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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Timeshifting in totem

 Modified on 4/12/2010

   To timeshift in totem is the process of idea being taken by a totem spirit and this idea is timeshifting forward or back. Sometimes to a certain time and date. This takes a totem item, that personally represents time to you. Cleanse the area and the place of the totem effects.

   Usually done with the totem spirit, which lies in any item that you consider sacred. A general prayer for a totem effect cleansing is to have the totem item nearby and state near the totem items, while thinking of the purpose, "O totem spirit, cleanse this object and totem pole. Make it clean of bad influence. As if in use, the thought is what that counts.

  Count the use as a thought in progress, and as your use is achievement, think your use is better than what you do in use is conclusion. Let us get what we desire and have done with it." This is what you do in thought is what you think and your use is the use, think by which is a point to make in created moments by the creator. So your never away, your use is a thought in purpose as in use don't use the purpose.

   Then, use of idea thats represented in a chant, for time shifting. Consistent to the act of stating near the time totem item, after thinking of the purpose and time you want to go to or send people and items too, "Send me to the time and effects of the date I want." Three times, for personal shifting. Then for someone else or some item, say in a chant, "Send this item in the area and person to the place and time, that I desire them to be in." Three times. Sending items usually doesn't work as well, as for the sending of yourself or people.

   After your done with the effect, then cleanse the area and the totem. So the unnecessary effect of the totem is removed. A general prayer for the totem effect cleansing of the area is to have the totem item nearby and state near the totem items, while thinking of the purpose, "O totem spirit, cleanse this area and totem pole. Make it clean of bad influence. Let us get what we desire and have done with it."

  Due note: Sometimes the effect of sending a person or yourself back in time can shift the area events, around the target person or yourself. To match the time you send the person or yourself to. And, sending objects can sometimes make the  object disappear or be thrown out sometime, as they stop working. As the time you send the object to, is where the object is basically remade or copied frim your own and delivered to a place you will be in. As its given or sold to the person you sent the object to, in another time. When said person receives it, your original object will stop working and somehow disappear from the area it is in. In some cases, it will disappear completely to complete the transferrence.

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