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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Particle Field

  The Particle field, this is the particle hydrogen engine to stop or think to change you think to stop field study then allow as you see to use idea. See or think to one from two stop, so think to create or use this article that is able to do your thoughts and sometimes by inevitable extreme body reaction and this advancement is done as a slight dream of the type that unusual body parts are changing. Particle time is time that is thought about as inadventual non hurt time if from mind space, to beat a particle effect think Ce Now as you perceive things.

 This is the area the sun particles are use, your mind is use to what is managed as though you arranged thought by the particles that makes this effective. As manipulation is done to create your results by thinking of the warrior's mind dream as an end result, and never ever force a particle and you avoid effect. With particle time there is no to the mention, there is no bad if you don't want it in mind bade results, in dream country ass and not actually is this true here in this country is what you don't do to others to get better results.

  Those that do things and do them by this, can count it as a germ influence then caused by time influenced mind of intelligence as with particles in space as they are thought in action about what you want. The moment of a dream state arrives smoothly on thought an to 'delink' and think and you can seem in a good dream repose and sometimes isn't by harassment, as the body shows what it did, as harassment is done. To think on something, you don't always do as  you do something or you cause others to do something. Otherwise things form by themselves, as you need them or need and get results.

  Because thought makes reality, or not and in an act to remake or this is as this concept is neutrality and is english as then taught in latin as 'prefabricatio' as prefabrication for prethought concept  to care as to lose your anger to use void, this is particle mai in conceived idea by being in thought as thought becomes as you think about things to come. Don't react there, as your acting and you won't react as to kill now as you care. Take time and to do on purpose.

  Because this can change your nature of perception really easy, so if you can think the effect out and this will make an idea possible. This includes thinking and at least in thought this is a heard thought as a concept or actual feel to do as mage wizard, do or do not as you think to do else and think target someone else. And, this is what will happen or not as you don't want them to do things to you and this is anulling the wizard or mage effect. Any magic makes you balanced, so quit by no movement in any bad mood as this isn't done.

  So, if you think 'how about being nice'. Just as you think to being good and not be hit, then you are not and you think of things as if not then you are thinking of defense or not and you might do something as your slapped in the face then you aren't as you will or leave the energy as its in energy form to go somewhere else. And calmly think, and you don't choose to run into people, as to meet them as they are ready to meet you as you need them to meet with you.

  So consider as you see, why not be nice of things and your nice, as you think of being in shape, and use non violent menace to be as though nothing given to scare them off and you don't think to actually react with a reactive thought via body as its perceived in dream its not done here. This can scare off pests, and things you don't like as in pesky people. As you risk death of the thought you have, if you don't have a thought to be else don't threaten and you remain in good relation.

  If things are interesting, you are able as to think and focus your mind, then you are able to create thought as anything in realism exists. As, the right image is actually a dream image, by feeling the moment out, if it feels bad in vibes, then you don't  feel cool about things as you don't release the energy to protect yourself with the bad idea around as you don't think to do it. This is the best thought, and this is where you quit doing things to know by what you want to do and you feel good vibes as then an idea.

  That you can get good results and you think hot to keep your temper in out of control situations somewhere that you picked up on its vibrations. However, Say in opposite inopposite if think then you don't if in case of point its pretty much opposite rule in nature unless no and not to be polite yet polite and you are dismissing the thought. And if you think they are acting out of control, hit them once or slap them.

  Think as you anulle the dream this is released energy, by wizard thought to do impulse and this makes thought as you seem to be thoughts, as with iron will as the discipline to do the thought of the correct thing and this doesn't have to be stated out loud with the thought to wizard think, and to use things correctly is by thinking thought. This is as to cast off the breaking energy gotten, by being hit somewhere so when breaking something and you then do other dream concepts this is a release of the energy as your preoccupied by an act and you make thought that creates things to perception image shift.

  This dream world allows dream things to be here and so if you think by want this can manifest, think of the pleasant thought as a pleasure manifest or use vain thought and you feel things form by thought. As can, then you can thought pick it up very easily. As if you danger yourself, then you wake up or acknowledge what happened by your dreaming essence. This is information that is due to you by feeling things and they think this is deserved or asking for things that won't piss people off, this is the moment you wake up as you treat this like a dream use and trance in a form you think of as a dream warrior form and use thought to get result. Then, if you focus built up ability, on something or someone, you can cause them to give in or make a difference. Anyway or anything that you are given, you can accept as though a stored idea or concept. And, if you don't need it and this is possible as a pressure slap, think to keep it in nothing illusion by thought.

  By silver energy or don't, you can create anything except a dream pose which is cruel and injust as unusual. Think nothing will happen and it won't, as you think of not reacting you won't act out. Except out of dream where dream energy goes to and then can act to be there, in dislocated dream forms of your reality as you need it to be there. Thought dislocation happens with dreams thought out and the idea manifests as something that you want as though from the dream energy as a financial source.

  See to 'wake dream' up you are coming from a dream state in loose dream sleep, from stimulus or strange drugs to dream walk with, think or sleep walking nothing see done considered lucid dream. Seen as you will yourself awake and stop as you say or do something to wake up, though with an idea of time you think or to stop actually to not cause an individual slap in the face if your vindictive from energy built up. If you find yourself in listening to conceptive or thinking idea thats unique, this is a opposite or not use as a theuraputic state, so otherwise you listen to music to see calm use or chaotic is usable and this is of mind and you can consider.

  Say as a friend this is what fixes a problem and you get results as a soothe feeling creates repose and you wake up as you think awaken or thin and will yourself out of trance. Then, the thought is normal as you get good results and horrible if you feel bad. As results relay on the dream ability, to use the effect of causing blows, as you feel pain you get hit somewhere in the body by the particle field to create the result of pain reduction by what tooth or body feel as a pain is not always to feel in pain. The area I see sometimes is useful, not always to slaughter yet if in pain think to avoid the reason or path of pain. So to get over ggression or feel you have think a mental area combat to feel or get over nothing as you think they see or not see then they will or will not.

