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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dhampire magic

Another origin to Dhampism
By Nancy Compart

   Dhampiric nature is thought magic or seize or not do things except nice idea. Think or not seize is by aura to the area to create as energy is aura essence, see to realize what you are is sometimes what can make you one or you show no signs. As you see or create, this is focus to use as awareness is from thought that your conscious. This is dhampiric seizure magic in use or not as warning is advanced translocating by aura.

  As that is awareness, this is the rituals I see from a point that is a safe distance from you in form. I wrote that in emotion or you wrote several satanic rituals safely. Tis is a ritualistic safe idea that is if evident can cause you trouble with people in the area, if your found out or not liked for what you did. So think your idea to use as thought to see is somewhere, safe or do is thought not to seem found out as if an unseen giant or not is notice by thought in nothing detected as you listen.

  As I saw this in a book. The M for murder to prevent is idea is if killed by the bad luck can turn into monsterous dogs, from killing someone they have somewhat bad luck with no luck so "unn em or gun them down" that is killing them where they are. As if they as a nightmare on elm street that are killed, by the creator or themselves not liking their bad luck with despise to themselves or effect by thought is create a great compliment.

   Use a pentagram with a inward reverse pentagram as in this in use. Set in satanic viewpoint this really isn't effective unless you use the creator, that creates by the feel or use to create the pentagram a table to use that you draw your symbols in life, that represent the moment that ends as you think [p] or passion to use.

  As if in the area intention to use, this is not intended to do anything. So the idea is cool in moments to warm or lukewarm by feel or concept is thought. As your energy is thought similar your idea energy is thought or able to seem manipulated or not, this is so you do not dumbly something different by nothing from telepathic disaster protected by Horus.

  That is the 11th dimension thought focus except the point to not be effected, thought by meditation to charm or adapt by auratic energy feel or not as focusable energy in will. As you change the energy feel you change everything in the area or universe that your in to what suits your purpose.

  As you think this your energy can change to reason or focus by another will focus. The thought to this is to focus to see or realize an area, think your there or were as sense is to some sense. Then you sense to create or in feel is thought sensed in idea otherwise is essentially to see, then by the area is the feel you sense that you imagine or feel the sense to some sensation.

  That in linked idea is lessening by value is less cost, that is were altering by not a point to use in the area if talk is too cheap. As you are aware that is te bandied idea I saw, that is your essence in use sometime your idea is possible by thought you see or put it back to break the link. That energy is entropy or concept to use or consider use if use is possible.

  Taste is thought to use in idea, that isn't always working to the thought till focus is there or not in reply by idea you use. As there is so many entirely different planes or different area, there is many different spaces "as not" if your going to get bad results. So think "time things right" to see use or focus by the place you use, as reality reflects what you feel to use or think to not accost to lower cost.

  Think a cool idea to her to use her logical idea, seeable concept or idea to consider is the point to what. You see to use his idea that his activity isn't always a concept use or not reply, as no answer is sometimes by an answer this is by feel what you feel to lower the fee.

  All that is thought point focus shift, think the point you shift with a thought or relation concept. As that shifts in idea this if thought is idea imagination, this with thought or not by thought is the area by the area vibration. As that is what I thought, till I thought this met idea. Say that I meant him the chinese person, that guides as he heard as if thought allowed nothing else necessary just think to perceive replies or I replies as the third eye manifests the voice by wave.

  See the area focus is waves in thought with gravity, as a point by red dots to manifest as the area shifts or carries the voice as if wave activity. Just to imagine the red dots, as a focus point is projection by tuner area energy to use in thought to watch. So if no area energy focus, you shift away to act normal so your normal.

  That is the idea to what you direct to will, the area is tuner energy so focus sometimes is by what you feel is change. That by what isn't there is not always in thought what you sense. This is sometimes by feel to the focus or nothing at all happens. This in favor to not creating anything might be an alternate idea, from an alternate earth named earth 0 or the planet of feel with dreams. This is another in reason of Tom Jones to not exactly like me, as he was going around an area that I was energy absorbed in the aura. So the higher the planet the higher, the intelligence score such is use such as 280 not weight.

