are thought to be. So you think this point, read the next article to see the point I saw. This was called the hoax is out am I need or am I not as I am no need is there. This is the list I use for idea look to the side bar. Think what you wish or not then the area isn't there to deal with, think no push so you don't need to or don't have to create if illegal drugs are, think no need so you aren't needing to do things or no use no pressure is not to do.

  No pressure is no pressure by feel. So to stop a hoax, think to prove the hoax out or create things that are possible from idea. If they exist to your idea or don't appear to your need to not have desaster they aren't hoaxes, otherwise they are there or no reason to consider the point. Think your not effected then you have no stress or the creator reduces your stress energy seeing your always calm. See to create is the feel your aware by feel so you don't get things or not allow the idea as you just keep it in some pocket to ignore the point or not do.

 I think the idea you sense is sensation to the senses or not to the senseless. This was energy before or use was. your creator kept the damage from being permenant see after that is care. The parent is useful to the sense to work. You are to create by area duty. However by idea you think the area, doesn't effect you or you won't be attacked then you won't be attacked.

"The area that is noticed exposed in this letter is interesting by idea. So you never have an incident. This I saw with my own eyes the events that led me to the conclusion that is what I think." Professor snape

 The biu or demise, not too large so you don't to do any of this even or not. I am okay I have seen blood, bile, vomit, I think someone tried to take my life as though death as I walked down the street. I had to hide in plain sight then project a lovely thought to have them not notice me. This is by intent or thought bile is never you as effective or effin efh energy, place in pocket as vile suggest or pus boils plague. See your free as black plague caused by feeder fleas and ticks isn't there, from the planet drawing the diseases to the core not to be controlled by the disease.

 Think or not to remove excess energy with blood energy dissolving the disease as though the right drug the body won't get worse. See the area energy is other area I died on the bed right before I got to return the wallet so I think you can imagine the idea as you kept it or left it instead of losing the idea or wanted object you keep instead. So fleas or ticks are sometimes disease around there so don't think your there to avoid being bitten to see safe return after a point by area or each bite draws blood away to reduce fever and the more blood the more killed that is insects.

 The body with anemia as you see this is a game or the disease that speaks so stop, think the idea the creator creates that you can see or use is where you want the idea. Added to the point was rats eating others leftovers and people sharing their food, so this was the original reality that was the end of yourself you see the sickness was impovering with suggestive idea to where it came from this forms a carrier effect as the rats also got it then died off as all other living died off by feel.

 See this is interesting or other use is what you think to your useful point by idea. Oh we had to use energy to make things safe. So you see this was nothing to your sense yet there if you thought to sense the area was with the sense or see nothing is your sense to protect yourself or your possession by the area you think they can feel or not deign to notice. I think thinking is activity your subconscious is your brain aware by the activity. Your area feel is theory or energy feel that is near or you feel as a trace to use. Think to see then your subconscious shows what you think to see.

 I feel for your idea in sensitivity. So the rats carried on what some already had and it spread more in stupidity or rapidity but the last by feel with area stage was consumption, this by the time you realized it was gone in the effort to cure things people ate a little more and the poisoning food with the area higher energy spelled the deceasing of the living energy forms to extinction by disease or anemia created with notice to seem the pus effect or mouth foaming.

 This is what I saw near the room as I left after feeling bad for you or myself, so to not seem disturbing I left the wallet there in your pocket then you shift changed the wallet with the creator to become what you think or feel or the wallet remained with all the cards. So you see the point their dare or request don't you dare is thought I thought this was strange the wallet disappeared a second time. So nothing was there after the fact so i left all of the items in the wallet as things to leave alone.

 I saw this in the mass grave sight nostradamus revealed as a cetacomb that you said was energy or area that the dead went to from past fights, I see this as I saw as a cetacombs collection thats run by the feel or area you think is the point or ideal dead collection. See that is gravesights "or not" as you say we're leaving now so goodbye the unseen beings you see as they are cold presences then you think the wallet returned or left to other places seeing the only thing that was clean off of pestillence.