  Nor or order to toss something, as the thought is there as though a punch through the dimension with dimentrics to a placed window as this is in thought that is so soothing enough as it can stop harassment. The dream state comes, after you think and do response to things that are not nasty otherwise there is no dream after there. There is a way to clear your mind in thoughts as you are thinking about things, this was a customer based complaint so I think I am better fit or deal or financially fit to work as I think of a loose thought as you are in secret as a spirit that finds your body.

 Think you use shock treatment to separate to your spirit from your abandoned dream to be, in your body as you find it and active acted ability comes over you to do things with true dream ability, seen as though this is the energy you create or work to use is the area feel. This is the dream called bonkers or bunkers to your world as a wish spell with reasonable energy made resource. Sometimes act to do or feel the creator restore you, and you find your body. The stretch causes weight loss by pulling in the stomach to almost taught muscles to release is less weight or create is temporary disparagement that you won't gain back if water is drunk.

 Seen as you are aware, drinking water is use foci is energy to use. Sea water or as you see water to send energy to the area foci think to create as you walk around. This stops the need to eat as you think you focus thought is less weight to your feel your feel is your feel to think to leave so you see this is feeling or you think the area then walk by the air. The area in use is energy by activity see what you think, think to see what is there to see to use is creative or use is not done see to find then look or leave. See to think you lose weight is less food to create with, seen yet think if you aren't effected or evicted so you see you create create something effective or useful is thought by use. As no use is allowed. Comments are allowed, this is interesting.

  As this is nothing halt as this is the concept by ward of whatever you desire is gotten, and if its not needed its not different as included in mind. As this use included in mind is dismissed as this will extinguish the particle fire by energy biume field as produced by sun and as if by that thought. This uses the positive idea tract of muscle thought, to guide the body formed. With use of positive movement, then to repel positive as now non in action this on positioning right to avoid desperate feeling and then on situations. Realize as lets now see physical magic done as a drow idea is a gift done, just like that the moment is the moment that has to be done spiritually, and then converts to physical and removing on a manifest is thinking, this is not of uses by what you do unless needed as this is the torture the issue is then over of nothing.

  The god is useful and here is to make conceived thought result with acrobat balance and to create effects that are necessary. As coincidence is to effort that is perceived in nature thought is active activity to be conceived in mind, is in a conceived point as the in effect experience is making the thought work as is. Piercing illusion is thinking about what pattern is in there as stop and think on it and thought moment as to represent. So be as to note, what is blended in false attribute or thought to feel false in attribute. If retract a thought that reveals this is not what it really is, by observation of matter in thought from the energy pattern in form and that makes it reveal from what really is believed as it really is by design, this is where you act a part in your mind as you thin and you are thinking to take.

 The blow that someone, only if you want it as this is what took place, then your subconscious makes your own using 'wat' in your mind to create electricity as its gained its lost, then you shift to when it happened to happen a stop as it is by generator activity to create the transfer of energy as you are in the person's place as though a matrix effect an its disbelieved in as it goes away and you take the damage as you are dissolved by acid effect and not happened is the blows or damage as its unwanted and you return to your body as though you never got hurt, as an end result of your incident your target thinks you were not there and the person that targets is not thinking about it. Act to be good, thinner is better as you can then do normally what you are wanting as you make, what you want to make and you are not noted, for what you wanted of a conceived point as you enduce a thought and think that thought as you are able to think and act right.

  Think what you want and note the disease, as you thin as you think as you are really in a moment of thought that is telling the person what you want and you leave the area, as you do think about it feel the thought of the disease,  and use thought to feel the disease in them as you drink something you think to the drink, 'charge and take in the disease', as you fill the glass or cup. Then, either pour the drink down the sink or positively think 'I won't get the disease but pull it away from the person' then drink it as you think you drink blue water. Sit down and think, as they 'think about things' the disease pulls off of them through aura  an infuses into you as a thought of 'filtered chemical energy' causes a cure as you do you shift back to your reality.

  Now effect is a moment that is a thought to command someone as pointed out to be correct and this is conceived idea and this makes action if they do want to it is as though instant reaction as a instinct to do but not think about this. Once you start relieving yourself, the effect wears off as you remove the bad energy for effect to end as needed. If denial concept with un or seeming by thought, no or not you can still get what you want and then what you don't want will be at a stop. The effect is to fade in and be there and phase by will in thought to seem what is in need at the moment in purpose of the experience that you have by rememberance. Acceptance is the key here as you are not in form and thinking back, you can give and get as you think what you need and you get what you want.

  The particle field effect of the Electron field and if you don't have any electricity then you can generate your own as is what does explain the thought. You may form with your spirit, at need of progress at thought that nothing speed of need and from energy may form their victory and it is what makes satisfaction in as thought to down a drink. Animation from the idea from what is the subject matter of something is to make something, by thought of what in effect that is there to become as it is. This cures the effect of any in moment that ends in victory. Form 'wat' as you want, and if you can make what you want in something is thought and acting as rehearse, then do an idea as shift your shape as you are willing to accept the act of what you in mind do as act is answer as thought is thought an answer is answer. Whatever you do, you are not enticed by eminence to strike out by thinking cool thoughts.

  Now, is energy command that creates at will as to be effective by will of thought energy, and this apparently is nothing in used thought or combat in an area to form as you will it and as your spirit makes it to do things as in whatever is in mind as material thought to be there with focused energy to form this from the creator's shield that allows the freedom to act, and using whatever effort intended for use by thought to create a manifest as if by the materia essence gotten from the material. This allows you to use the new and the old experience, to get things done. And, this uses the essence of the body fat as nothing existed matter in thought mind pattern. This in mind, is thought to be materia that holds the necessary properties of other places. In a moment, this done as though an instance of thought was there that ends when you think it should end. When in need, the right effect is there that is believed to be the effect and that forms at what is your target in victory to effect victory in the end. In effect, this creates golem from a frame formed of body in parts in need of arrangement via life by what method you want in use.

