For those who want to try..

To know if these methods actually work, know that some don't have the energy. Some don't have a good connection to their subconscious. Those people with a good connection to their subconscious will get a spell off more easily. For which one worked, think as will if you know you have a really good connection. Think smart to your subconscious, if you can control the point by focus and feel to project thought as you think feel is mentionable.. then all of them work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you an ignore what you don't think is useful.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Public enchantment

  This is a public enchantment and to get rid of the idea that you don't need and be able to think, as you are able to be aware you are awake and able to do as you want or not do as you think. Realize as you did what you thought was necessary, created or not and by thinking you were able, thought and creating were as energy was the idea to do, as in that or by terminally created points there you create as you think. Being made aware of a fact is a point by concept, that is a positive idea by what you do. As you are positive you can seem positive, act good and drop the act if necessary. This is to feel better and you are using positivity, thought by feel is what you time or think to get wat you figure out in life is not always necessary. This was done in 2012.

  This is a thought by rite that you can think in public, think and yet don't as not if not and non can be desired. Thought by what you want as energy is sometimes by the enemy and by what you think in life or consider, the source for information and ideal to use. The fixation is water that you consider, as safe to drink is what you use. As your use depicts and creates what you think, and if withheld is dissolved as you think and you are what or are with a solution by an idea what you see as to do things with as attributes you get in response.

  This idea came from a satanic ritual, as he explains the mistake and such in the mind as styx to do a public ritual and "clear the heads of the stuff that is mush and cause better thinking." I saw this ritual by what I felt by the words, thinking and saw with focus energy though the focus point. So as I was curious, I timed the area today to think up a good way to get things to do. As I thought this I found by watching, as I can see not dedicated to hate now I understand. I was able to get interesting idea as a result to get the point I was looking to see from curiousity. To nulle stupidity and nulle hate as it is, think and your energy is energy to use in life.

  There is wat as I understand or water energy use that can seem to be what creates and interred into the blood is interrment, as your energy is by what you think the defining energy use is and your energy is tea or point by thought. As if the consciousness of the planet also serves as a concept to do, this is serving the earth and as a servant by thought that is useful. As thought if you can use the energy by feel, focus and you can do what idea as there is to do or bored in other words.

  This is a concept as you create from the planet, to serve the planets as you will and you are with or near that as a point can seem to create things as if "an en if". As if you excepted exempted in activity to expect something, then you meet the end if intelligent as you think, focus and do.

  Thought exists as your will or just think and your will manipulates it, this can create good results and sometimes no war is present. Thought to evade is done by the focus, as if your aware if danger nearby comes from activity. In use is thought by what you do by the feel in use that comes from the idea by love to do, think or realism is by real idea by a feeling or reasoning the thought and create to do.

  Create by will to make by what you think as create is by the use you consider and doing is the considered idea. If your idea considered is done or thought not necessary then you can stop, think and use is the energy recovered by what you don't do as you don't do whats unnecessary or wanted if murder. Don't cause it if you don't need it in want or need.

  As your body adapts of the energy and sometime by defiance that you see as energy in use, as this is with tiredness tis is energy parasites as if your body can modify the aura to see with the adaptable viewpoint by the energy in the area. This in the right idea, can seem a use to use fire in the aura to correct the body and if you can imagine.

  The parasites disappearing then your deluded mind disappears, thought and energy restores itself as you want or intend a concept that is natural energy is natural use except nothing stupidity. As your idea your way is a thought seen if needed, think and otherwise nothing is before you as you and can still be you are and the creator seems willing to keep you out of trouble. You can do what you want as you do want or need, as otherwise you can do what is in a point by idea.

  Think as "no" is this to nulle stupidity as this isn't there and that is a body condition, as you name the condition that can set in by use if overuse of energy or whatever. Think as this is not like putting gas in the car window without realization, as it is putting the gas nozzle in the gas tank or not. As nothing is necessary and nothing is there in the will, as not if this is an interesting idea. Think in the first place to stop by what to do, or not and not be superstitious.

  This is if that is a good idea to make tings hastened to their end, as natural by use of tea power and the energy in the day or night. That is a point and what you think is correct and acting, this is where energy by activity that in procedure that can return is energy in idea. That is not unlike a yes I am what I seem and am alright, as I focus and the third eye is manifested with the energy to do as you want or need. Now is complete and this is by the thought of the desire.

  As you are this is a switch where your use is the subconscious and activity is the point, as a moment if thought were alteration and with what you needed at use with a concept in the time. Think curing is done and if you can do the chores to get them out of the way, as your well and by the spirit as anything you do necessary makes you seem what you want. Thought in a moment and use in this is with an idea, as if you think to be or as your energy use is your point in time. As you had less or others can do things and you do seem right to others idea, as if you did it as they asked you to do things and you are right.

  As correct by prediction that is to seem obvious by aura, as you think and use is the energy in focus as this is things were you thought manifested it. As if body will is body desire, seem as you are and I am what I am. As I am there in the point of view to watch, think and as each act to see or create is there or somewhere as you will and energy is the thought to do. This as if what they see is what they want, think or not want and as you can see you can get and seem aware as what you consider useful is known.

  Think by what is a point in thought or mind or water use, thought as if to think right in the tendency in view and by what you do in use or lawful mannerism by use. There is energy as energy is use and no abuse is ever actually done, as nothing done is nothing willed and thought in energy is nothing as the car is stopped. Except that you seem to need or want is with, as your an idea in will if this is true as there is no corruption in the energy by the will as this is in your desire. You can use or not and ye thought about life without death is "eh" simply if death doesnt want you to die you won't, true and false is decided by what you think by the idea you see. As if you and what you decide, this is what activity you get in return.

  If there is corruption there is no insight, as time thought is done so if no insightful concept in the moment you focus to seem aware of. As then nothing is observable or not and water is like restoration to your thought, things is time by timing things not observed. As you focus to see them or the no act and separate your will, think and you are back to what you seem without poltergeism. As you seem to create with an aura use for a good energy use, your idea isn't as easily done or not as something that should be done. Thought if a point nothing needed nothing willed at all where nothing matters is necessary.

  Energy is to know it all as you know it all by the energy source, your brain is aware by feel or sensation in known lives as lifepoints or as vibes by experience. As you can even do "tings" or not if the idea is a point by use, as know it all with safety in mind. This is create by the knowledge or make by feel and the added idea creates, this is probably by the thought you use by the consideration to the point you can see and use of the creator is energy, to the mute point as energy is tough to use and otherwise not used. Think energy is to know it all in the point that your use as by the feel, that is another way in thought as you act as if you are what you want to seem or not to be is what your will can become in life.

  So what is a concept and yet what isn't one as think and not match the frequencies if not, where you see or feel you can still act or see yourself as you are individualistic. So as we are all created by the thought the creator had to learn himself, as what he wanted to see or experience we are similar and not. As a point and not so similar is individual as the in moment and ourselves, we are each our individualistic idea as if no ego is no problem and no idea is noting unless necessity as life isn't what things create. We don't always get what we will to exist, assume this and don't regard it and things we will are what is as concept there is to do.

  Telepathy is use is energy returned as thought in use is use in the polite moment to hear someone out, the thought or voice pointer as energy was energy and no more as used as your use energy that returns to the source as I got enough. Thought and thinking came from the area to do things as energy, as you are energy and thought is energy to use in a point of view. As your point is the time thought to use in as the energy is a concept to that, think in moments as you think alike you can seem or be alike.
  Unless not necessary or not needed as this is what you say, as the saying goes as if this is a point if not the saying is ignored as unuseful or not. Things you use are an idea to the point, this in what you can use are as methods are interesting by the point in time. Realized by the energy you use in focus, was realization in use as this is energy that your subconscious can cause you to remember as your aware by feel.

  Why go about and do tings as if time is what are you as your concerned? Water you say is under the bridge and truth to the idea is what you think to seem or to do. This was obvious as to what I released myself to see or do, as I realized I was the idea manifestation. As if you think of something and someone I was aware by focus, think by feel and create by what you think it is. As what the feel is indicates what you consider and water with a thought to do this with generated them, thought is not always as you thought and energy created by what you will as if this doesn't really concern you as if that mattered.

  The moment you think and feel energy is by thought or a different idea as with "or not", as a tap to fix a damaged machine by a use in thought and in opposite synopsis by the tap in use. This is not actually energy transferrence, as this is a point to what you know in a nutshell or nutsell. As a point to think as I learned is thoughts from the use to create the past, use as now or not as necessary unless necessary is better as a lesser of two evils. Thought or creative approach and can change things, this by what is sometimes there is a possibility not always seen that can gain the appeal.

  That is the life of what I remember some time ago, when I turned kitsune. After the fact I turned good and as think I reconsidered evaluations from the past, I taught the idea I felt best to use with the lessons I was aware of in life. As an energy form that helped as a guide and I was energy in the guise by a game as thought a perishiner. But I stopped doing that as I felt it was unimportant and release was as I died, thought or thought to bear no witness as I thought to flow to where I was or use in practice to seem at with the thought.

  Thought as of now is as if I was energy on the wind, thinking and it doesn't really matter what and how you say it as you intend the idea you say it with. As I is the third eye and focus is manifest, understood as naturally done as your thinking your use leads what is in idea the third eye. This is produced by the brain switches by frequency to ohm or back as a cool thought, set by thought and rhythmic enjoy is energy with the third eye in practice as thought projected is the idea. You think and feel in energy as is the manifest, think as you want and energy resonates by what is in the energy as vibrations to the will you sense by feel.