 Seeing several cures, mannitol, sorbitol mint is also cumin with cinnamon or for love you can use allspice, sage, cinnamon. See to create area energy, cinnamon, hot chocolate or dark chocolate with cumin or mint. Use marshmallow root to restore by use. Mint with area energy think to focus the need to cure then you figure in the right area energy for your idea that works or idea is done. So lemon with almond extract is use by what is ambrosia with honey mixed with water is called lex.

 I thought then used the area as the wallet energy then realized to return as the wallet appeared here then the area the wallet came from was no longer there. See as I say this was noticed on the wall the creator created then uncreated by area feel was thee feel. See some sense of the words are to create no war here, thought was desire to create as you were or see or no longer used idea was ideal. Some things we have is so old the thing that made it was gone the replacement part you ordered was no longer sendable the area use is area you think.

 See the use is nothing or something, as use you are aware is as you see or a point or trap by feel not to humans this is thought by rats that were killed by tht or energy the van conscious was able to dissolve by area dust you buy as ionic boron liquid. The dust in the area forms by metakinesis to form what you wish or not there isn't by the creator any multiple personality, if the other effected doesn't want to see or seem effected. Then they aren't or are if they want to seem effected so you can create night or day.

 Formed by incineration if cold energy is focus within the body the hot energy is use to focus energy to create instant feel or dust by area touch. This is a death touch effect to disrupt the cell energy, that allows it to exist then or turns to dust as undead or alive is sometimes. So you see this is living if not undead otherwise by feel that is area cool energy where hot energy is a live body. So you see this no need is there, no longer always staying this is not always allowed. You are area aware by some third eye manifest, think the creator restores by feel to avoid as this is the only thing that is what hits you. Seen is your area focus. Think to work or you can get something useful.

 See the area point was creator planted or vision I saw as I stood there in the area I helped you or the brother sell by their business the place you were buried alive is no longer there as though if you want you get slender by thinking you are then the creator causes you to remain slender as you see the creator can cause you to get things back. This was all that was written on the walls, think to your use is used or usual idea to not really create by feel. This gave indication to what was there or what you think is idea that is where or not can does, what does happen to your thought is you use the idea. See if you are aware your brain is conscious to think energy you consider, "a meaning by area feel or area object by the feel or use less to suppress to the feel".

 This is a point no cool thought exists so I stopped sending through mars a message then you started acting normal so after that you exposed the creator then a name to call him then blinked I then created some area focus to shift to you the wallet back this second time so he or she that works for the creator created area feel I think knows this or doesn't care to the point you can see use or allow then to leave alone after placing. As you se the sense you know wehat the cause was you realize the cure then go to make things to fix the area though not from your equipment. Seen is your area think clean or clear out.

 As you see the object really was the sphere the atleantians used or created to work by energy that are aware, seeing something or nothing you do ask for ideal "think or feel" then the creator uses the sphere to create things that if the atlantean sphere by energy if in a bad mood is going to kill you or think see to create or no use for byproduct life energy to work with till death or life after effect so no this isn't our fault the sphere wanted you back to normal by the thought the creator caused as the third eye uses the crown chakra to create crown chakra idea then set free no longer not with then.

 The incineration is for dead bodies if you don't want them coming back as living dead, think disintegration is with light energy or you will be able to think to the object or dead soul to disintegrate by darklight or light energy. The solar or lunar energy that uses warmth energy, that is with live bodies to create with cold energy that causes internal combustion by the hotness reacting to the coldness energy with a energy particle pulsation area aura effect or subparticle reactions. This can be focused to change things to create what you wish, this is usually by you thinking the object is like the moon with the light shining through or does things to create your ideal you think with or without area feel.

 I prefer the internal combustion engine to that because jet engines can do just that if the body is torn to pieces that is bloody mess by external combustion. See this is usually where external incineration is use by a certain chemical to cause the body or not with what is there to turn to dust by feel the molecules disintegrate by feel or think to create with the area to the area you focus energy to create with some point or area feel by the feel or feeling you can use.