  As of regard in negative action, and this is used to make it up and it can repel any negative movement as to act normal, then the point of tract vigil is in use as autocorrection path making. Positivity make negative mention as repels positivity, and negativity attracts negativity. As methods used, retracts movie life positive can be used as this repels negative and movie life moves on its own energy and thins by what you thought. But, positive energy can go in negativity by on touch thought transfer to be aura manifest and this goes to the person and then not as they are in the vanishing point as caused by negative space though negative in charge and not to be negative into the backward time. An now you know how to harbor negative thought with a positive attributed poison ability, positive position in life is there by what you do in life an is granted by mention.

  As the event is by the positive power from black to white to think a positive view as though an idea is positive the body that converts it an into a white shade. All you need do is turn sideways, and think to be in another space as time is shifted around you via particles and disturbed as disruption though in the force as activity is done as a Jedi will sense things. Mana is in use as the effect, is what you intend to make and thought become positive thought by creative thinking with thought to do.

  And language in a point of understood concept is as knowledge and is with this. And wherever you go there you are, transfer that is on thought as understanding is not invisibility as its the moment, and as you thought to not be seen this is just a point in the future, as a thought and it can be ignored of and otherwise as opposite in need and thus is seen unless undesired so is seen no more. This is for clairavoyance and claireaudience an this can be turned off with a concept.

  Whatever charge of energy is as a charge on this as is and to charge people physically or psychically and not overcharged in use except if necessary. This can be established business to be avoiding the running and doing things and in as act you are not running into people that is corrected for by correction energy. You still wait and back away for the right moment, as you identify for things that are there for what you identify is there. Then, as effective as this sounds where you can do those things, is the efficient use as if in effect was there if thought if use of people you can sense them energetically. Now, you figure out what move to make, to play the right part as to act natural as and you understand that thought as though people weren't acting in bad order an thought was there to be effect.

  Thought energy is use as thought is energy an use is generated eating and drinking is extra charge energy right fit for your desire as a decided weight there. There is applicable use of alien nation as you read your thoughts and per use they go on to adapt as though norwood. Brainwash as used energy that makes people calm as people perceive thought with psyching out and feeling soothing energy correction. Whatever end, this is a possibility by wishcraft you make physics used as an efficient concept in practice. Whatever business practice, there is charge for things that are payables. Put it back through charge fees that go to your bank.

  And, then in use is thinking of a thought that makes money as everyone who wants it, will buy in plastic or other exchange current idea with an idea to exchange. Whatever you need, you can get as it is there for the thought as its made into what you need to be. To stop attack, wait till your calm as you nullify by thinking you do as you remove the beast being by thought as that doesn't go and rushes into things as people are in their way.

  This thought makes the effect of those that do things and by this expression that makes it can count it as something perceived in thought as the thing thought about appears somewhere. This is the time stream of the particle field creating thought as it is somewhere else. And, you do as thought. And, things thought do as you thought. As, expression is the thing that can cause action magic, as though by this both is possible and not possible as thought about things makes things by this within thought bringing action. As you think of things, you can create clones of yourself considered naruto shadow clones. These are beings that are defeated and with 1 hit to the clones, as assumed thought is thats all thats really is as they learned what they needed from your rom to learn, and you gain the in language and influence that you thought to get is gotten to in others.

  As thought becomes formation, you can be in active particles as a particle accelerator in space an in a space room that you think yourself in, as this comes from the area and people you interact with by gathering energy and cause them to reuse their energy as death comes to make missing something to be elysium fields by interpoling force or time by interchange with emulation of physical beef up body and psychically thought energy force to keep flaring up. Thought is emotion, and you are able to create as shadows do the ideal an you are capable of super genius.

  Creating effect with your focus, on the idea you want to make happen. As you do, you are able to perceive as it flares in a neat effect. Then, the effect is the particles explode in the air, as you think of what you to effect and this does, as then this is the effect in effect with time that effects when the thought occured. This allows you to change time, to make do and this can effect anywhere at anytime with anyone as an indifferent approach to use intention and remain as though you were different but neutral in thought you get the be right so their and thought effect happens of the thought itself. The effect to leave, is to think yourself back in the body as now effective is crystal life energy for now we think. As now the powers that hint is here and this is cerebral. As this, don't identify and you don't get pulled in to identify.

  Ninja life power is the affect on living things, that creates the power to do anything with dream, wish or other elements of what we can summon. They can pretty much do anything to enhance a subject to make and get an effective concept made into life. This is where yo get the effective idea, and this is to make what is thought to be there. This reality is as though, a power from crystal and thought to create as you want it to be. This can cause life magic to surge in the area, and as to do the things easier and voices itself, are born to life as with life we can even make grass grow into trees, as this is every dream come true.

  Some ninja ability is illusion, as this is the thought to create some trick by smoke manifest. And, this makes the effect seeming to be there. As with the effect you can do anything. Ninja styles are done by thought concept, and being unlimited you can manifest them by the energy. This is to make as thought and form allows, as this forms to make things as it is in unusual form this can result as what is conceived in essence. This makes people seem right or wrong to agree even if they don't as they are understood and this is thought that can or not as it can't be done as you are realistic and do natural things that get acceptance and you accept the notion as this is as though if you were things thought with no guilty thought as conscious. Don't do it as it is necessary.

  This is true to life if the particles can form to thought as first particles don't make, we can manipulate them by thought to do as we do things to make life generated, so we can make do with the wish of life effect. This is thought to enhance particles, so they do it instead. Ninjitsu is about the same, as we do things to create with inner life as we enduce in ourselves the changes of the pattern, that make the thought. Use of our aura create, we use the wish effect of what is possible and this supposed to be, as we work cerebrally in subliminal thought. As each their own askence, we get our idea and this is in thought, to think on as that may be what happens to get better by the life energy as to know and be thought as this happens you get taught by the idea thats expressed.