  That area is a cause that is the feel or not to do, as the necessary activity is from thought distraction or thought distance travel. As created is thought in feel with area energy to avoid idea or thought to use is energy, so as this seems or thought is an act to create is thought creation. There is no war as you are aware, think to the use your thought is energy or as your energy is in thought your creative thought is possible translocatable. There is nothing by the water that can't be done.

   As your async by focus or asynchronous thought is thought to not to seem or you are unaffected by wat you don't think to realize, tis by what is your in controllable by water or thought or not controllable is the use by body focus in idea. The use by magic is thought not to do or create, that is painstick to the rock that area use is thought by magic. Thought or focus energy is to take a stick to touch your arm or focus to remove the pain that te painstick touches. This is by the creator to not do things to understand or thought is creatable.

  Say then set down on the table what you think because you think, this I do or the third eye can seem to create the idea. No demon necessary. As you think the creator. Think to use some link or object with someone else or someone elses power or essence. So as you feel you can see or sense, so say what you want as the creator will do things or create by thought.

  See, clean or think to dismiss what you say if your conclusion is over as if you feel things are over. The experience is there if you want to remember, that is there if you want something for a reminder by a thought I found with goliath as a battle warrior. This almost killing me by choking as he was 8 feet tall reaching through the window as you were to disappear.

 As no is said you can create release or gone nothing is there. So choose a good partner not there or not here, if you don't want to be slapped by no rape no charges or similar yet if they don't, so they won't always accept similar attributes or similar idea with similar reactions. As you think or use a pentagram to create with, as you think the idea or thought you intend or not intend. See to think a similar attribute to see or shift back.

   Say or create is there as you do this idea the third eye that is focus use to manifest or not feel to control what is there, as you imagine what you want or create by the correct your actions thought. So if you think to create an action, focus your mind to create by feel that they do that are responding as if you were there or focus is what you think they emd (emitted), md (medical) or end up doing by life. As you think to the person to create, this is energy that is stimulus or as you feel to make you cause them you focus on to change in body or movement.

   As if the idea you think to focus they end or do as you think or you want if they think this is a good idea. There is nothing but offal that comes from what the idea you see, this is not done if your energy is not done to the suggestion unless necessary. They that use your energy can use your heart energy to create with or not create by feel.

  As your energy in use is sucking blood, to idea that te area energy that is useful as thought to realize. Not to do in opposing view is thought that your idea was energy, as thought to feel or create by the feel in thought as that is that could create damages unless clean of seizures or clean of life mess that is thought in blood creates idea.

    If there is nothing energy wrong or right they are responding normally, so if your idea is right or not right the urine or whatever stench is gone if you had any by what seems too much focus or energy is in use tat causes the body death. Tat is what I remember, so you can see this can seem to use or useful idea is done with that.

  Say don't the easy way then is focus the energy as you create what you think, so you see this is creative in use or not misuse if you don't bottle your emotions up. See as or where you are, Create not with another considered until they agree or some idea is cool to use. So what you see is the energy to use, think, focus, or use is created idea.

   See all you need by that you think as you imagine a star of any pattern around you, See you are gathering energy by idea or will to create or not it, so to create is thought as thought is energy to your idea. Think as you can or focus is energy to make by what you think. Water allows or energy your near is also wat is not always possible, if the energy goes out as area power lines area in use as electricity is not use.

 Think is focused energy feel that fuses or unfuses with you to the focus in drawn or out drawn breath. Say that this is essentially you think to create you can imagine a star or 5 pointed star pattern to set a pattern think a 5 pointed star pattern that is what you want, that is the area energy that responsively uses or creates with idea as te ground is conscious by the creator. Dismiss wat the creator does to unexist the creator copying or acting.