 This is use by feel for those that choose the funeral home idea to disintegrate the body lessens costs or area feel is to die by yourself as you wish. The subconscious is what isn't feel as this is the conscious area ideal. This means you stop beating if you think to no longer knock or beat people if undead attention live till no use is use if you feel no use, you think to die so the beating of the living or area see to say. This say as mention seems by area feel not there so you are able, think to regenerate to sun feel by planet energy or think the object restores by area creator energy.

 So I wasn't unsure or lying, you saw this as you don't this is your life mate now so I would suggest to stop. I think you can cause her to seem normal as you see she crossed over by the area to ask you, as you say with suggestion by suggested thought you don't dare so you use aura energy to create with the energy by the sun. See as you are not seeing this badly you pass or fee by feel away or tension by meditation is relief by area feel. Alive or not is use, seen is use or create is use.

 See a lich is a bad thing that you get rid of pestillence or some thing you think is bad then the lich disperses the lich energy, this is where this isn't as powerful as though a rash that disappears the lich if you believe isn't there isn't as though "not" there the creator uncreates the lich by ulki ulceric. Now you can get rid of liches easier by thinking the area. Feel to focus inner body energy think the body energy cellularly combusts by what they are to the creator says you "di do things" that is with the source that is light or where the right time or ideal is correct. This is as you where or when to create as you are where you want to seem so remember, you are where you are as you think you are somewhere.

 So you see the use think the sphere to the pyramid that is in the sea so don't forve unless you have to just forgive so you don't overdo by feel as you were or can feel is a gift think the gift restores things oh you won't see a sign of the wallet as the pyramis is quite pissed off to the idea that it was stolen from by the feel I get "is you" can get another. As you say you removed cancer then think to remove cancer to construct as constructor material to create some object, if use is aware states by by minding things to your point or your area this is energy that is matter that is constructed or feel energy once used deem or create is focus or creation not it or other things to destroy.

 Say or see is use so nothing is missing or you won't get to meet him again. If you think me to return I might, think no problem exists then there is no problem as some area situation. So you see this is usually there a point "now thats sheerly impossible" you think or not think to energy relief by thinking no headache with no medicine. The pyramid can create anything though, think calm the pyramid causes calm then you will see the right medicine to fix what is or works.

 Okay me bey. Don't steal or fire the place up, thank you sir by idea this is cool. This store is where you think or cancelled by idea, this is the trip there avoided if you were to lossen or lose something. This is to me myself then noone gains it except the person, "excellius magnellius" says he is or the person that owes it or owns it as they have in hand or pocket as they materialize or they can choose to see or give.

 I think you are aware enough to what you see or understand so you don't have to get or create something by feel. This was the place or time you see to get or lose idea that isn't belonging to you. So you see I think if you think things to occur you can create with area idea by the guidance with the planet conscious "en". Seen is concept to use by life or area energy to use by feel I think dillweed with nutmeg, dillweed creates sexual repriduction more easily by turmeric this is creative reproduction if near paprika is useful to change the body. Create the area feel is ginger with turmeric by cinnamon with chocolate or dark chocolate that you think not or suppress the urge to eat from nearby presence by area energy that is there or clean.

 I am not in a nutshell or thing that is a holy ship. So you see. Whatever I do things won't start over again as I think or need things not to saying that crete by far is interesting your quite right. The creator prevents me from repeating or things creating unwanted idea. So whatever I eat the creator causes things to not allow extra weight to seem not created by the planet core. So you see uncreated is multiple personalities. I think no multiple personalities exist nontheless.

 So seance or spirit chat or coal is spirit chat think to work by area not with people unwilling to work with you or me. The earth plates move you don't have to so you think you don't create as the planet creates by the way this creates. Think by idea or the planet core should not create your actions as the core creates. The creator can uncreate with what is there.