  Results are there as what you want may be in variety, this is as then in time here and that effects by that time as though a butterfly effect that changes things as you type things as you want the words to effect with active ability in use by focus technique. As this is anywhen and anywhere, results may vary are unique due with thought thats expressed. As the activator and anger can arise. A tick cannot occur or a strike to something is possible as that happens as you narrow your focus on an object, that gets hit by energy instead gamma radaring and no ramming into something may happen by thought that with a divert, this is the the whole object instead. This is possible in a moment that is thought and is only by a related ticking off remark or qualified mark, such as what this is to you in thought as a motion forms it to your design.

  If you don't want to get angry, then your mind is possible to cool off. This is by a thought being made thoughtform reaching out and handling the object such as a card or removing your extra body weight. This is thought as a 'cool off' period, that is forming a being said or extracted from time thought of. Or whatever makes you calm like a vision of a calming beach scene, otherwise stop regarding it ad think something else as the thought comes to you. This lets emotional reserve be let go as a sudden urge is gone of the transwaves of thought to be representing of anger. This as possible with thought, and is as though with the right psychological idea or thought born out reasoning of the mind, as it is done in mind this is to be made here or wherever you want. This is as though if you can create by the will by heart you can break the heart too without breaking the mind. This is with hearing things you don't like, and eventually you get restored by what is here eventually to return with a package. This is what makes it as realistic as possible.

  Concepts of truth thought about, make things as to treat what is there as a particle. This is positive reenactment, except you can find yourself exploding with anger as you are striking out or narrowly missing by outward bound movement. As that is a particle field thought to be space, creates energy with wild eyed wowing reenactment. This is atomic time, in action by field science as thinking of a procedure. This can cure sometime, as its allowed by thought anger thats received from the airwaves as this can cure anything. Their is a crystal weave effect, that is woven thought energy to become as thought and this creates any effect as in witch power summoned as you can wish. The positive pulse of life is to do a strengthening and making the mind clear with wish spell and ability. Their is life of the fingers, wrist or hand. As well as from the heart, this ability is life that created on thought by belief you did, then you think what you want as you want the thought to be and you get it as is. The heart energy and body energy, is raised effectively to be restored by crystal effectively here and as is celestrial.

  Desparate means is not working on something as the means isn't there but only in unnecessary to get things in a means by the moment that call your need extracted by thought. This is for the bearable means to make use of experience, as use of fire is by elements that effect included albeit thought of sheer need and the right makes it happen. By thinking of a moment that you ends when you are about to do things by a thought of 'subtract that thought as needed else', as you are able to know then as the effect is done. This is method to do particle concept as that which defeated the hook and never was born with used thought to birth by being as defeated with the management.

  And as there is no insanity and no insanity ever shifted you as then no insanity is possible. As you can cast or think and there is thought of a thought. So, to see a scene that calms you in your head, you don't think and you don't time things so you don't think to react. Thats how this he or she isn't it and is done as it isn't hit. Think about it and you can be able, to do things unless you have no intention to do things and this is by use of opposing view as this is it as a warning slap. Don't make bade statements, or the problems will leave you alone. This is as you do you don't as it is and it isn't. Thus is the experiment, as this is harmony disharmony, as the way of opposing realities you can shift to a planet by thought or not as a view you are able to cope. This is a concept that can be used if you sleep on it, as if you had perception.

  Thus to not hold the blow and if you keep focus you keep from attacking and from nothing experienced and that is considered, from the imagined concept that is experiment by thought to buy from imagined of quality things and then try by use of activity which of loss of energy you goto sleep, so as you expect things you experience something else and you shift to your personal point of feeling by view, as avoid a vigilante viewpoint this is from lack of expectation. If you expect for nothing, then you can restore yourself from the returning to the point understood as body by not feel your not feeling things about it and thinking it is gone back to the displaced by fey relaxed as things of thought dislocated things as the other body as you appeared in its place and it shifted to you. As, then if you then try to do now something, and shift then you can get there by feel. But, to do the shift is by thought and feel with only care if its safe as its with noone near.

  This is where you are restored in time and then this idea is concept made in the face value which removes self as you go somewhere else. Thus, its a mistake to speak where you are in time as you accost someone in some other place, from bad created with accident or mostly idea being thought. With the interaction. The effect is a place as you do something and do things american as with tolerance. If you think its something else, then you can become able to think as again you are there and brought back to life, and you are as thought as if restored from cracking your brain or other wounds.

  Which acted up, as you felt pain that causes the metaphysical event to bully as reactions to deny pain happen. Restored conscious thought, is then able to make you adjust your thinking as procedure is restored in thought as to what you want  to do. This is where you are thinking, the voice of the dead is in thought to be heard as gone as it makes things for you as you need them, then something friend from the past makes things as though the effect shifts your perception and your point of view remains as you want, paranoid or otherwise.

  Just imagine the term, and you can shift there on an instance, as long as you hold onto universal energy, think endevour not as you are eating as needing bad things and you can use life energy from what is there. With life, this cures itself, as you need to turn a disease. As you do, 'begad' is the phrase that with what you allow, you hold onto energy and release it. As with chaos energy built up, by incidences of any accident, this is in your body anything you eat will cause the body to make itself more hungry, unless you don't need to by holding it off, for 5 minutes with hold and release of energy wherever you go you won't strike out from not remembering. Clean yourself off, and as you are able to imagine a calm place in your mind this makes thought mentioned, as the point to go back to as the restored point in time of thought to act normal as energy is thought as though a save point. This is a concept of teribithia.

  Then, you can perceive what is said of the soul, and you are able to understand what the people who are realistically talking are saying, if you think to know what people are saying as this is said, then you will pick it from the brain of the speaker as though a thought was telepathy. As this is a perception trick, then you can get thoughts to understand the thought by what they show in the soul and as they speak differently you can use energy to translate it to know as they speak as though a view in the mind was showing their intent. As you save your hide from attacking nature, then you save your soul.

  This is the dreamland by memorized area, as you remember it you are able to return and this forms in a galaxy far far away from here where in the mind, is the special place that is your memory of a special room or planar existance that is represented by the area that you perceive.This is existence, in dream moods that represents the idea that you want by feeling. And if you die there, you are reborn there as keep thoughts of what you do here your doing normally as you explore the area as your room in your mind is your special area. Assault is possible, so if unrealistic hostile, then fight back or get arrested and your cleared of guilt fetish.