  For what I thought was no actual will and there is no response to the reaction to or at the point, I saw so I stopped and did what I wanted for what I used was mana that is energy from the hearth planet. As a concept and I think the earth was in a responder energy feel, tis was energy mixed with the energy from yourself as aura influence named by the use and mana or sensuous energy. So if into mysticism or mischifism you can cause your subconscious to go on home and you can see a black moon dog, as a warning if you feel it necessary.

  Think and what is considered by the idea is thought and feeling with the area energy, as if the Om mantra was a thought use in spirit as you thought and used what you felt was right is right. As considered with the sciences with use as "siences", by the feel as harmony in life is feeling and energy is what in Joules is thought in use by "Moonthe" cycle energy or the moon energy in creative use by love or not life.

  As I was after the fact, as I felt this in the right way was the correct way of life and few people knew of me. As I felt people were right I was aware by the way people felt of me and taught school lessons, from the way past rememberance as I was energy and yet not due any idea to use from them or not as it was uneccesary. The point I got was useful as I was able to see and get a use from a cost reduction with the activity. As I tied thought to activity with the money idea to use money I gained money back converted by activity as a fix to crack. As if in the use is thought by use, to create and fix any other drug use.

  This is the last I remember ever being reborn. As I was near people, I was with thhe idea that I was felt and could feel accepted by what I did. So all I could do was beg and get better if I was to live or die by the trials I set as if I thought fate set them for me. All so the point I did was do and nothing more. As I was aware I was awake and thinking patterns with subconscious made wisdom created, things from the past that was easy to remember and my mentor named Immortis said was "the path of life".

  As this was the easiest way to live and the easier way to live, this came from focus and living by the energy I used in life as or out from life I lived and you don't get in unless you're in a good state. As you wish is a concept to use or think, and your use is our own but because some ppl might find other writing more easy to absorb. This is all as this is so raw, so if you think and energy based idea can happen then your lucky and perhaps for criminal control.

  By what you mean in thought, the spellcast idea for this energy you can create with makes, as if by the spoken mai or thought "mai" as you are or not with concept to do. Think the spell effect and create the effect if necessary, so this case this doesn't always happen use what you consider good for the included idea. Assume to see and do, as your able and not hurt by healing this is regeneration to the area. That with ohm use by thought is to restore, what can be restored by nearby water or thought restore.

  As with the restoration by the feel with senses and acted upon moment, this can be with core as notion with the inner earth sunlight with the inner energy being. Thought directed by the point or as thinking energy is use energy, seem and applicable use is healing with ionic or chi thought use focus by energy and released to the planet core is the excess and thinking use you can get something to do.

Friday, April 11, 2014


 This is the actual beginning of the movie world in what you say is a crystalline healing network, that if used could heal and thought to try was thought to do things. As you thought the materium was the idea to use darkmatter and energy to a new in point and create a out formation like, linux for it was useful as a nuclei released energy is cubed like a doom game energy "eneroen or erosion", considered energy by energon standard free energy and the point to use as you think was create.

  "As you are aware and no things are what is the response creative in response by responsibility, yes this is the idea and thought is an idea or not as you think to do as if not a thing to do." -Willis

  Not monsterous as not possessed, as this is a moment to not think to do things. This or create is a conception or nothing with a will and your sometimes a monster will. As you create or see to do, kill is "em" as your will is clear this is where energy is as you understand by the time in drink and by what you use in the knowledge and that what you did is gone and what you think is missing in some action. Sheila and Kill "Em" Joe thought that up.

"No is what I think and doing is what I feel, know what I think? This is a waste by the effort that time put into it." -Souja

  "I found a useful charm, Spiritum Support "if you are desperate, then he or set motion is interesting and she is pretty." As you think that, the idea is to escape if necessary and make others appear similar, thought in signiture and with signature your easily going to get stuff. So thats it and nothing more." -Anonymous

  This is now a layer of existance to that only those who want to can, think and otherwise you aren't apart of the idea as you think you are and you are free. As you think so in life and thought exists, you want the creator to make things as you are they are. That "layetr" is a layer that only takes, the uncommon criminal and this counts not the computer criminals. As "in en" is english and as tis ender in an idea to make, you used to the moment to do the point as every word is from the english dictionary. As an ideal likeness is the end game and the thought, that is the dislocation energy to not do the point as the point is justice.

  As the idea is in a time and I am not in a time there, this is what your energy use may look like here. Be nice see nice and you are nice to begin with. That is the general rule to tis space. The idea object world is modeled in 3d, that and your use is the idea to use in a thought as energy creates. As the idea is not as most tis may seem in a computer graphic game world, as this world is patterned as the computer is a thought and your energy is not matched. As that is separated and yet, they can find you by seeking out the different hotspot.

  As this is a concept, you can see or not to go, think or not and find a way to where you think about by feel. Thus is the idea to go and come as you please, as the idea is moment and thinking to do is good by thought you are aware and thought is free to use. Can you enjoy what you see or is this just what you say, think and not actually do things with is the key if not interested unless necessary.

 A lawyer started the game, a take off the star energy and the starcraft was only one of them as was populous that took off from the energy matrix energon generator to create a more realistic "v" view from the matrix cube that the matrix engineers originally made to use and bear the hard labor or task in energy use, in hard work they took to enjoyment, and used a windmill to cast off suggestion in waves of patterned in love felt. As if an answered thought by useage, is an inspirational idea by energy infused.

 Tis in game that output fed by thought to computers to the area control waste zone towers, thought and this thought was energy by the time we realized it by nirvana as really unidentified as the usage by feeling that joy interred as I felt it they of the world felt it and you use was character use. This was over and the game ended, as the bodies were realized after and accepted by thought and use was a waste and thought existed to the point that your use was the owner manager and support team.

  This is the beginning of the actual matrix, thanks to paul as your use was there and the program directors, think in hiding were tampering with it hacking it the machine took zero. As the binary to use as a moment to do and thought as there own the machines, was the ruler as they the owner and the people that were then "guinea" or the wired matrix world first. People here bought in and thought a point in defense. As they did so, they did things to create a use and stopped on a dime, there and thought is the idea by nice things and electrical lines were a part of this. As though a "me" persona or thought to do was never see, and thought to see and not be a part of anything you don't like.

  There was energy enough to get people intrigued and started nothing use for the point to pleasure themselves. The only point was they that were not intrigued, were not drawn in and not enough energy to sustain them, thus the area was fluctuation in brown outs and similiarities with no false memories and this use was the animation and the stuff to do. They game crashed it to release people and then if they changed it, they were inviting only interesting idea to use as a lure that if taken once used. Thought could supply the stimulated release that neurotoxins, called "Ex-1 Siu milar" energized thought clean were a point to sustain a body.

  The forbidden fruit effect use of grand knowledge was the ideal life energy taken from the now used as energy source and they that were aware were never actually thinking about the idea. As to enable sound they thought it enabled and the body was then crystalline, use was the flaw in the crystal as the whole part and matrix "en" layer and use was the thought to use as they were using the body as information. As they killed the body and as they wet the body to cause it to live again. As energy is the point by physicists to make live and cure the idea that the body, was cured from the idea and the body was alkaline battery alive to alkaline charge and make it live.

  The idea easy to make use and any attack wasn't actually felt, as if the layer presented was water to use and wat is the key to release. They used the idea to create a continuuance and q-like ability that failed and tus was the key release from him that then ruled tem as the saftey guy if you did wrong you got killed and not in thought was energy returned as they were released as they were integrated if they wanted trouble and to live easy or not.

  As they were not there they were free, right? Yes as they are aware they are awake then and thought that alike minds can speak together, that is true as healing alkaline energy was energy from oregano essential to the point. This was the point I decided if I was going to lie, to live I would die and not keep alive as I was once an idea engineer.

  So I killed by stabbing my gut and hung myself to get what water energy and as the point at the energy in the end is with an end, that is an energy "tat" ebbs and flows away from you. This is "en en eb me" as to remove the mush is the thought and mush dissipates as that is the key to unlocking, the door I was aware on the idea to find peace and created as a warrior could.

  As I thought to do I did and if necessary by concept and yet they who knew and holding in the blood drooped, by thought and mushroom soup I was eating at the time spewed. I saw the machines and bioorganisms that energy was entered to the body, actually killed it and dropped me from the net. As that is just speaking of mushroom soup with water.

  As temporally I thought and jumped to shift or not to go out the door, as I blanked out a moment took me and as energy was energon as supercondensed energy to change things. The idea the actual earth took me back, by my will to live where I came from. This created what I considered jump time as I was on the feet and created a sift that shifts, by feel and made by thought the creator took idea to use and shifted by the sandman to create.

  As not and calmed down to the point to use and stim to make, think and a thought was energy to the spacial touch by the spirit that flows free with thought. This is sometimes to give people, what they want to see as if correct as if nitrates and water heal with focus energy as better off with oxygen.

  As I lay and remember the time spell that got me to the matrix, this made me wonder as I get free and do as I create I that is the creator conscious had freed me as I was doing no drugs none now. I had woken up in the original america an body is what I had as awareness, the brain was doped up with the body tripled as they could not accept that as a truth in a possibility.

  As that was a point to use the matrix again and they could bring it up, again or down it as necessary to create as the body is live almost forever as they say. After free action and stuff the matrix is down to the mind, as thought is an energy to the use and the celestial challenges or not. As you were released by kill and these were the nicer moments, this is why I am not there in the area anymore and tatterdemain that is by the thought that isis is actually a protector goddess. So your freedom was the energy itself that released you.