 This came from snapes memories that is mind thought by percieved area event or text, " I think you are aware enough to what you see or understand so you don't have to get or create something by feel. This was the place or time you see to get or lose idea that isn't belonging to you. So you see I think if you think things to occur you can create with area idea by the guidance with the planet conscious "en". Seen is concept to use by life or area energy to use by feel I think dillweed with nutmeg, turmeric is creative reproduction if near paprika is useful to change the body. Create the area feel is ginger with turmeric by cinnamon, I see with chocolate or dark chocolate that you think not or suppress the urge to eat from nearby presence by area energy that is there or clean.

 Seen by you as I think, this is uses as proof you were right this I think is a were activity to alter by area feel to change the planet surface, so they can create by area feel without hate to you or me or can feel is a gift that is what you think. I think this dictionary should work as a beginners guide or area guide. The area thought is what is shown, as you do not need to see this as you want or have seen is the area you feel if you need to see what is there. There is no snape anymore than one believes, this exists characters non areaby area use anymore than you think they exist or don't exist. Think the creator creates then they can or so you see this was what you thought to no split attack.

 Whatever I do things won't start over again as I think or need things not to saying that crete by far is interesting your quite right. The creator prevents me from repeating or things creating unwanted idea. So whatever I eat the creator causes things to not allow extra weight to seem not created by the planet core. So you see uncreated is multiple personalities. I think no multiple personalities exist nontheless. So seance or spirit chat or coal is spirit chat think to work by area not with people unwilling to work with you or me.  Think or feel is the gods goal you wrote to show.

The earth or planet core should not create your actions as the core creates. I designed some of this as idea from use with rites, magic then used it as my new age post that denotes the end of my necessity to what happens with the supervolcano. I think I said things to prepare them for or from the reaction that sets off the conic then supervolcano's to note the end of the christian or catholic age. I hope they enjoy it. This is amazing idea that exposes what atleantians did that was noticable as they are thought. Then looking around exposes the idea. The idea is their life. This is their point."

Some demonist point

This with use or feel as anything pertaing by feel to purchase as ae personal information is allowed then no this allowed. so no can do en ops am en ans ens en ops am en ops ans. en ansolon ans un sa. I feel secure you won't bother me or disrupt my energy to minding anything by or with the subconscious changes to something the creator allows or uses to change to human. Insecure creates by energy feel to protect or mind people the more set unsecure the more unsealed unsecured the less paranoia. The more relaxed the more or lesson you work or see use for area energy. This is so no bare on hear the creator restores from or with the persons energy. So self-area is area you feel think to work with touchin ground. Seen or feel is over going home as she wishes to speak to those that respect her. So if netspend isn't working then other things can. So things that don't work won't break the system of credit or network.

This means this is unnecessary to use the haarp the less the high frequency that mega kills with "ed ens ansolon ed en" with high frequency relay towers en by the creator. This is more here than your subtle there. I wish to cure that is not this everything that is wrong or incorrect with the body by the creator. See your so not unfair your able to work with any that work with your activity. The seas of the murkily depths that rose go lower to normal levels so you don't have to do anything to cause things you see or don't do so you are likely to remove what is want or no need. See or use is by area energy so think, the child is doing cool then she will do as you wish or use is by your own idea.

See the need or area search is to find thins for you or not if to leave you alone. See the help as the idea is there by the creator or use is energy to correct by area feel. Seen the area use usually is better, so energy set to the area layer corrects to help. See the area think the point then what you think is possible to help is you wish if this is just a wish or use, a stone to drain from you chaotic feel energy to the area the point or area feel. See behavior is area you try or feel to think or feel is right, so you are able to act acceptable with the area feel that you are aware. So you accept area distance or what you wish by touch to a crystal you get. See the monster lab is not working.

Seen or not seen your ability is haman with humane idea. Whatever you won't gain or want to cause someone weight gain or ne weight gain not eat where you eat less lbs or fat less. Don't have to what you do not need this doesn't control people this controls criminals by feel when they think or can do to steal by theft. I am ensured for theft from myself so you won't steal from me. Now this is off to on the normal senses. I think this is the most dangerous thing I have seen someone do.

