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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chaos Magic and the Subconscious

  This interesting article is by Heronesque, it details safe chaos magic and the subconscious working.

  Chaos magic is a loose, eclectic style of energy work where one enacts effects through whatever magic technique works best in the situation. Although "whatever works" is the simplest definition, there are a certain set of techniques or categories of techniques that chaos mages, or chaotes, often share. These include sigils, paradigm-shifting, pure will, ceremonies of a random nature, etc. One of the most common and effective techniques is causing an effect through one's subconscious.

  The subconscious is the part of the mind that is normally unconscious and thus not directly controllable. The problem of the subconscious part of our mind is of course that default inaccessibility. And sometimes the subconscious may even work against us, unless prevented by magic. A [chaos] mage's developmental goal should be to both free and use the subconscious mind as much as possible, with growing consistency.

  The subconscious is always working and in fact can cause effects all around you that the conscious mind may not intend. ('Around' meaning both the physical vicinity your body is aware of, as well as in places your mind interacts with, such as thinking of a friend who isn't nearby you at the time.) The mage, unlike the non-magic-user, uses his conscious mind for magic, but few people actually deal with their subconscious much. It's important to use your subconscious though! One left completely untouched can betray you because of your subconscious desire, whereas one that is used proper can be key to great magic.

  Gnosis, a nearly indefinable state related to unity of the mind and loss of ego, (and thus loss of fear and self-importance, silencing of the inner dialogue, etc,) is the key by which magic can be caused through use of the entire mind, both conscious and subconscious. You can use all your mind, instead of just the conscious part, or just cleverly dropping a command into the subconscious.

  Gnosis is achievable by many methods and happens in different levels- which may differ in the amount of time spent in the state, the feeling of the state, the power of it, the unity of the mind during it, etc. The possibility of magic is greatly increased when your mind is in a proper state. As well, the prerequisites to a good gnosis/silent/meditative state encouraging building poder, (the personal power a person stores by living impeccably or wastes by being petty.) Poder is necessary for effective magic, and is gained all the time by consistently silencing inner speakings, bucking fear, etc. (See Carlos Castaneda's series of books.)

  Its the difference between just doing things with no result and 'Just doing it' and gaining effects. Gnosis also has an alternative version, to pull thought and idea from the air for meaning and understanding that is gained.

  Silencing the inner-speakings > Gnosis/Meditation/Focused inner silence/Trance > Stopping the world

  Yoga, meditation, chemognosis, (gnosis through purposeful drug use, such as cannabis or salvia,) rituals and combinations thereof are all useful techniques for gnosis, if done properly. However, one must find their own method(s) to achieve that state, and an impeccable will and the stored poder that go along with it are absolutely necessary. If one wastes all their poder on pettiness, it's impossible to be prepared for gnosis and proper magic at all times. If one lives impeccably and stores their poder, a quick transition to gnosis and active magic can be accomplished.

  My technique for reaching a quick meditative state is to silence all inner speakings, (this should be done often and as much and consistently as possible anyway,) then assume a comfortable position, close my eyes, and listen to my breathing. A Japanese term is "mizu no kokoro," or "mind like water." You must clear your mind and let it flow freely- not thought to thought nor even thinking on just one thing, but clear. Then, you may take your free-flowing find and put it toward accomplishing one objective.

  The reason this works is because inner dialogue affects the subconscious strongly, causing it to act in a very unpredictable way that wastes energy and can cause unwanted effects. Silencing yourself cuts off the supply of thoughts that stimulate your subconscious to constant, energy-wasting, problematic actions. The subconscious then settles down and works in unison with the conscious mind- great for simple meditation, and great for causing an effect through will!

  Although magic can indeed be accomplished through a deep, focused state, on-the-fly magic is a vital skill as well. This technique is available to one who can use skill and will in combination for a magic action that is quickly and successfully enacted through the subconsciousness. This requires the skill to connect to the subconscious and send your 'command' through it and the will for it to be enacted by it.

  For a metaphor, magic in a slowly generated, deep trance is like jumping in the water to fish with a spear, whereas quick flashes into an optimal magical state are like spear fishing outside of the water. Each is difficult and different in its own way, and it's up to you to decide when and how to use them. The entire point of chaos magic is this: through practiced efficiency, thrust yourself into an appropriate 'mode' for accomplishing an effect, then do it in whatever way works. The higher the temperature the more the feel is. So this is not physical hits.

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  1. The higher the temp the more the feel is. So this is not physical hits.chaos magick


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