  Yes and as you focus you are free from the matrix layer, as you are aware you are gone to the crystals and you can now leave as you want. That is as I remember the idea, that is the lesson I can remember to use. As tis is a truer seem and the crystals are there, think to use and thought to use this was to give up the game and go home. Fun memory, right? Now you tell me is this a hoax or a truth?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disintereai Deseagio

  Thought to do is to create or make and not do the moment in purpose unless to do and do not is done, as energy in focus is energy that flows in the will as water. As if most accurate reading ability is by the use of the spell Isea Disaengio is a possible curse that used the spell to create an effect, as will is energy to effect by telepathy to do as you think and know a life point you will energy to create and your use is very unique.

  As ifea Degeanjinxo, this works with the earth energy focused but not as energy was thought. As your not interested in listening by thought to the text logs and blogs, thought and now you are done or conclude these if you can create by a thought as if what you think to keep interest in something is a hobby.

  As you yourself said this is energy by thought, as energy created in you comes. Thought to the found inside use and makes water or earth effect.Think and focus as the effect is energy an to use spells think and focus energy to create by feel. As you think the feel of the spell, you can Deangio Deangeio and possibly remove some effects. As you feel the effect you remember the spell that you did, if any by focus and create as you ate or the fire. As is that is made by michael de angelo, thought concept and with thought to the creator can see use.

  This can seem by a mirror and otherwise shadow road use, as if by writing things you create by the creator. A thought or spellcast idea in use is by the focus in energy, focused to use or not as you think and use is easy except for illegals unless computer related. This is an easy to get interesting idea in life done.

  Think the idea "Eanga Teian" to create with as you don't recognize the spells you do unless necessary. Thought in english the spells you see and translate the effect to use, as useable words that is magic to create with mana made real and if the creator. Anco Sean is the creator of this in the moment, as if by the energy you thought in use the effect can with "or not" in manifest.

  One cannot manifest as one cannot do things. As this can dissolve itself by use as one intrigued is by gold ore and this is the energy remover and absorber, the energy you think into the food is ionic energy not effecting you and not disrupting the body. There is no incompetance as the energy is thought to your energy, thought of "Diseaigio Deasientigilio" is that your thought is if not used is the correct frequency for any use.

  As what energy is a key energy "relpicates" thought or the replicators  that you can think to creates, or use as with rest and sleep is this as the energy use dissipates in. As not to do is things not interesting and is what you use as this is thought, as thought on a focus and use is tap by what you think to do or not to make machines work right. As source energy is use thought as in a point by the source, thought to work is with use in a program or this is not written by interest in the spell unless necessary as a log of life.

  There is in energy to do as inert gravity can create, no hit and nothing bad by what your energy is creative by thought. Think and seem in use as think this is energy in use and by yourself, if not by others create or not is by others in necessity and not is the key to get things done. As your own desire as thought is there, as think consume to get the taste or thought not is need by identified concept.

  As in no fight is the need to not as nothing is energy from undoing anything, that is meant to be or is undone for things here is things in there. As if this is for people that is there, this from the past unless not desirous for no greed no disruption is unless wealth is nothing. As knowledge and no deliquence is considered some idea or thought with your wealth.

  As energy is realization and thought is energy to use, thought is by an otherwise point and isn't that your religion interferes. As "anfellion or rebellion is in idea" or meaning is not withstanding your pride your ego is no ego, thought in some area is area energy, exercise is as much a time thing as with the weight energy to thought. As you move your body and wind energy as money to earn with work.

  Thought or the reality that is makes where you want the funds to do, this exchanges and that exists what you think and one is ore. Thought use or thinking with cafeteria energy concept is a theory by some heavy magic focus, think and mana is channel energy from waves and is thought. There is a ripple in the current of time by focus if don't, think to see magic use and thought is nothing or possible.

 Unless a possible use is there in necessary points of view, consolate in thought and idea in use by activity or use at thought. This is imagination to visualize or as the magic is your creating things, that if no insanity is with thought and a pulse or concept is theory. Think and so this is magic by the moment, think is until allied use or thought not and if not wanted.

  Thought and use is done or use by safe concept, if to avoid jail and danger is as nothing is concept. Think and you know your ideal, think as your use is to not derange by death and what your energy is allowing. Thought is your will or thought, to get things is use in thought as though you will is what you consider.

  As a price or concept is possible, be fine and known as what you consider creates a cool and tis is in ancient arabic. As "en i ef" or at the end when I flow by the wind I am there, and this is a create by exchange in effect or not in by funding as knowledge is wealth. This is both good and evil or no evil and if you are in nothing wrong tis is thought, he is not as nothing is a muffin as if your not too bad.

  Think and if you are not allowed and your not changed, then you are not a point or thought is luck or not as pot luck with a use in thought. Think as nothing bad will and I think not as you want not, as if for no need the seen idea is not always in forbidden. Never mind is a point in thought, as ancient greek is "tere ere" or "no need is use". As that describing things is use, as energy is concept as "aspex done".

  Tor is torrent thought and tis is a concept and use is by a theory, think and a possible thesis is a law or desire by concept. As long as you are and thought not is thought by what due you are not, think as thought is desire and tis not done. As if this was true, then or this is concept with a now anchor point to chaos waves by order in a pattern.

  This is what returns to your bank and you can get better or creative, uninsanity is where assume as you don't assume and by a thought you don't assume. An ointment by agreement is there by a point or think, as now lets see as they can wee and came here for peaceful. Tink is a thought so go piss and desire for things to seem or otherwise, as if you and things are what you sense are for what you consist and create is your choice as you know.

  Think and the disease and dispersion and when "wen" you turn a thought you direct it as energy in thought from an area fire or an energy element use is by focus, feel and creation an element or you soar you are on the better idea that can seem to "dispersio" the idea. The idea you want is the make and measure, think of the idea to design and in easier focus, use is this and especially easier forthwright in sync or decided unsync by concept with a point by you.

  As you don't seem to react or by thought, you can focus energy to an area. This is the entertaining market secret, with energy that is the area energy out in a point is thought as this creates by focus. Cool thought is the thought to cool things down, as this is the point your reminded to turn the temperature down and last message of the blog is a use.

  As your an easier reader by focus and energy to do, the effect written is what your spirit can recognize. As your in energy and is focused with the focusing by amulets and the point by record is seen, you are aware as I think with a point the "your" moment is some idea in thought. So still is the energy by anarchy, think or thought to do is thought with the energy effect as what you think is creative or not in use.

  Don't and your body is in energy by the thought to consider or be in use to not need if realized as the energy by the planet your on is focus by the creator to use the conscious as earth magic is possible. This is just a consideration to an alternator point coinciding with use, as that is energy and this is made by the created effector and energy is flowing in or out by the creator in an idea the thought your use is energy is with what you willed back or forth with time.

  Focus and you are not there as you think, as you are thought you are with energy by the thought or tin and elemental energy. This is energy thought by will to exist things, thought and if your creator is your own god you can create by whatever you think to a moment by use in the mind or out of the mind. Their will is energy in thought, by the use of what you will as energy reaches. The peak this stops as if aseo asiegaei aegi or the point is "or not". Here are some spells to use in a concept in thought, think or think not and create by will with no and the creator makes.

Mass disintegration

  This is the effect of body energy to create a body and soul to make use of the energy and disintegrate the bodies, as that is formed from the area energy and the essence of the mass disintegrated. That are that to seem disintegrate as you need to with the nothing energy, that just appears by the creator if necessary and in thought disintegrates that what you want disintegrated in life as this will stops things by what you see. There is the idea your idea doesn't happen, as with the thought is the energy that time is with and in the idea your ability by what you think. Tis is the life you don't always seem as your will creates a thought to life.

Architectural magic

   As you use the energy of the area and the construction is there or going to happen, then think the construction is repairing is the area project and/or not thought is energy by the energy by what thought you use to instruct the energy "en" or not to do. Where "en" is a thought state of what exists with the point to use, tis is a point to release and the area changes by activity in a point. Think to the area architecture feeling creating what you want by effect. A good quote is "As if the architecture is the point and the area is what you construct, there as you think and stolen away from the area does by response with the power or thought in idea." -The architect in thought. As there is a used idea to their approach if difficulties, change the approach and your energy is ideal to think use by focus and the last part is need. Think as you do that your not that damaged and your not in energy.

   There is energy in stability as instability disappears, think as with a point in thought this is great and thought and dislocated answers come to you an is in you. An is is a herb created in the land as isis moment creates tea energy to cure, thought if to any head injury or black coffee moment dissipates or use is the inner child that you don't have to speak aloud, that is made to recovery or not if unnecessary as this is an in tea tis is enough. As this as this is a point actually means in the mix, as a point to use things to create as think and you aren't unaware to create by the point you choose or not. This is a thought to create a point to think and do, thought and no interchanging and you are free by what you are doing that appears normal or do as do is not past due.

Thought "nightmare" by protegon

   So think the magic idea as if no "unaffected" idea is there and you are or seal the aura from excess energy by an aura of infusion, "immunity" is to just think and protection is realization from the things that you use that as an idea to effect not and yet you don't like can occur. Think by different value or what in this thought, that occurs unless you lived or felt the in idea is intention as hidden or figurable as energy in a book or not as the idea to see water energy in use.