   So the creator will do "tat" as a switch or that you see is not as you don't see things right, as you don't need him to that sometimes I thin say the creator creates things to soothe. The anger issue or balance with the mind is by feel that you were correct or right, as they think they were correct or thought that energy creates by focus. Considered righted or created art in feel.

  So try the idea out by what you want in life is thought he does as you feel. This interesting so the idea is as simple other thought made easier to understand. As if they were you or sometime you do things they can create as if relational, so get as if thought is interesting or made conclusion could last or not be in mind. So say what you think he could be a set person or vision, think or sibling that acts for what you do for a living that is creative.

   I think he is a she or an in-between person, sometimes a vasmpiric hunter or some idea you thought may ide or hide this. Vampiric is thought to use or creative point by blood use in this case. I noticed all this or more by thought with turmeric, ginseng, thyme, cooked food essence, mustard powder, energy focus you think to see that uses these ingredients.

  To fix this is as you add the thought, that you remember of your time space to think or not as focus is to feel. This you will find interesting as an idaho potato effects with nothing, turmeric or mustard powder that will start by vision focus with the sudden weight decrease with enough water or increase by the feel that the air shimmers to the focus.

   So you speak interestingly in the mindset that you feel. This is with the focus to idea that you history is in thought. Think with thought the idea you use is intention not to be done. This with some accuracy or thought by energy, this seems a good idea as you create by some idea. Thought to shift as you think to use the planet energy, thought to shift with is to sift to go forward in time or think to sift.

  As waking up from the dream as you see that is a cool way to think and time shift forward. So try this as this is to use any space to create as possible with use or idea, focus think as you feel the air shimmer, think or create with the unusual space or space in time as you think you shift or don't.

   169 is energy use in a drug operation by thought meant as drug free or non drug applicable energy to not seem use, as this was the number in the naruto anime on some captain this is interesting. As thought if release is everyone to create or make as you think. This is asbelovsi as beloved is sis. That is what set the idea to seem as you saw.

  You've retained nothing that you gained or thought so your weight can lower. As you can see this is thought that was used when the kitsune started forming the use, as some idea was killing the sister of the chaos user "Ambivosi" that was a mage to do the idea that she was hidden to seem as explorers were there. Then she got killed by thought seen activity.

   As she was dropping to the ground, he said no you don't! so that was a concept when people started to feel his werewolf change as a full moon was to the point that you see this was to deal with that. That is where the full moon started making cannibals, out of people to attack by feel as if the elven disease that was thought triggered by tragedy. That just started tragedy, so that just ended the moment this wasn't thought.

  That was the beginning of the feral kitsune behavior that ended as soon as this began. Thus is the end of this idea that kitsune are anywhere, if not appreciated or not near what they are familiar with so they don't actually like the human body. The H20DMO formula creates less weight, as your body restores, this is not what naturally is concept to the body or thought.

 The point by idea that is the energy thought ionic rifle use tactic that is projected from the air, by focus as you think to focus on a spot in the air the air shoots a beam. That lances or not through a body that doesn't kill the person. That is what I saw one day in amazing idea as you think, focus to create with feel. Think not this as thought is what you see or create in activity to power the device or thought creative weapon, if you perceive it or thought in idea is thought in use by the use I mean things.

  As not huge if that you use or do things with are what creates ionic free energy, that can create a burn mark or thought mark on a wall. I am you know about to die, thought or idea is to get somewhere else as I think about where to go. The surroundings familiar or thought even, if not that or you are familiar there you are or wat if sanity necessary to seem normal to the area is normal as necessary to the senses. This is part of the letter he thought by gate sighting or "e" origins with the kitsune that created by the creator were gone after they served a purpose.