  Assume the feeling by mention with the point as a thought for you are assumed guiltless, and think as to not be of offensing anyone of a court or place in action as you assume things are normal and you shift perception to a point that was before. As, this is perception trick, then you can actually do things as though the thought of what was there didn't happen. This is a dream reality, of undreampt of dream power that is real and diverted from use of nightmare energy, if you eat too much with this you will start to gain and lose weight, and if you see things then you might be acute visioning from the energy reacting on the brain, if you believe in this concept. Once you don't care, then you can just use will to shift back you to your active memory as your body shifts to the normal world. Then, in thought you can shift anyone anywhere by what you want to do, as you think the thought to do.

  And as long as you harness the energies of the galaxies by peaceful thought of doing balance as they interact, you can jump across space to a place you want to be there of and hence, the energy released can create another place of reality with thought and by use of intrusion. Seizemic result activity can be created, by any thought or opposed concept is done as this is when felt as thought is expressed a result of cracking or guaranteed if directed, at the planet is a natural earthquake that can be set off by a latin spell or thought by activity focused to create an idea to make with energy as created by thought with no experiment in mind if you don't want to be offensive. As desparate you can do allot more, as you think it with fire energy and sheer need, then you make effect. However, if you make a point of something to do, then they think of natural mistake and shift you back.

  However, thought to be in danger as quick thought is where you think your resourceful, source the thought that happens to cook stuff and, this is un overcooked as it is the extreme need to effuse that is to the the food itself. This turns poisonous, as though infusion were a radiation effect were per use as you made it a poisonous essence, and this can do anything. As, to cause coated essence that effuses everything that it touches and it can cause reduction thats temporary and poisonous essence. This consistent to the poison effect, noted by anime as something. For what is thought as a secondary effect, is body sickeness. This is as its known as poison cooking. This is not used to start strickening, unless its needed to be inimical assault as it can cause illusional belief and not considered dillusion.

  The color of the rainbow, is an effect to make things as it is by thought of the color and this can make the effective belief of an element to be as it is consistent happenstance. This is an beam element forms at a will an makes from a beam effect. The color of the fire makes different effective concept to materialize, at what you need to be. The flame effect is thought and done, this is to become of what is belief by faith in the self to do the effect. However, concept of all the elements are covered, and some don't have colors as they are made from different planes of existance or are variations of an element.

  The warp effect is holding out of your hands, is as though the thought is what you think as you thought of what is to think of warp energy such as chaos being pulsed to cause a shift of body. The body is as a though at the point, where you feel yourself going faster and whichever way you hold your hands out if you feel the urge to slap someone then you are not doing it. Otherwise, you get the idea of this thought from where you think to go. Think of it, and think you go there by thought that you are if you think you are not in danger there. This is visual perception by heightened senses, as though by the danger sense as that may be there and this is as you feel spiritual vibes.

  As then, and as you are there in thought but not in body now think or not as you don't wish to be there and you don't jump there to stay here. Otherwise, you imagine yourself as though with colors to be there by fire energy and otherwise you can focus the chaos waves into a narrow arch that is what appears to you in spirit sense for it truly does in your senses, as serenity by thought is neutral as this comes to your senses by an emotional calm that comes washing over you with a focused repose by clear thought with thinking about calmness as you focus on the area your going to.

  And, you are capable of jumping with flame color as to go there by thought of an expanding ring of color flame or chaos and jumping through the thing as you go forward and slow down a bit, to think yourself there and feel the fire energy as chaos surges around you. As you do, you jump as you go and you are there. Remember to close the chaos energy off, think neutrally as to don't think of it as you let go of the chaos and fire energy to dissipate from you without the feel of the individual body. And, as you 'e' as you eject it from you, as though you were escorted on a planet, and don't defend if your not needed with no danger near as you feel soothing energy to make the feeling of built up emotional steam go as though planeteering as you go back.

  If on a thought, as you think about your location and then you will as to just do it as you are doing things naturally here. As you basically built up enough chaos or fire energy, then this is all you need to do things with, as though not needing rest as you can act right in public. Otherwise, you are able to hold your hands straight out physically or with your second arm set in back and imagine warping by intensified chaos energy propulsing is by a pulsing beam effect that is an attack, that can cause you to move forward quickly there where you are. Now if you wanted, this can be an assault as you can use the beam effect to lance forth and strike a target, if you wanted to send out the energy and make the effect of thought with a thought ' knockback' or non crippling strike. If enough energy is focused on them, then they are knocked out cold, as though a Cthulu affect.

  And this can be alternative mind trips or actual planets but different planets, unless they are treated differently as variations to the main 4 elements in theme. This can formed from any object as it is believed to be by faith in what this is in thought or to be from the general concept that it is observed unusual to do. This is the general property, of conceived people concept and what your spirit knows it to do. So and using crystals, to create manifest is thought made from particles of preferred existance. Evidence of the thought from observed bad result, are erased by thought. If the time result is not observed its not intended to be, then it isn't done.

  As then, you think of the physics thought about a thought in time that is there, and it allows you to manage the idea of a thought time experiment as not a experience ticker considered a magic tick and if any thing you can handle that what comes your way. As you do things, you are making things happen as think about it this is as you say it does happen truth and go mage things that through using focus go in on thought of the words to you as you think of doing this. However, if you suggest to yourself then you still do what you want as by the third I being.

  That is a shadowhunter effect enhancement, that can time warp shadow energy and twist its effect as to know darkness and be better for the environment as to be death to the evil 12th dimensional demon and to be the shadowhunter and create the cloak of darkness that can make any manifest and warp the body or do things as you. With thought in mind you can dispel the best effect by shining a light on the body, that is possible is use of real experience and to make what effects are possible. There is no cause without resolution, and on the moment as in essence this is what can be done that is the cause. As, the moment is dealt with shadowhunter disappears, with imprisioning by those that catch people.