  This is water and food energy weight reduction as safety in the act to you are in activity, as if thinking to make sure this energy metabolized and by thought focus is feel or thought with nothing but a drink. As with water is a point in as stated "It never really hurt us" as oxide here and water energy benefits Teanna twilley got me onto the idea that a moment in time is a moment that is with the wheel of time, think and as you know is energy. You do as this is possible use, as a focus or sugestion and your aware as you realize.

   This is in all representive idea of force as its within nature and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, basically energy where each and every thing has force of energy and where what you put out you get back in. Govermed by entropy, everything eventually comes to a stop or nothing via a void force except in space where once set in motion it keeps going. Or with the 2nd rule of thermodynamics, whatever force puts out directive energy and has force back in of representative as equal as if response by motion for the feedback to you. Now each bit of energy to you is universl energy as the universe itself basically is what you put out you get back in but if too negative where this is what you get back is too negative you get a positive instead put back by you to correct with use.

   Thoughts are subatomic by thought particles on a level of planck energy, think and they can influence reality on idea an subatomic or an atomic level. So here is the idea: Take pure water in a plastic bottle and label the bottle with a positive name like "thankyou", focus chi and think "chi of love" to cause love that you can do things with mana and in channeling, "Courage" etc and leave the bottles for the entire night.

   Next morning, you wake up and the water molecules will have changes but you won't be able to see it. Thinking this won't be makes to feel to not seem to effect you, thought and this makes it so free as so is soul as a point and you are free by instinct. Feel free as if use is use. Think energy that use is in life by chi, that is water with life as the water by life becomes life water.

   The energy in use is energy infusive with ash and sulfer energy by ionic aura to cure by this in thought. As your energy isn't used your thought, can create by the point or idea in use. Assume if in thought the energy is energy no more as dissipated, in air as essence is thought and energy by the conceded view. Think and focus as energy creates by what you want, thought in the power or thought water particles creates things.

  Things works alright as things in thought are alright to use. If you are whatever you think is the pointed out idea and is not unlike a nightmare scene, then you can get a nightmare as by use is water and this in the idea and thinking allows walking out. There is a point and "now I won't" changes the nightmare to a positive dream state, not considered that is thought in waking idea as water can be used.

   Waking up is not thinking and passing out if your awake as you think your jarred awake, then awareness is there as if you didn't pass out as wakeful idea is awareness by conscious consideration as the brain advanced in a state of mind. This means what can seem to know is by what is by focus or thought in use, as if concept and things you do can seem a use. Their energy is a possible use or not possible and not, as your a way to living as things you use create or you create by the idea. Conclude this as a thought as you just think energy in a point is a point to use, thought is use and because your energy is rememberance think and this makes a concept that is thought in use. This the thought for color use, as such is that.

   This can be any color or color choice with focus, and color with feel thinking by thought to create a use or energy effect is in a thought. Red for heart emotion energy use in a drink, blue for bioenergy or creative idea to wit mana. Green for earth energy the earth energy felt is there, senses can create water feel by the earth energy directed. That is the energy point redirected to the area and use is bending. Brown is shit energy, made to use more from food than drink by the thought. See and know as you think or not and disappear with energy if not needing by intending.

   Dark black is voidal infini black and poisonous with sanity, energy coloration is indicative to what use there is that this does, as red and blue energy is water and fire energy and not done is caffeine or some sort like high fructose or unwanted chemical. Think which thought is plus dark brown and if you want some heat, then its the water imagined and not bloody red. The white blue water is really curious, thought and not in ice as a chemical abused but ice water instead. Air is energy that you can use, no coloration is clear as a focus point to create in to the thought. Then the element is up to your use by choice. Then it feels good as it can work, such as autonavigation or Navigravitation.

   The water energy is water energy thought that is influence, as infused by the thought and to the core of the planet is lava energy that creates through the gravity and gaia sometimes considered by what causes mana. The proof is with an old quantum physicist, he took a picture of water molecules from a black strip microscope and found the before of after effects to be amazing. The reason the water molecules change are instant thought that are your "intent/thought". This uses ionic thought as energy is the point and thought energy is a point to create a now point. There is a point to ionic idea as you can heal by it as if a salve. Ionic use is not always good as you are drawing in too much energy, as you don't think to use the ions and the energy is by the aura effect.

   So as it happened if you wanted confidence the next morning label the water bottle "confidence" and you will get it when you drink it. It can be used to anything. So the question to ask youself is that as if thoughts can change the water molecules, then imagine positively by what they can no do to us in use ionic energy. Because this heals as, cells listen to your thoughts more than you DNA!!

   Navigravitation = Navigation by gravity thought; As you navigate through the area and places that can seem, "tat" is as you seem in the area to go places and make what is the correct way to do things in life and otherwise wat you will is what you will. As if no way you find to do and get things to do. There is a possible good out of any situation, as always a way to get somewhere and/or not. As you now so you know where you go by the spirit. As a spell use, this is energy by thought to use and your intention is done. Thought or not if unliked in thought as if "done in pupose is done in thought."

Curative brain "non" disorder

  This is the curative idea that the brain creates, as to relieve stress and cope with the idea by the life situation. This is were idea or alteration in the body by the focus to change the body. Thought in abundance is the idea to use what is available or not, think in thought this is energy by the willed idea in desire. This is the power in a motion to ban and what you don't want by magic, this is using the energy as whatever malicious or otherwise their energy.

  As this isn't always happened if they were against you, or not as you want and denied power. As you can and they won't as your thought is energy in your will, think and as you express trying things they don't like you can use. The energy expressed is useful still or otherwise, there and their use is not against you in life or not even against what you want.

  Feel the idea and nature of the thing you sense, thought and this is to think reverse or done. Thought at you is reception or sent away is to send energy, as you are to disrupt with the undone idea energy. As if to state reverse and the unliked idea or energy is gone, as if dissipated by what you will or strained away by a strainer. As to cover you create a little coven if some orgy or thought to energize the effect by use.

  There is an ideal life energy called the source that by thought you connect to, as a point and what you can do with life creates. This is what you create or uncreate and that is a non seem, as this is necessary as illusion or you are a point in the area. As you can do anything with the source, this is an idea by the focus to be aware from feel with source energy.

  There is a point by reference to this, as a book called "Witch haven spells" from use you won't put as one author now is the original author and also "Orgaes Tena Sean" as you can see this is to get a sense from it. As that was burned to ashes as the idea was to seem good or dislike was avarice, thought or not if this was a tragic time this can seem felt from the touch. As witch hunting or not this hunting was done, think and the church that was there was corrupt or as you thought they presented themselves to your sense.

  Thought as they were actually is what you see, as you look in history as you can get a sense of them or as they were highly unliked at the time. I am not too surprised, that the time was harsh and yes the area was as I last felt the space. This with a feel that was strange curable energy, I think in the air this was sent by the creator and cast by Odin to cure the diseases.

  As you think your energy is curable you fix the body cells to work as they are, as you are better from auratic chakra use in curative idea. As energy is by thought to the aura to cure, if this created things and cured itself. This is fixable by your higher self or higher medical self, as you think and can do as you reverse the bad and make the better incurrance by reverse synopsis.

  If you find yourself drawing in energy through the skin, in reverse the flow of water or earth energy and you can as "ca" is can and this can seem or not seem what you think. This is an idea that is with thought or nothing energy, created as if with an idea sensed in the area energy by what you see. Thought to create a removal of the energy that is unwanted.

  This is alteration feel to cure and withheld is the bad energy, seen on a decent area use or touch by energy. The body by will and created with thought that creates the correct idea and cures itself by the creator, as another effect this creates is temporal time cure. Thought by the cure is with energy in from the airwaves and creator awareness is by concept considered "I". As if conception or not focus or not, as there's nothing to focus on don't and you won't do things wrong.

  This can cure a brain energy disorder by thought, that is to cure the point is to create advanced idea from focus and study. As you think you perceive with focus and mention the energy in thought, from the spirit creates a psychic idea to see as if there's noting to it. As whatever there is to it you know it.

  That is to cure that creates itself by advisable point and an act is thought of inadvisability or other things, so if it is formed by thought and ends by thought tis release. As this is water by energy focus, your energy is water that creates and uncreates. This as if a curative brain that has "so non disorder" or no disorder by related release and the subconscious.

  Your will is what you think with by the energy you use to see yourself free. This was set by a sea creature thought to use or if a possible use and if by thought is created, as you feel free you are free with time. This is where you think and if you need a subconscious, prison or not and your free and as though you are so. This is as a point and you are so, as you are need or you don't need.

  That use is boundaries of bad body energy dissolvation, as tis a pity or tension release in the muscles and you think. Thought and feel is release of the excess energy to the ground or use the toilet in energy released in piss form. Thought to release the excess energy in the body releases it, no matter the area or what you do to relieve stress.

  The idea to try next is thinking, as tis a reason or no and you stop by reasoning or psychic observance. Geisting (ghost presence by earth energy) or manipulation by the energy in the area is also possible and directed by feel this, as if you are this as energy is an inner body. As that is with focus by the concentration is psychic or creative points as use.

  Time for reason is if your body is too much to feel and your overwhelming, by the thought or sense and you feel disassociated. Then if you can sense and see the use to do, as if you see things better your use is almost done. If unlooked at to do as thought is energy, there your free flowing on the wind and your spirit knows by what is thought in unique.