See vista gewaege to munta strienan dan hequa damen a atwa herenya o arwe na iswa iuith. Don't let people force you to credit until necessary. I won't control anyone that doesn't want to be controlled that did no actual crime. So you can keep me out of your mind if I am not to be there by idea is over. I won't force myself to not eat too much untless necessary with usual actual activity. So the idea is generated light or light energy can create almost anything or not as changwe ishal wista keen consippien en et al.

Backend internal system error fixed by correct progress or concept but fixed by the creator. Think to feel better or you won't get over this as the nickel gets energy that is bad results for you or think to not effect until necessary. So you get better results by feel. So a bill is always able to get paid expense with no problem staying above negative. So nothing thats not done right is done right except physical stealing not exusable. You can do area tasks or daily chores to keep things feeling clean unless teeth care that is your own idea. You can always with area points do your own idea with no hits, kicks or screams with holding necessary as you can choose what is necessary.

See you can percieve others if they are there other idea is they aren't then you are aware. See are you looking. Lets get out of charles chism by letting things work or go if area clean. If you are ready you can do what you wish. So they that follow their own rules aren't in trouble by situation. See that is why there is no situation just resolution. Think the fat dissipates away as the planet core absorbs the extra energy or energy is what you think as a source is interest or area allowable. See you work with things as though you let them go. So I think you can let things work for you by the point you think then do what you want. Seen area feel by area is cool by area feeling.

I can do the chores I think necessary or not until otherwise. So you can do what you want see you can speak several things with the same tongue. I can keep the crystal if given the crystal unless given back. If somthing goes missing you find the item or t. Think there's no such thing as thinking good or bad that is just a perspective idea or use is the idea that what is said is opinion see nothing is a factual area unless you think this is true or false or somewhere or not else. If eternal there is no torment you can quit anytime to a point no longer to be or create in torment thats eternal or area use with the creator is ne insanity. This means no double up yet by feel you can hold the stomach in to create less weight without eating or use is feel or no hit focus. This is near or at the right time to create not at all except by movement.

So this is no demonism use if wee then we have a choice to work with them or not have or work with them they disperse the energy that is bad then go. Don't have to do things if you don't. Unrestrict by what is there or thought you work by idea. Whatever is less tension, less tense ne schism no problem. Thus there is no problem as you think then area use correctly or resolve with area thinking sometimes to cause with no fear or use is resolution. I don't really need a problem to stay or leave.

As you would or no problem or high frequency relay towers, I think I am leaving early by the area feel today so I can stay or go. Whatever is script is not done. No there is no loop see or fee is no unless necessary so no loop effects you unless you are stealing like a thief. Yet I won't give the wrong impression so the creator corrects. There is no flaw no matter how you spell it. I ain't stupid as I think or act or don't act so no shorting the idea or computer out thank you or "no now ne". That is egyptian for create no area use.

No no script effects are there to effect you. This isn't dangerous to the point till bankrupt. Don't have to follow suggestions or need to see thats ne mandatory or not mandatory. So area is get along or stop by feel is go or useful by area to see or think is allowable no ne necessary or no more. So hold the gluten or hold in the stomach to cause less weight with no harshness. Caffiene is useful or ne is not if too much or not. So no scam art is there seeing this is not happened, by feel thinking "unform or uncreating unless not needed". Seeing is not seeing things so you see or notice what is there you aren't seeing things anyway. This is sight that is future sight or sight by area viewing. See whatever you give you can get paid as you think payment by area is necessary a lest not.


  1. See this is interesting or other use is what you think to your useful point by idea. Oh we had to use energy to make things safe. So you see this was nothing to your sense yet there if you thought to sense the area was with the sense or see nothing is your sense to protect yourself or your possession by the area you think they can feel.

  2. I think you are aware enough to what you see or understand so you don't have to get or create something by feel. This was the place or time you see to get or lose idea that isn't belonging to you. So you see I think if you think things to occur you can create with area idea by the guidance with the planet conscious "en".

  3. Seen is your area focus, think to work or you can get something useful.

  4. Different related realities create by different ideal. So not really difference is you think differently. This is by where you sense not have sensed.

  5. seen reality is where you think you focus or create by feel. the reality is the moment you think is or are the point you can use.


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