Ae Eaio Moi

  This is with memory from the Enola Gay, the "time bomb" ship, that the captain exploded in space with a time implosion gravity grenade.  That was set off at a recreated area to get rid of the insects that reformed as you consider or died by the focus with the ungreat stupid things views or called things in life by thought. Tis the point you see that he died after realizing shifting things was indeed interesting, that wasn't safe as you created the idea to what you did to convert them in thought. Tis from the ancient sip energy with a straw or use, though the air is clean this was interesting.

  Gray mana wind is a concept to use or not use. Tis an endless cool mood or gray thought in life gnowledge, that is gray ritual by thought or use in feel. As gray is poisonous idea from corruption or some idea with fools gold or not in use. If focus you cause radiative carbon 23 to seem with use, so focus energy to create interest or use in idea till the energy sorta stops so this energy goes through the stone. This is the thought of Ae Eaio Moi, written by Corrant by observation with whatever endeaver you do in life your idea is creative feel by concept.

  If an idea by the creator is with radiation this is a point you see as if about with no radiation by idea thought to cause energy, as thought radiation is the sun that converts to energy by the area radiation that changes to focus. Think to moment or create by thought, this isn't what you see that is there or not destruction. This is telepathy by an act that is interesting, as if thought creates by feel or life focus as thought if your willing to see or not otherwise to seem in thought.

   As defense or idea thought to cause nothing or seem in thought not to be is dislocate by idea thought to do or think is think not to be not there by feel, this sets apart to set aside thought to disassociate where dissipation is energy or dislocate from you or from inner thought with energy. As that is where you think your somewhere else, say or think is creator made in thought to use life in a cool idea or manner.

  As no this actually came from use there is a thought to use or create, you can see this is "asn" that is interesting idea or overweight by asthma or flu symptoms. That to your ability to use as tattoo is thought, as energy is ability to create with use or asking.

  As in your you so try not to inferefere if you don't want situations in time thought to you set aside to seem to disassociate as energy is dissipation if to seem not distracted, work as you cash in by concept or can do this as you create to feel some area to thought with idea that is an energy use. The sift energy is distillment or dissipation, thought to shift away is think to walk in or away or seem away. As tis your energy is movement were gravity in thought use, this is usable by what you feel expressed by correct use or correct actions. This spell allows you to no thought of domineering.

   Think to shift in idea as you think where you are or create no movement, the motion doesn't seem by thought except the wind or thought to feel creates from an area energy or not felt as not done so if in a position to preach stop preaching. If not possible then this does not unless necessary, think as tis as nothing happened nothing is there. No is thought as if some incompetance or not allowed abuse, as thought is not to do something not is as you feel like something or not doing.

  This is things in use unless you think or otherwise what is there isn't always done. There is avoid or get wealth to do cool idea in the area you see, that is a wealthy creative feeling or success to see or seem to create by thought to make or see in thought to use. There is no or yes thoughts to create use in feel or think use in the area to energy create wat form you want or think.

   Think no attack as if 122 shots in the air or you sicken something else by thinking carbon 22, to cause no attack in idea or application by carbon dating. This is thought if false not happened, real if otherwise as manifest is from activity with energy or no weight gain. As certain genetics or thought not detected as illusions are real. Otherwise I allow illusions to see or seem real or not if not there, so the creator uncreates by the area you think to or things don't manifest. As you see to adapt things by whatever you see adapts others, you can see adaption by others to adapt to you or the area energy or not to stop attack.

  There is more or nothing there or nothing wrong to create with this, so as you see this isn't alright in mind if thought is considered wrong. There is a possible pattern that is done to create with nothing, as you feel tis by broken idea there is creative moment except to create better with thought. So think to correct as you focus energy with a touch to something. That you care is cool as you create or correct by a touch, think not or create not in life that you can see use for as you think touble you get trouble.

   Aes Sedan is a dog or otherwise that is in a thought by te area that padan fain appeared in only to disappear as he said "whatever you do, your ability is what you believe", that was turned into a myst to create or use by thought the aspect focus. As you are aware the energy in the card is energy by thought, think to the card to create focus in idea by thought that is energy to create or make with thought. As if silver nitris that is silver nitrate with oxygen to cause the idea, that plastic uningested is creatable idea as the idea is done as if no oleo.