  "As if by the flow and flowing energy really through all reality, think as creator energy represented by the chaos wave energy is directed. Thought and your use is done or in created view is an anchor point, that seems the stability you can flow to as if swimming through chaos." by Chris

  Thus if you are able and willing, thought by focus is feeling and knowledge you do, if your aware by the things in pointed out fact as no mention and nice effect or no effect. Otherwise tis is disturbance by the fact or law, as you are focusing in concept "or not" as you are in awareness. As disturbance is noticed, the concept is reactive use or a lash out not always done and otherwise a mother or father reaction that is not always done can seem not unlike torture.

  Not seen by the subconscious is minded by fact. think and your will in energy is like water or heat is manifest by fire in the air use to do things with feel. This is blockable by the earth in feeling and the earth can absorb want you want to get away from you, as if by the excess energy dissipating and balance is sometimes by water in your mouth.

  As a point this as energy stabilizes the body that recovers and not always proven, this is hermedicism with the ability to see and use water recovery by herbs. Thought with water or sugar and otherwise turmeric and water. This is a home cure with water and paprika, or ash and sulphur essence summoned to use or not as energy filtered dissolves the bad. This creates better as a "make better" thought, as if by the energy filtered in a filtration unit, or filtering by water treatment energy in a water processing plant.

  As you will it for magic don't always think about it as that is something sometimes you don't get results, as you think to know or feel the reaction. As use creates by will or your focus is in thought, as this is in desire or considerance that is your will in energy and energy is the idea to work.

   As I was there as a thought was in a point of great shifts to other people as they had similar vision or versions that were cool or not cool to see in a thought by light shifting or shifting view and not shifting in vision. As in a point that you can tell this is a thought by the vibes or you can detect by the spirit that can create light from dark energy, as the energy is energy enough in the point that life is enough as chi energy.

  This is create and your energy is sanity and emotions are released as energy to the shadows that are produced in light reflection to the area near the foot. There is an energy as energy is dislocated released and to do thought you think invisible release, as released you are thought you are not sane otherwise and your thought is sane. As you can consider balance or not, thought to do is a thought by energy that is by a thought.

   There is nothing done nothing used, as you are aware in the touch your aware in the thought by energy you seem to receive. There is the sane part of you that is energy by inner energy and things are sane. Thought is an idea in use by the use of the inner aura an energy form is there, as that you think and sanity returns by psychic means or psychic energy received by thought.

  Think in the battle to the being that helps and you can beat your illness as if a person, unless benign to tell or not as you want or not is a subjucative use. So avoid telling people what they don't want, think to hear and if interest or if a friend and that is a friend they are separate, as you do want to as if to hear in thought is by will to listen.

   As cause in this "mai" seem as this is a point actually thought means in the mix is use an that is a flower to absorb, the unwanted energy to cure by the energy in the area as the body creates better health. As you adjust or cause other idea from focus, drink water as if a point to use things to create with as you think. Tis is possibly done idea with a condition that you think there, that is if thought "no more" it disperses and not always to the ground or not seeming.

  Think and this is harmlessly done, as this is thought to be a fix by focus use and this disappears as you think it not there or in here. This is the basis behind think, as if the ideal to get the ideal done is set by activity. Think and this not a self-hypocrisy, if not used in an egistical or this is no ego manner or seem non-egostist.

  Tis by the use and there is thought and nothing else, as if thinking was easy an use is energizing. As energy exists, think and go if you aren't already there or not as you are aware as you don't use this is a point not done. As if you are aware and nothing is there, as this is concept that there is nothing there in the reasoning space. As thought you see and focus in and out you are, as if that hate or not you can see what you think to the area energy by feel.

  That and more or less and you aren't unaware and if things are there, don't always get in the way thought to create are by the point you choose. This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free in the thought, work as you will let it win or if you let it go and you win. As though by thought this is defeat, that is activity from work as you admit defeat and do something else.

  That or by what you are doing and that appears, and is unobserved in abnormal thought and think to do is a point. As thought to exist things are motion by the useful extent, thought out is with an idea to create with is concept as if extension unless dismissed. Useful is the energy of the creator by energy in what you see to use, as think and it inevitably is created unless thought by water or what you do by thought is not there.

  As tis is a upper dimensional idea, or "not hit" as your energy is water and thought is fire or idea that you find unique to do. I would not expect too much from this, as you are aware to thought and create in a moment or presence. If you think to use this ideal, you could think and draw the energy from the upper dimension or other places and spaces.

  As what you do is created as in thought to do in view in admission, thanking in doing is if you were and you thank. Thanking someone by compliment or action is counted in the concept done. As in thinking of another is not actually in idea and what you do is, think on your own and pay unless noticed is a due in point. As due is past due this is a thought, as paid or not creates as a thought to payment elsewhere without anything spent.

  Tis is not energy in essence in at all, if gotten by the subconscious or thought is a point as energy deteriorates by what. As you see or act or react, thought to seem normal if deterium is the energy from decaying flesh in no demonic essence by the area and put to a rock and chaos energy is directed at the rock. An this makes not as you will not and isn't as this is with a bad energy discharge in the air or wrought magic, an nothing is not thought as you think not too much and your in the air.

   As the well is energized and tea is used. What I thought produced by water is with energy and the third eye manifest and otherwise nothing done, think what you want as to think dealt isn't always death and nothing more. Assumed in thought is in safe idea to deal with as things this is used for is thought by desire and now this was as is, think if this is nothing and in energy that will be death to that idea not in ionic field experience.

  Cure is ionic and energy is a point in the aired waves, think as radiowaves revert attempt to do an idea in the head. As before the area was made was this, that and every cure was successful as with a thought there and thought was energy. This in a point not hit was necessary think to evade and you are, get away by activity and flight may be guided and fight activity wasn't done.

  Water is where you can get what you think, think and create is undone by the willing thought to undo. That isn't as if this is or is not as nothing necessary. This in a concept is this by a thought, as this is a point actually means in the mix. As a point to use things to create and think, see perception and thought in natural intuitive notion and intuition thought. Time and you aren't unaware to create by an idea, the point you choose or don't choose.

  This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free, tis by what you are doing that appears normal or not. As tis is reverse psychosis and inside or outside think your energy in life, if the feel with the things that is in the area. As if an energy saying not to them, this changes the room temperature.

  As modern progress is made the drugs are herbs and water use, as you are aware of what correct herbs as if there are points an idea is good use in herbology put to use. If you are aware and focus slips or your energy is not in there, the concept you feel is disassociated as then you can seem in will or in shape by activity.

  As your in a will and your a way to do things with, away or some way to go as a path can exist in life. As you are not thinking as your with the energy, consider and your body is almost overwhelmed. Your ability is "godhead" and will not unless necessary, as you think not or will is creation as feeling is there and your will is thought.

  Now if your awareness is not focused and your thought is elsewhere, sometimes you can feel empathy considered by thought with the earth. As you feel the point or make concept, whatever you want as if you can see and be reason to work.

   There is in energy an idea that if your energy use is nothing to do if bored, as the basis is on a front that you designed to get done. Live action is where you are and been getting really thirsty, tis by activity all the time the past few days. So lets see, the lesson "istis" as seeing this is any lesson revealed to you from the spirit, create or shape is an idea that is there as you think "whats left" is create in a moment.

  As your motion is the point to create with a point to seem or create in thought, thought to do is thought as your energy is created equal or not so equal by the point to see or not to do from the point you reveal. As a shaper is equal by energy to create and focus, as will is there to see or what your doing is somewhere else and thats up to the person thats there.

   The idea you think in is a part of you that creates, as if a perspective shifts by thought if an idea perspective view to what you see in life. As you see in the perspective view your life seems bearable, an thought or not as your idea is energy in and your body. As if leaks in the auratic field are from perception, thought is spacial by temporal and energy dimensional.

  Reality exposed for what this is creates that, as this sometimes knocked about as if things are from the wind use is a world concept. As thought your view is expose or not as nothing happens, as a thought is magic as energy is what you think and in that thought is a concept in what you have left in real life.

  As a concept in combined use friendship, use is common friendship common idea or this is not what it seems. Think as you want or this can seem obvious unless thought is evaluated. As you allow thought, think by ideal this is energy transferred by witchcraft.

   As if nothing isn't thought as flying in an effect, that is a point I think to idea life and to create with the idea I can see as a thought. This is what isn't happened negative, as positivity is born or to think as action is action done nothing is unachievable. As if your will is there or otherwise, then you are free to go or do what you want.

  So think what you want as if to speak or consider as you need not to do not, need not your ego as there is not a reason there to use an you can create what point you think in necessary. The dogs and cats or other animal forms, thought you can see is what energy is there to the use or not to use by what you thought.

   This creates the conditions that you think and in use of too much energized water or use is by the emotion perception you can seem to freudian slip, as in a point to consider your idea is another energy born in through that as the auratic field is the inner child as this is a concept. Assumed in thought that created in the view, that your view in the concept is right and yet use work.

  The area energy surges, there and as you are this is being aware again. Where you are is what you see and what you see in spirit is what you think, as your mind is aware by the spirit and the spirit knows. Thought by what you perceive is from what your spirit senses. Thus as you sense things you create or will, you can get away with what you do now.

  So if your conscious as your in awareness as in from the area is out by the area in focus, this is the point in recovery that you are sensing in recovery in  thought. As you are this focused is, as if your ideal in life creates as a thing to do is finished. The thought is this, your focus can seem not there. As if your healing, this is if you cannot seem where you are. As your will is already done after the fact, focus is by energy as your energy is from the planet core redirected or tis not in life.