  Then with the concept this is gone as the moment its gone the we of the planet disappear the time arranges now itself by things as you want and thoughts of pegging drop away, thought changes the pattern of time as this makes time arranged by the time arrangement. And in thought this is with concept, by the thought now in the moment idea as this actually is a thought that can happen. If a headache comes, this is by thought as headache builds comes in focus by builtup pressure the pressure drops and your blood pressure lowers as you think or not as you do things. This is cerebral pressure by focus from attempt to work.

  So as to think release, this releases the pressure by thought much like a headache with soothing thought of a calm area as you lay on it and walk by a beach relaxing with the calming feel, as thought and through understanding and released reasoning now by tensing and releasing the tensed up muscles then this creates a blank vanishing point to create a blank calm mind state of the mind to reduce emotional strain and agony as your imagining a picture an in the muscles, you do not react now as will and you understand those that you do work with, you will do things as you can hurt and strike out by the feeling of pain elsewhere one by one and you can understand as you stop by realization.

  Psyching up is done, by believing you need something and you get a need as done to get the understood thought in done by practice. Tesseraction, then is as done by thought sigils imagined, as a concept of visualized concept thought on empowered lines to create an idea of made effect happen to enhance the separate reality to be in the world of dreams. This is the building itself as though now it were a study and a group of people in it. This makes the concept of the building as though a person that is a human fine enough as realistic realism is enough can enter through.

  A psychic phenonemon of this idea, is the silver tunnel an is by a victim knight named from a place that you were, an calls as this is the door that opens up by going to a dimension. As its called the moment and you feel the need to go to a place that you aren't aware of and the door you walk through is the key to the entry, as with a place to open up on key use that you can imagine to enter the separate reality as it is ingrained with symbols it can be opened with thought. This building is surrounded by silver energy, that does the job as need be.

  Anything that is done in the building, is the making effect that allows you and anything else, to create at will what is isn't at willed result at your own will, by the need intruded upon physical correction there is no problems. As anyone who tries to see it, with the third I can see a ripple of negative space and this is the time shield now made of silver power since it seems you can change enchantment with things to will as defense and this seems familiar to be there shadowhunter isn't there. And, if you don't need Shadowhunter, he isn't threatening or there.

  This is the dark hunter, energy put as its changed into a drink. As, this is the point where no return now is with no reason as the concept is to steal, the effect turns on those criminals that no as silver energy is turning to black energy as you observe and don't know disaster and don't make crime within, then is to make depicted different things to hurt the public by dark and hazardous ways unless their needed to get good results. With reaction to ways in thought this can 'no act' to become thoughts of the money to be gotten by exchange.

  This is a druid group and now in the future public area restroom are in neutral area, that are in space and time that make ways that are be open to travel through space and there we are as thought in normal space and thats what happens if now another one to go now. And now on to more idea to be safe of what is now to travel at ease with expense paid by will of thought money to be sent and in an now formed as by things you can come by. With nature calls, this in idea will subtract by thought willing nature an hint, and you are what you were as you needed to 'ce' as cease now.

  This is what shifts you anywhere, as you think on your planet and shift by thought with those idea in concept making there are corrections by moving around things. Soul space, is then by will to manipulate space and create now events by act, to make pocket dimensions and things by genius through luck with skill act by feats of concept, anime make the effect by ingenious moments that end the moment, the cog of made thought 11th dimension is done to think thoughts and at the moment you are done. Insanity is turned off by the concept in shadow spawn drawn by particles, unless difference that is thought of money made by concept of the green rock stone named 'luck' is turned on as you need it or not as now wizard you don't have sex me moments and now if in no regard.

  You can then use manifested force by reposed mind concert as to create the effect of used wishspell to make alien power creation to becoming of any fire power by zero force element, or not as this is to use core energy and now you return that famous last phrase that is impossible to defeat or not and this stops as that isn't done. And with wizard precognition hence, there is no episode at all and that isn't done. This is in case that was time conflict as this was as is special in thought as though there is a real fight and you know what you will be doing. Now you will be doing so, as this is stealing thoughts and releasing them to them as something else as we will bend in deed by respect to you in respect to your actions.

  This concept is thought of a soothing scene is relaxing by thought, and the body responds by will to act as the want becomes need and this can induced, by impossible motions will make what happens by what you do in thought understanding. This is the will to act, to share reacting thought in motion as you do things as deserved to be shown. As this presents to you the stimulus by being a will to act, as you want it to be then as now considered as done. Unless, you don't need it to then this will provoke. As then the idea you want is to make things respond then ask as its picked up. As sometimes, then it does nothing out of frustration. Then, you stop suggesting things to do and as to be doing idea by arrangement as thought in a wave of suggested time as decided in time.

  'No' will cause this to stop, as a read thought of stop will stop working, hence the thought of a good condition, is set on the end moment of energy to not wreak hawk and not have included an attack. Whatever, if any radio signals are identified in particle space, as they are there then the particle space will make you perceive what they are. Wolves can be made from aptitude as you can get the effect, made to create with concept and returned in thought and as the spirit is willing to become one it as it is and the knowledge of the ancients is returned in thought to be as this is any game in play as in play one to zero.

  As things are thought of in your mind, you pick them up like a transceiver that is like a broken antenna so go no and this stops. Complete the choice in thought as you return to your right mind perception. So focus you mind on the particles, in the air and think to flare them up and you don't particle space things anywhere. As you suddenly clear up all emotional and battle problems, as you and the dimensional natural viewing, suddenly disappear by the condition thought about to go. You don't think about particle space as you go about places.

  This is a psi procedure, to get any tension gone and things you focus in naturally on, you can will to happen the idea. Considered braintwist in time, this is an like before moment as this is an illusionary field by being given a grand of money but only no good actions and by the influence or not as you sacrifice not but a small bit of food to the trash and your body loses extra pounds. Fill up with fire energy in your body with the particles of fire and you might drop weight as you are starting to react to the energy of food fire weight that right there is forming as particles form objects and you make a particle form.