  If thought none then no problem. As you think to create a cool idea to use focus to energy in the area to create the effect of credit creation. Think as you energy focus to create the total, as you think focus concept as energy to the credit line or not think too much energy. There is in nothing more than what you sense that you expect to sense or not see is not what you focus energy to create with in a thought or created by idea.

Indecisive in with love or war

   Focus to create energy to think in use or not, thought as use in water energy in use is thought. The thought you use is concept by use in life energy, if not to do something with some focus is thought is concept nothing to do if what you think easily dismissable as your creative point here is created there.

  Think to create with the feeling or flow by thought to aura or not always is the idea this is to think, the right symbol in idea or created imagination idea flow thought is creator shield locked in place. This is water in thought that creates with mindful idea, think by the area flow control shield you create or create or feel by thought not to see what is there so trace in think for better results in use by feel in focus not to react.

  Think realistic that your energy is influence as you in this or not at all. Think the flow or suppress the flow to change what you see or feel thought or feel to create, that pulls your essence or energy that you focus to some substance. This is medicine in feel by focus through the aura, what you see is wat is visual idea if interest is to see or know. So intuiting sensation to control the populace is there, I use this on those that try to control me so this is medication with intuition.

   As you think, consider by the feel in flow air energy in life with heat or gold silver energy, thought to use your idea is thought or not in concept use or "madew" think to create wealth in thought. As focus energy creates what you want, since most things are not actually considered you want them to do they achieve what you see. So use is thought to the use in mind see well by flowers in thought to create energy, thought in practice is work in use by life energy as a point in theory by focus to force through or around.

  Look, think to listen in life to create in life, thought or expect as some manifest might disrupt energy to create energy. So you see what you feel you know is by watching or using a gate to thought focus as you feel the ability in use so see or use is energy by idea. There is no area or no friday to use this with thought, so assume that nothing is not to do if not done. Still as your energy idea is creative feel, see to create or think to know as thought is cool is create is spirits with a construct to use things by thought as if in thought is no madness by higher earth energy.

   So as you can say vladimir that was dracula or love with or without controvery, focus tis done or war not again or with the theory that some thinking is time to do or thought to practice. Tis create or made by thought is this is already made. So what you think is in thought or similar or not that time is something, seem by what you feel in life or do, as you create to create is by the creator or if thought your thought by what is seeable to wait or observe memorable. As you think to create your thought is in thought, thin or think to use what you thought as you can use any watt you want.

  As you assume to see creation, make by thought with feel to use what tools are necessary. This is wattage to the feel so lets enjoy what we want. As amps=watt=matter ended=spirit jump by thought to were the soul decides this, think this is creation by the fate. That is jumping you to create or feel as your chaos field is interesting or things are with peace, think with war not at all as if I am faced with love, life an is merry if song. This was a love poem so what ye think? thats the use to get cool idea yanno.

The creative in coin sound

   The creative coin sound is the idea, you think a world buy in a coin to create a sound by resounding thought. This is energy that is passed by a transferrence or transfer by thought in some idea or way to happen, this by thought sound to seem heard by the perception. Seem near some area a coin is in to think to an audience to hear what you want. As if a claireaudience moment to realize the area use in energy. So to not eater thoughts in a deli or place or place the thought you hear in sounds, your idea is thought in idea or not heard or not always a drum sound.

  Coin thought use is thought is a point to kill. To touch or think touch the coin to create transfer of what isn't wanted or there after, as this ends with a famous last thought or coin in use as with each fixed year there is a point with no sound. As a cost due to the telepathy stone. As if here there is no more war to create or seem if cool by thought or with lava or water by feel, think as with focus that you see an is in thought as a link to lava as your link to the sky is thought or well being in mind.

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