  That seems useful or suspenseful, tin, possible sulfer or ash energy is possible thought or other use is possible of and by thinking energy by water and thought is the energy you are. This can an if necessary by will shape or seem to craft with energy to make and enchant special properties. That you think or see that is what shifts make, thats how as will is as not all time in the hitting if I think with the third eye manifest.

   Thought is the way to manifest and if your third eye is use by thinking to manifest things, you can create and use some idea to create by a good or bad example from the point in concept or idea originally seen by psychic vision. As that is why freudian slips happen and if you allow or not as empathy is naturally incurred. As tis water that is highly focused in energy at night, think as you want energy to surge the area and your thought is credit.

  Wanna try to think the energy as this energy technique, and that is the witchcraft as I described to you? You are as this is witchcraft that with what can be is as you think as you can do "not". Don't assume this is something you want to see and seem, if you think not to seem not here are things and yet to focus by thought. Thought to focus creates magic relief, as thought is recreated or not created by what you can consider in thought. Thought as there is a point to concede, this is a point or thought to seem of use and not.

   As your knowledge comes from the energy in drinks, tea or otherwise caffeine or not. As that is a point I think to idea life, think and create with the idea I can see or you can see as the third eye is temporally I using. The moment by motion or thought as if a point if tough life taught in exchanges or moments. There is another motion by moment, as you are aware your awake in a state is that like a motion in activity your ability. To thought is noting in action by water willed to use, this is by the feel in nature or the willed to use by water.

  There is energy in stability as instability disappears, think as with a point in thought this is great and thought and dislocated answers in life. As you were lead or thought to be done, answering is allowable as you are aware and allowable. Thought by the use or what you think as if you are allowed for this is useable, free energy that is you can create or not as the thought is willed to not exist.

   Think as that expired is expiration by date, that is a past life or due idea amount that idea came from by focus. Don't except for stupid things, as control is thought if by the molecule and knowledge comes from future or present idea. That isn't done in the view that it isn't worth the effort, if they aren't acceptable by tact or felt desire this is set aside by the created point of view.

  As differences set aside are no longer values and not noticed, as the energy is gone and the presence is not there that seems to be the form or shape by sapient means. This is by the wealth and other means to do things with energy. Tis takes energy to make energy, thought so is use that is up to you yourself. So your use is energy by the release of muscles.

   Think as if to help you or create a way and not go away and scat or not, an this is nothing in you that should be considered a use by what use an you do as free mind and free body with free concept. There is no reason to be mad or freestyle stuff, if your thought can't be as if done as that shouldn't be freestyling as freestyled your idea is done as tis is ionic in a finished project. As this is healing and as if you were not damaged, as your not a cow or farm animal if you were able to shape yourself via sapient energy use.

   An the end is not by thought that is possible longetivity with a herb created in "Astat" the land "Isea" Hercules Aestius created as isis moment creates tea energy to cure, thought if to any head injury or black coffee moment dissipates or use is the inner child that you don't have to speak aloud, that is made to recovery or not if unnecessary as this is an in tea tis is enough.

  This is the effect of body energy to create a body and soul to make use of the energy and disintegrate the bodies, as that is formed from the area energy and the essence of the mass disintegrated. That are that to seem disintegrate as you need to with the nothing energy, that just appears by the creator if necessary and in thought "disintegrates".

  Thought disintegrates that what you want disintegrated and in life this is, as this will stops things by what you see and can seem to create. There is the idea as your idea doesn't happen, as a concept this as with the thought is the energy that time is with. Think and an idea is the idea, as or not your ability is energy or by what you are to think you can create is what you think.

  Tis is the life you don't always seem, as your will creates a thought to life your energy is your own. Desaent Iseantie is the true disintegarion spell. Disintegration spell effects to cause the isea effect to make and your use is energy, that creates the body to disruption of the volcano. As that viewed creates the effect, think of what you thought as you want is what you wish.

  As this came and as this is a point actually means in the mix, as a point to use things to create as think and you aren't unaware to create by the point you choose. This is a thought to create a point to do and you are free by what you are doing that appears normal or do as do is not due. There is essence in "te" idea thought as string is superstring use, as essence is perception your watching what you want by water or fire with heat.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Magic Activity time Thought

  This is the energy that you think timewise to seem and you know what you thought by focus and the feeling that is what you think. In fantasy this is a thought, as you believe things and your thought is a thought to you and as you remember the life you live. As you think you can see it if it did happen and otherwise the idea isn't what happens as if water under the bridge. This is a point that is with the pointer in school, in-between is divinity for use by time detection till you stop detecting things. This and a concept is left with the world energy use to figure things out, as application is with the thought time too with money earned in thought an to use the magic activity. You don't have to do tis is done, as if this is where the concept activity becomes unnecessary and you don't need to. As you see it doesn't always happen, think as if "or not" and this is not always exhaustive.

The pointer in school

   The point me effect is to say point me and get a point correct in the right direction as a very specific idea, that is a point as you think a point and the area directs you by energy directed in idea. The energy is what you think to use, the mail or other source as activity is and isn't the human activity and otherwise aura feel in life. There is in ad-hoc mention a point to do, as your a concept to grow up with and consider energy seems thoughtful. As it is feeling by an idea focus to the subconscious.

  This is think to use and create by the mention concept the spell in Harry Potter spell effects does by the point. There is in energy to the doing and not doing by what water, this is by sale in waning by moon phase to the energy by the use. As a focus concept direct stable energy and think point me, as a concept and think and your way is energy felt like a lodestone use as a point through by energy.

   As though without the concept accident your nothing in comparison to the things around you and not noticed is what you do or not is nothing done. As your intention is the energy in the thought, as if your form in intention isn't always written or done and thought in intention is by the use of a stone. This can see use as a way to heal things by, with the thought to see and do or nothing that is done is realized until known or in effect is a point in use.

  This idea came from the Arboreans, by a point as if a thought is energy there is nothing wrong. As you can feel something to see the illusion if any illusion there can be. So what ye thought to do in life, that creates nothing but an energy to work with?

   As in you can use the lodestone to create with the creator, think and make with a thought to feel and need. To not do is thought that is not done, proof is considered as a thought this isn't in the idea and thought to get done there isn't as if there. There is no other point to make unless necessary, as the use is energy to build the activity up and lower is thinking.

  As necessary as creative as your focus is with energy to create with chi, use as this is where you put the spirit back and you are cool with life as you seem to make yourself okay with what is there. As that you can setup in your area somewhere, an think as the point is energy is activity is no. As if your a concept to seem, think to see and you know what you can seem in life.

   As if in the feel and life is what you think, tin is necessary to get energy to heal by if the energy passing through the tin. The area is creative by use with the instant pain relief. This takes 12 seconds as however long it is or not. There is no problem to do things or stop and "not" to get nothing that is unliked or unwanted, thought is as a concept and pass on to do things as you thought necessary as this isn't done. This is witchcraft as your energy is point, as thought to concept and nothing if any idea is a thought in what you consider in use.

  You think energy gone thats bad for here in health, thought to nothing "or not" as through the ore its not as really this is an opposite synopsis and noting it is what is not in the area. If you relate to the moment and in relation, you are with the thinking by what is pointed out. To do a thought is an opposite by what is a point or just to seem, not in idea or nothing that is thought is in scenic view. Think as viewable is by view of conflict, think or know the viewing with sight is second sight as time allows.

   The use of a lodestone is a use by feel, as if the concept is hold the stone and feel as you think to know a way and you feel as your heading as your area is revealed as if your concept aware, as what you think is water and that directs you to the right place. This is the idea point that your idea creates the point, cease spell or not do is not do as in obstinate use is unstable understandable idea. This is the intent an to the meaning in cruel intent, as thought not or not is not to use as thought.

  As you focus and create a point to see by the created view, your by the creator and the creator conscious is energy as nothing in energy is from an with energy. This is energy by the thought, thought to create and conclude and accord and what you think is energy. Pull water from the area, as you think and if you correct what you you will pay. As you will or not as need, the feeling is right your with the right mention. As if the feeling is wrong, this made an idea as your right or thought is the use by the focus. Create by feel or made by thought in mention, this is still a way to go with things.

The divinity use

   As you are aware, think as a tine is what you see. Tine is wyrd as your energy is aware, your aware as your aware you gnow by the feel and focus what is right. The tine use is specific sometimes unless not necessary. Think your not experiencing the area and thought, is what you see to sense or ignore and the thought is an interest. Assume the worst or not as your energy is in thought or not, the thought is desistant as if you got what you wanted. As up with the ideal otherwise you can stand what others say. What others say, if a new idea is useful then do as you feel in the use and you know what you do. There is energy by the thought in energy by a prospect, that created with the subconscious is the concept with quick reading.

   That is how you feel the use, as you think the use in thought as defense, action or things you do. The rune tine reading is the energy by the thought, felt in the energy you see or perceive in thought and know. As you see and the meaning or demeaning is the meaning not felt, value is there as if written down. Sense the point or thing you see and the idea is telepathic termed telepathic, think by the idea in the in the value you seem to use gnosis for information or life events as an energy source.

   Use the information to continue in life as you wish or will things to exist. Thought in life, or thought in purpose is a point to do or feel or unconsist as think you in a point or an stable point and not in an ideal instability. Thought or not is thought that you will to exist or stop, as you cease things the term you value. The number is known by thinking of the idea and the subconscious comes up with it.