  And right there, get out and then your fine as this drops off you as right there you are almost in fright of gaining stomach mass for forming fire particles form the condensed weight into objects and form of what builds up unless this is not in the area of where you ate. The different area of energy particles are charged differently in different area that you go to. So, this discharges time energy as the excess buildup goes away as you you are gone. This is almost instant overweightness, that is caused by condension of the fire into height or body changes that begin to flatten as you will it away by focusing technique with a think this and then reverse by thought effect.

 Then in thought you make contact to a realistic living being that by particle discharges you or the other can rid the excess of energy and prevents damages to the body from not getting any disease in thought, by thought of particles being active. This is to go to the person or not as its particles put to continue live action do not contain that action. As ignore religion or not as as  'not' not anymore lies and you return to normalcy. As if disrupted, when doing something and finding out something and stopping bad value you could work with change, by thought to change the results by effect this is with reduced weight as induced weight drop change unless not needed. There is no bad  from particles, as bad is bade from suggestion with the mind.

  And, your view reverts to normal situation, and the identified mood retract your situation in a differently thought matter of moments. Then, your world reverts to normal around you. Oh, if focus you have is with thought as you are in focused on the idea think of 'shield' then you do align yourself to the area energy as a mental prowess, as there you think on your memorized area as the identified time and you think, you shift there. As you navigate around the area, this is felt stimulus for an autonavigation effect area.

  And so if you are relaxed in mind, you don't think on what you need or kinetically chi moved. As this is movement by doing things to focus your mind. You can run faster, by skip or whatever use you do with chi. That can intrude and do things, because this allows particles to bounce off the negative shield. That may cause you dimensionally to appear and ram into things as you materialize in place. If you act, then you can do negative things in reaction then you don't think that you are doing things. Then, you are not aware and you can do them as you are insignificant in form. All particles, in the field are doing as you said. As you said, you make things occur by giving and taking energy. This is particle space, from the lack of itself as nature as diseases form believing you have them, from the creature that is there that appear from the body aches. Postulate a thought and use its typical strength as energy against it as it is drained as you are using it up.

  Feeling can get cancelled by this act of no response of repose and this activity stops reaction of any monster that you perceive, even if human shaped. This is with realization of which can expand ability and your hitting thought and in thought then you can retract. As, this is imaginary thought space, any thought you want can manifest via particles and you didn't get it an then as you think it you can get any transfer done by thinking 'twist'. You can make and abet deals, during times of what you imagine. You can thought transfer from whomever you touch as described as from what the place is, as a linked exchange and dimensionally thinking, will make this exchange effect by card as credit.

  Bursting your aura outward and you get an expanded concept as filter effect, as in that concept you are able to do amazing tricks that purifies your aura by thought of fire in a ring. This can easily incite anger, or rage by the particles in space reacting to fire or area vibrations that is done where you are in area. If you find someone died, by precious stones in the area influencing the person, now you are space and candy can cause them to lose weight when you need to. The point you use as thought, can work a point to create anything as a want if use is done and thats all correctly done.

  Whatever you think, is with particles of space inside as its the subconscious that does it. Think 'fixed' and it will be fixing the person effected from realized trauma as though a mistake. Whatever you realize, you thought of exhausted. This is as you make the concept as you lose the thought indifferently or anything in need is done. So, write down what action is done and you can rethink and rewrite your thought as it disappears the thought of exhaustion and things mentioned from being in mind. Thinking positive, keep your body from avoided space, as you can avoid things in thought from things in thought that make you avoid things. And sometimes running expendable batteries, is thought or you act informed by observed body from shift running into people or not as you chance to avoid it.

  This will revert the concept of head trauma that happens in people. This is to be normal. As, you don't think to meet people. This will revert people, to think like you. As you don't think to bear pain or a hurt as then it reflects in your soul and builds the pressure in the head. And, then you can bear pain as cause reaction by no stop thought to the body. So meaning to say yes to those near you is the affirmative action or the right action, and you are a cure. As this is to be aware to think and as your thought becomes as a person your normal and you react by doing.

  What your body senses of your thought, is what you do. So if you think 'awareness', don't think it if you don't intend it. Or not, as you are thinking that thought and you are there as you observe as someone does things and thinking 'reversed' and you make a reversed head injury and release the pain and it disappears as thought becomes energy that leaves the body and liquid thoughts make particles reform around you. Thus, you can reshape to your mind thought, as treated insanity is corrected as you do your correct concept, this is fun as you use the source of a malignant energy, an negative field of proton reaction is used up as reason as you deny agony. If you don't need, to feel good this agony gets away from you as a strange dog that runs away, and you remember to overpower the ideal you want as is to do and think as act not to ruin in normal act routine.

  As you think you do, this can make you become aware and this reverses a head injury. So, think about things, and think that thought and you continue moving or otherwise you stop arrested thought. This causes insanity, so stop, think and do either things or stop. Now that you do what you need things becomes clear, with a familiar past image to help you focus. So with awareness, nothing but gnosis is what is done. Or you reuse the particle space, by thought air particles perceived to be getting along with people and getting information from the air. This is getting information, and gnowing it is achieved by what you think. As though this is from the person in thought, mind and otherwise.

  Now moving along, the particle space is not the dimensional ramming space as you can tend to think about it. As this follows certain rules. Those that are guiltless, are able to be innocent of crimes and nice as they don't feel tense by anger. The affect is done, by thinking about what you are hearing as you listen and glean information. This technique is capable of hearing any thought. The effect, to do things with is to get better thoughts that aren't hostile. The effect, of being proved a concept lyer in particle energy space is to hear thoughts that prove they are hostile, mostly to not give off by the minds of other places or not as you prove yourself innocent by what you say anything out of context is true as supported a thought in 'reasoning'. This is not considered as it is there taken out of context.

