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For any that abuse are what you think to use or no use is no effect, think the abuse goes back to the abuser to nail him or her self by vicious or abuse to your abuser. As nothing is the area your area is not really viewed this is the curse, I place on those that abuse to die from. I think I see or use was useless except to talk things out unless they cease to abuse then stop to work by feel with the other idea you see. Seen no abuse otherwise. So don't abuse is stopping so you aren't with abuse yourself. Work as you want, otherwise. There really isn't any reason for abuse. So you see think and in no attack or out no the attack is no attack by the the creator protecting you or others with yourself not attacking your own body. This is " ne abuse", that is not to see or feel.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Confusion spell

The Confusion spell is an interesting and useful spell to work upon someone. It is cast by thinking of the confusion of life which you live through and saying mentally or out loud "I wish for you my intended victim or victims to have confusion in your life and to not fully be there mentally!" Now do something that confuses the person, by the action and this is an action being what they don't expect.

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