  With life and feel your energy is energy sense with focus by the awareness. Thought or not as the concept tea is wealth or activity experience is over in concept or out in it, think and you don't want to experience the idea. That was well beaten, as you thought the point and your feel creates by what create with a concept means.

  Think to yourself or go away and think to what you are working, as thought with an idea to create or think by what you seeming are using illusion. Thought to present and what you do are two different things with an idea. Now you know how to read them to create a concept, that is what you will and can exists with never reborn unless contact or no and nothing happens.

  As no is in use the universal knowledge idea by what you think to see and the third eye manifest, the point by what you see and now lets not creates what you need to see or feel to know. Think or not is concept as then or use isn't necessary, as the right time is correct and created by the creator or corrected by all thats correctable.

  Thought and as if the right thing not near you is a point to seem right, as by what they expect and this is known by the spirit as not in a different idea. As this is by approach to concept and in that case the language in thought in what you see, as if to feel or not detect by feeling is the language in perception. Think as in thought is perception, think and count to 10 as thinking and wait in presence is thought. Think by a concept is not always an in use, that is what you will to exist by what you see to feel.

   Unless necessary by te is idea wherever. Think or not as energy isn't there and your aware as no energy instability. Think from the invisibility that is sensed, thought or otherwise your area energy is not area overload as isis protects you from and what you think is right. There is now no sense to not do if in nothing and by feel is by the sensation. The divinity use then is the use to divine by the effort to gnow, there and back is a thought perceived and to think in "te" effort or think is feeling to do things right by what you do. The point is mention by idea or not, as the energy is not necessary to what you think feel or feel in necessity as written down.

   As your thought in feeling is waited out, a concept you think you can stop and do is a concept in thought as this is done. Unless unnecessary by the point you feel or don't feel to seem in life. There is non and nothing as things you do are energy and realty tat creates by what you consider as deconsidered is the value or thought you don't feel is truth. The meaning comes to you as you think to create concept, thought by the energy in reality to seem or not. This is reading a tarot card, that you can use in a moment or otherwise things are what you see by feel or feel by the moment detected and if not needed don't detect.

   As reading a tarot card is easy the meaning is in as your aware, think and your stated idea is what can occur. Thinking about things is what reveals with sight to you the menaning, there or not as back again and the thought is energy by what you consider in life. That meaning is as if you were those and are the meanings to the cards damning or otherwise full of powers. There is a point to te use of powers, if you think your ability is energy then debate as you think.

   The point is energy by temporal idea with the tigers eye, that can create a consent to seem useful or not if review unintended. Think and nothing isn't done as energy is manipulated by the third eye, there might be an overload as you think by feel and with the focus and thought this is concept made not at all with except if there or mention intended to be. There is energy by the means that if you use what you choose you can get, tis what you feel in the need by the energy that is nothing. Thought and not a point is unless necessary and not in reversed, think not to do not as in not is thought is not as nothing cruel. There thought is energy by the effect.

World energy use by Anonymous

  Think to cause positive energy and release from in negative thought, this is energy by use with the not intended not done. What you see is gnow and use created thought. That is to wait the moment out if about to strike and use the board, as energy or thought is a count to ten to seem to focus and function and forward if forward or backward to go back and go as allowable unless not necessary in the point that energy creates. So thats water that causes things and fire that makes what you will.

  Think the earth that absorbs things, think by use as you need to think to use the object as though a medium. As a medium or focus through earth to see or thought blocks effects. To create the point think the point and state it, as mention is mention and things or nothing more as a point to use. As if don't believe it if you don't see it, as if absolve is a point to accept or issue release from the area and release is from the area.

  Energy is represented by many idea, as if a thought is energized from the area and the planet or area creates things. Wind that is air flow that you psychic create and cause heat or manifest, with no feel in the area unless necessary to sense what creates the cause or idea by the third eye manifest by thought. As you think air energy or your elemental energy to do an idea, your idea creates what compromise or thought seems to be. There is no problem to do things or not to get nothing to do things. Assume no more that is energy to the point you use in thought, by the energy you exspent this is restorable from paid or refused thought.

  The tea is he energy that with infusion is nuts, or idea to the energy viewed to the point you see. Think you can and whatever is is a contribution is a use, as energy in a non church use creates water effects or infusion by wat you want. As your energy is an ideal use to do things as you aren't unaware of what is and there in "tea use" in a moment. As energy is energy in use by a thought, not or energy thought to use is energy to the point that is not attack.

  As flight or fight is an stim response, see no reason as a concept isn't a fight to do no reason and that is a response by will and in that idea you express you work or not to create. To nulle in thought is to nulle the attack by thought of "nulle" and think what is the idea to use energy to dissipate on as what is wrong is gone, thought as if tension release is for what is thought that is a battle to use as energy by sense and feel.

Thought time II

  Think in the coral time is earned as corporal or shared and give and take, as corporeal magic seems with spirit that as your still or they stand still it stops and your energy as your idea is what is a thought. As time stands still your time is moments. Those that think the idea to do, think and your done. As if what the goddess isis creates is what you consider yourself to seem if necessary. The thought you have is what you had to use, now at the moment or thought is in what you think. Due to thought if you will energy and create by thought to manipulate, you think your alive you are alive. If you avoid what you hate as you avoid going into what is there, "or not" as your energy is sometime dislikes as that is what freezes time as you think in life and get away.

  This is fox time and your avoidance is the opposite to people standing still if time is there as atempo normally, think or movement is done as you think time stands still in the area and you move about in the time that is inexplicable. An idea area avoiding people, thought creates a possible concept in an area. With no hazard if flowing in time energy is intensity or not as necessary, unless necessary this is energy as free energy and you can do things as concept exists or not as intensity is necessary. The darkmatter is antimatter in concentration if you think, focus and energy is the area in idea that existed as if this was an area flow concept 121 lives ago.

Money progress

  Money and progress by thought is apart of this ".v(=(.|$|.)=)^ and tis no drugs as no mass media" is needed and otherwise can be safely ignored. The idea you see identity for is what you think in idea, form in value to life itself and not be hit for an idea in thought. This is the energy by thought or not feel to do as you do. As feeling is the weaving of energy in life that is with air and thought by the feel, things to get results by the things you conclude in life. As if in the magic by thinking and not in the moment is in life, your thought is an attempt you are aware by now that this is over. As if in the moment you learn by the idea gained from the point.

  The energy is the feel by the flow of what is around you, as you think
or create your in idea. Return as you feel better, as if your an idea
to create. Imagination is no or thinking by object, as this creates
is and as your thought you can create as if a point. Thinking is intuitive
natural and seem to be, as you are returned thought as energy forms. As
if the "en" in thought you will as if shaping, this is where you shape
by will and create in thought this is not normally done. Normal in the
end is nothing done by the thought in time.

  The right one is called "tis" the sun and a sun energy filtered through
a sunstone or gemstone, tis is a concept thats understanding creative use
near the thought of light energy is an idea in what you think. As you think
you can if you seem to if you will or not, as if energy is what you think,
seem act or want if you will in life you can achieve your goals with tis
in mention.

   As is the point that you use with life, your life is nothing
if considered a thought to the use and thus your energy is free to be as
you want. As you are a free flowing energy, your thought is energy to restore by natural healing. As if a thank you in natural ability by concept that is a thought in the reality, by showing what you did and this is what you can seem to do. As you did things by the creator creating, linguistics is
a natural gift from the creator and that was work helping out the situations.

   Noting is to note down what I sense he is feeling and use what I will
in life he was real to do now to see what I can use to cure his instability,
that fixes his mental state that I sense in him. This in life is what led me
to believe that my life was not actually done and yet when I consider what
inside joke I did, there was a reason and good conditions were a good point
of conducts.

   Now this is the area flow in the air and as you are movement you
can use the in point to do. As in a feel by a thought there is senses in a
reason to not always create and use things, this is a point to the use to seem
as necessary. If necessary time is done where this is near. The idea in thought to imagine in a viewpoint to do, use "or not" as you think to stop and "portallis".

  The left one is Financial growth and sometimes safe drugs is in the use,
considered "Mal" create or think a practical use as in a point that you
were where your idea is what you or other people consider in possible
use by responsibility in thought by a point if made right. Here's a sigil
for financial success using the energy related to the sun, as accessing
creation with thought with the streams of money that already exist in the
world, doing it through people and partnership.

  Think and tis a concept that is always gaining or not if felt is wrong
in by opportunities, as "U.E." tis sigil disappears the bad and that in
use creates as they aren't normally likely otherwise or usual for you.
This in line or not in line as a point is concept and thought is in a
viewpoint. Thought try to perceive this point and see it may not get results.
This is in the case of illegality, as now you can as you can be.

  There was a point in time, that in your use was a point that mention
creates wonders and that time is past in life. I found this curious, as
you can let things go and find another idea to think to try. As this was
the point to the idea, your idea is not always possible as yet I am sure
this is possible. There is a point that life is there so whats existant for you? No or yes with a thought and if not what is left to live for in life?

  Wish luck for money magic from the earth core and shit the bad energy away, as with thought too much is gone and yet you don't have to do the
tea create by positivity in idea. Need more side work and success of projects.
Any idea you don't want is in negativity. So when youur free keep trucking
with whatever good you're doing, bros! Always feel free to message if you
wanna talk.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Energy related area

   As energy is relative thought with possible to create idea, this is by trance with meditation the negative ions. That create a calm and loose mood and a lucid dream make by the making, disrupt the dream state that is due to relaxation by vibration that is felt area soothing music and feel from aura and you wake up as now its not. Think in a thought that life is to imagine and think to focus and your ability luck is in the love.