  To let it go is to stop in something and use a thought of something in motion, and let go of the thought will come to you of what you want to get some thought with reasoning. And, any pressure drops away with the influence of the thought with concept fading away, as you can get to think about it and it will stop as anything you think is necessary to be done is done or you know what to do by thought and intrinsic or intuitively applied approached concept that is applied to be of a usage. And with any sound thats soothing with any future weight dream, pressure drops away from the cerebral part of the brain. If you care you are responsible, so you are your own thought if you don't then your irresponsible as in thought you can get careless and sloppy in moments of caring for yourself. If you take care, then you get careful about what you do with yourself.

  This 'alleve' gets the idea of what you want, as if you get the respect and understand the situation. And, you can get to reuse the effect by the right mention, as this brings the right result by feeling it out. Then if you identify, and its using too much of your energy as thought, then you stop reuse by 'stop' and by thought 'us' with use of energy, to make things magic by mention and end the result is no thief action as if they were project 'done'.

  This is by a stop action in mind. This is to use thought energy, to correct physical initiative activity thats weight in use by exercise or kinetic activity by individual action with by those who are thought of to be of use. And, this of thought to get activity done, and different though as thought is finished up. Stop the enemy, by use of whatever means you use done by your identified spirit. This is by use of natural inclination, cast by suggested action to their brain or not as they can be useful. This is stopped in mind by a dropped thought in thought, is different in thought for something else that want to act out.

   And, indications of the effect in mind as good for you, as you get the different feel that is the same to those that need to see you as they would recognize you as acceptable in thoughts of opinion. And, you get perceived the right way to be doing what you need to be doing, as nothing thought of you is opinion. This is as though they bought your act and is accepted for what it is believed to be for tact. Your action is action, that is thought to be either done by yourself or your spirit.

  This is like a real life situation, that is put down as a line of thought, empowered by your will. And is treated like code that suggests itself to your mind. Self-explanation is achieved by reasoning with it as you read it and you get imprint information off it to see as a vision with a view in your head.

  This is a long shot, that is a thought to do and it can be a thought viewed, at length to make use of as though a movie. Played, at a movie screen that you can be leaping into and back again, bypartisan as it is with particles that shift you and back

  This is thought in motion, as it is the adventure of a scene and you play it out there because thats usually how it looks, as if in your view in your head. There is little danger to this, as you can energetically use the movie energy. Then, when you are done, you shift back as if watching it.

  This is at the mercy of the believable scene that your brain can act out of course with the spirit. As you get adventure and then you get the point where you synchronize with yourself and by acting yourself out, you shift back as if nothing happened.

  This is code in something, that is concert to be played with like a song in the mind the brain perceived by the thought to be there and back as you need to be as a back and forth motien of the spirit. Sweet rewards save you from trouble as the purpose is to live out your life as though nothing went wrong and you were a stranger in a strange land.

  This is programming self-image as you need to do it as suggested to be responsible with wanted things. And damned things stay there. If your spirit allows for it as if it wants it done it is to prove the mission. As the mission is flawless as its done need arises and you can get things done easily if early result. Time travel is east and west identified as you need them to be identified. This is where indication provides good reason to autobutton and 'navio' to be autonavigated by subconsciousness that know the imprint as to guide you about as if you were there.

  This is the dark mage approach to demon hunting, with killing by fire energy and this is by usage of movie equipment with video enhancements to provide information that is provided to them, to see the future that they need to know as though you were fate.

  They know now as by reading your mind as to what will be so you only need to act it as a part in play. As, the thought of the money is there, you can get your money and use it to buy good things of decent value, with surface value of a conscious thought to transfer it to here, after you off the account. Released in secret you are an allied idea to be true to your foes and best friends to them who trust you.

   This is as if the spirit suggests itself, as though the right of words that were used as though thought energy. And as if you were listening, used in thought is used in body, so enjoy as you use in the mind. And, in use this can be dismissed with ease. No mental intrusion is done to be dealt with after this as you have disappearing weight. As, if by concept and reaction if necessary were right for the the moment. By outwaiting the problem, this as though to solve the conflict. That in truth is used for energy gathering. As after, use this is promoted to be of an idea in a concept, and an end concept.

  The mental intrusion influence is blocked in your head. As though this didn't get into your head. Unless needed by desire, as after the usage is over, you turn into the best avatar you can by thinking of and can be like as thought made permission by particle field effect. Usage is done by degree of use and the spirit made the thought happen, by metainfluence. This is also fact written down. As fact in code is fact in life hustle as need be but gamble not. And, you won't get the going to get the god in trouble.

  This is where the enemy thought of in this dimension, was dealt with by a teribithian and in the moment and not regarded otherwise. This is not socking you as though the eye wasn't socketed right as thought made electricity powers your super body. Abandon nightmares here, as everyday your ready for a new place to visit, as this is a house pocket dimension that you live in to experiment with saftey idea in mind. Use is empress of avalon that makes thought and suggestions as you can get the identified thought to complete.

  This is thought carefully thought as to be a mind room complete, by example proven to be of value, by allied people. Belief is necessary to get there effects with the right object to draw in energy of the place in mind. There is a place to sleep anywhere in you mind, eventually to fill up and thats that. This is thought, in the mind as you go there. This where you do things are eventually able to make you suggestion by method as a code of living lividie action. This is reliving your coded line as a thought used imprint can be used and this brings up the mind view or not as you don't need to see. Mischief can still be done, as you are needing this and you are able to manipulate to get results.

  This is where you do things to relive stress thought put out is there as a shotput out as though you deserving it go about your daily idea. Known as the thought zone that is as though also there. This is that as if you thought no, no it in mind if you were as you in mind thought are in action, the code represents you if you thought to do things that were unnecessary. Adhoc is there as a support effort, intruder alerts are not appreciated as they drive away the intruders, this is in here as thought was to do. Manipulation is as easy as distract and do to be mischief known to affect intruders. A kitsune is possible to manifest as were there to make illusia count. Illusion is served as need on being slender. Thin is good as you are needed to by yourself. Warning thought to serve as though you as an I being, they serve the vampires and dhampire that rule the house. However, fey are there to serve as aid, as thought not to be harrassed. And, they can charge things as to help out. This is to stop dimensional assaults, by those people that hurt you with a fight technique.

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