  Sometimes this is to create with thought as you are with tragic concept, to not be sensed with use in energy is think cool and that forms non violent behavior. Consider and think is to displace what to seem as what isn't there, in the area is that as your energy creates. What you want is what you want and where you want, as if the right plight pitch and right moment.

  Then is a concept in concent to use in what room or area to seem concerned, thought in use is experience as already played with it creates as the idea seemed interesting in life is the "en". As if like is like your life is the point, end is nothing if you can't easily understand at the end and given life is a thought chance at the end. If to seem to prove use is good, as then you are not beaten.

   There is as a point to use, as your use is thought for cool idea. As tis is energy enough, as your energy is a walk and if that walk you did. As a concept is you as a thought to do, your will is with energy. As a curtain invisible to the thought is thought, think you don't actually appear different and you don't, yet can get to somewhere else.

  This is why you are where you think you are, as if nothing was a point and your idea was thought resistance. Those that are and can seem what are in thought to some area, as if you can do what is necessary that causes the shift or movement in the life you see. Aedir or Aenia is the word removing what is and what isn't in a cult.

   As you are relational in thought and you are aware by the thought and conceptual notion and thought created, are what the creator is the creator in the will by the area energy and thought to use an create by the will of the others in the creators consciousness. As you are concerned about the thought, use is a concept to get along and work what you will. As the assumed in idea point is thought, your will energy is water by the point you use and fire by the feel and imaging graphics and gravity by the activity or created match by thought.

  As if your energy comes from the pep of tea. Dimensional use is over unless necessary as you think and create, as you win or loss the idea you don't need. Unless you win and time allows as for this you wish you can get, there you are and can get things for what you will by what what you do in life. As a thought is in friendship a concept and timewise your ability is energy.

   As I learned a thought your thought reveals and to you or you see, as illusion is in thought in an area is an out thought in defense. As nothing in this is displacement, as you think to concern and think and use in your thought creates will that is your energy in defense. Think with a point the in form shape, different is diffuse, as you are yourself this doesn't hit you as if you aren't in a concept to be some ghost with an idea. As a project to be or not be targeted and this is not in what form you in thought are, what that will not do or help out in that life you choose to help.

  This isn't as unbound traffic and as no medical condition the spirit is able to be, unless necessary as thought is where things you do and form or create that your will energy wants. Thought to relation and be interrelated related, reminds me of positive idea as I am expressing it and this can or cannot actually happen. If negative the area reality could seem, to be beating you to death by the idea.

  As to seem bound is to think you are and not bound is not thought to be in a thought to be realized reality. The creator creates as you will or think as your state of awareness is there, your thought perception changes to the idea to seem the point and the point is a thought to energy. As that these idea are as items, they are what you think they are in life.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should as you can or think. At least a moment to think as safe or unsafe moments can be done safely. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, try this charm on them, say done as you touch the waffle "eal" or healing and thought is the activity you want done. This can create what you think, if necessary. Thought or not this is you and not or nor as a thought that counts. As you assume the worst, don't assume the worst and the point is concept to be as dreaming is the thought and thought is to do.

  There is something to work with as energy is perceptual you can think and the area adjusts, suave nature is the actual dream and ended as if a moment thought in perceptual state in aware conscious mind. Set by the brain to seem your will is a concept and this doesn't, if this does have to happen and you can't sleep and thought. If not allowable for the effect, thought of whatever caffeine used in thought isn't done.

   At work and your becoming better. As you wait till your recognized. As you think and create things, this creates what you realize and want to realize. As you are if to think you did or thought created if you want not or do not conclude, that the things exist that you look to see use with thought. As if a controlled state of wakeful moments is thought perception, that art adjust or not and your will is energy to create attempt.

  This is by thought and still have sleep and sleep if required, as thinking and feeling and this is awareness if you feel abit tired as due to the aware state. As you guess what's keeping you as a point is a key frequency statement, the idea is your will to the point of mind if a perceptual conscious drift change of what you see. This is what you can sense and is by perceptual shifting by motion, voice and focus, this is key to shifting in a frequency concept by composure and focus is there as your will exists the area to change by different views.

   Ads are a different life and different feel and the way is thought as with a different feel that are an idea that is you are capable of anything and thought creates, if a different view is where your somewhere as if energy shift to a different world to where you think. Sometimes a point is the world they feel is considered, their world concept in the auratic field of another and use is thought consider and experience is in their point is not always subconscious. Their conscious awareness controls as this is their idea by what they mind in an area, thought by what you see is what you get and what you are in feel as idea to work with or not.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should at least think as safe or unsafe. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, this is a same thing thing. So try creating the point by focus and create is made with thought by the action with a key, thought is create so and this is a compassion energy as idea as you think of this and this somehow can't be anyone and anyhow unless necessary. This and in a moment as if recognized as established. Thought as a concept is you think of the idea, and if you can then your mind sees what you create and your mind is not conscious as a point is no use.

  Nope in point, as you except a point that makes you realize what you want, yes in thought is to realize that is what stops as if done. As not actually by agreeing to the idea, that you don't think to use your agreeing as you don't agree. Thinking things through are as possible idea is slightly an idea, nope and almost impossible sometimes so think a point the subconscious is an idea and you don't force the habit.

   As if your a point if experience or considered a personal barrier and not appreciated is as a nulled or unnoticed idea that is dismissed but not if used, if unnecessary or without realizing and not always to be and if a thought is what concept isn't thought as training in considered things with their inner universe in life aren't. As this is not always explorable and thought in focus is where your not dead if a situation is an idea in the head. Thought to do is what you consider to this as nulle is void in nothing, think and the void is the energy rift in space as things you do.

  Assumed is nothing personal, nothing in idea and what your in will by energy is thought. Think in energy by the idea and sometimes things dismissed, can not be done at the right time or if useful thought then useful will in energy. Assume nothing and your will is your own as a point. Thought is energy by the use and if not enough energy, you will not seem to be as if you can move better with energy in thought by use.

   Your energy will bring you success from positive idea as negative disgrace, affliction and fear come from bad influence. This uses the concept in idea that the area energy is a personal space, that energy made by your and other thoughts are interesting. Thought and use is idea to seem as you walk out and exit, as a energy created by the difference in an ideal temperature.

  As you think to move and create by energy, the creator fixes what is there and your mega will is seeming as you want it to be. As you are aware as thought there is no punishment as you are aware before the moment. The spirit can sense the idea, as it is formed and you can change it as your able to will in thought.

   This creates by thought as if with a thought to look and you focus and energy shrinks things in the area and expands as you feel or work, as I focus and as the third eye manifests by your thought in focus. As if this is made to seem what appears as if negative ion energy benefits you in an ideal. Think that you think sometime or object there, as you think a new area to appear or yield is to wield not if not intended by imagination on a focus energy with a thought an object is of use by the concept.

  If too focused on an idea time use is allowed for as nothing need be as needed nothing exists, you could if your used as a source seem too tired unless you create no wizard distraction. This is create as you will as you think and you will. As energy existing will is interesting your energy subsists that and other things as energy is a will of your willing nature.

   If you need an idea then given a possible chance, if thought possible by view with the right information. Imagine and see whats there as necessary and you don't have to do it if thought allows. Imagine the screen and think it shows, as this is awareness and the spirit that shows what this is. Necessary as in essence, your aura in the area as you think and feel in the sensation to see what think is realized or not.

  As in idea or thought is what you think as you consider in the area as you notice. Feel or not is with what energy is creating, what you think or make by crediting. As used idea is not as your ideal, this can mask you or not let you be seen. Think as if not necromantically yours and this is what energy you think is necessarily work.

   As this is not necessarily yours is what you think is useful, thought by the considered viewee is interesting by the point. Thought or not is the thought that counts. As you are in the area, visit and do nothing else. As it is the assumption you don't think, creates water idea that is better for the worst won't be the worst. The point is concept to work with at becoming better. As you make fake stuff with fake idea, this creates by the idea that the good point is a good excuse. Creative use is creative use, as its done or there's a perfect explanation for the right reason. As if a moment that is a "lets have fun idea", from what we thought or what you think.

  As you think its created and made, suggest by focus and self-concept makes what you figure to a focus in thinking. Thinking in life is done, with the energy and ideal created is thought as avoid what you hate unless necessary, think this makes the money productive with creative idea as it takes an action with an action and with thought you preserve.

   Thought or not is some other thing, such as some machine or seem surprised. This idea is a movie idea, as this is able with will smith to use presentation. Think and create what is thought, to see or not see is as you think. As you are a thought and do not do things until necessary, as if your use is a point to and if the person is not disruptive and thought energy is allowing. As you think and know what you do, your use is a point by the concept. If the idea and person allow or not, you are the idea and then your ignored.

   This is a point or thought I had by some example not to do. This use some point skipped, as if not to do as necessary or unnecessary views are not actually viewable. As you think and nothing bade or bad happens, as if bated or not as if baded idea is not and isn't done as nothing to do at the point tis will seem wrong then or now you won't as its due to device.

  What you will well is occurance by thought, eject is this is an act by what you do. As if a movement and some almost idea is movement, from feel with a switch and chi focus to create what you want. If you think the piss in a toilet released to rid yourself of the thought matter is energy not seen and unliked in life. Then act as you want, if your will is energy you can find yourself places to be.