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What you see in this site allowable. As you see this is against no more laws and now I am free. So to get or involve people is with simple or creative use, see or use idea in work is with easy use. So you know that some don't have the energy, once to use magic easier you are in a focus by thought.

Say or so thought to lava to see or create twice as that life isn't light unless this is energy or there is aspects from you created by feel to use by thought to life the third is a fail to not do or die from. As that is ingenious or feel from the area thou computer by feel. As you were you are or were adjust to create.

Some don't have a good connection to a point their subconscious, this can use a point to focus with or use. As use or in no use mate this isn't by idea change, fics or not in lighted candle imagination or visualize, focus or create not that you see technology, feel the point is possible by feel or that is intuition.

Unless needed, your use is done so stop or no is to not assume arrest if drug use unless in no nillego ne to se so I suspect. As or not is nothing yet fee or feel is no see brought in concept, "concept inadvisable or ineptivity" as "ne sa" or necessary saying in what you get. As you were yiu or where you are, truly adjustive you are or were cool enough.

Soy sauce is cool to create cool idea with focus. See turmergic is turmeric as you use the herb with stevia use, see by the area water or drink with no high fructose for a better health thing. So tis the use of ginseng, paprika, cinnamon with fennel seed with use. As I am not always a related person, you see you created what was called a misuse if you try for too much. So stop to do something else so the need goes away.

That is what allows ability by energy or blood feel with feeling use, so if were use your use is creative or felt use in life. That is seen use or focus energy to cure or not kill yourself by use, as now you see what your ability is to others. See to focus is cause or create by feel, if your in need the creator can cause what you see needed.

So those who want as those you respect for your use, as you respect others or don't have to create, on that is usage or thought to feel or as is seem to cause with positive idea for positivity. They who use magic can seem to use what is there. They are or were allowed till not allowed in sight use is in sight to use. They are aware of use in the use to do what the want. They what or I want are two different things. But the truth is they are non use cie o sa as nigh or known to do as they see no by life.

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Oh yea this is derivative to chance, by some accord, all instructions given are not intended for actual use. So unless you want to, as improving for effects that you believe in the occurrence of, in happenstance. This site be for you as I think to use or not include, the third eye is a manifest.

I give you a chance by feel your use is felt or not created unless necessary. This is by the aura for some focus or manifest. This my last comment. The use to tell is the use to do, so if you don't feel like you can't do anything with this then think you can or don't try or do something else.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Atlantean Circle Spells

Modified 2/6/2011

I found this Atleantian circle doc to be interesting as the shields do work but not always the rest of the spells in the circles. The first ray of frost spell is likely to take a day to a week. Where what helps is to imagine the effect. The shields are easy, as they just are there to protect and prevent so absolutely no bad will occur to ya, while the shield is in effect. As some feel safer when they use the shields, sometimes ya can feel safe easily with the calm that is noticeable too. The thing is to keep trying them till they partially work. An then only when ya want to. Like the Sleep spell and the Minor vampiric drain. The minor vampiric drain drains people or victims or objects of a little energy. Works to keep ya awake, aware and with energy. Or, the mass vampiric drain spells can drain from many sources at a time. Keeps ya awake for a long time. Also, I also found that ya must have some heritage from atlantis to be able to do most the spells listed herein. Of course, the doc came from here.

These spells are ranked from easiest to extremest. The circles are easy to extreme from 1 to 16 and in levels 0 to 15. The level is denoted within () brackets. Ideas gotten from D&D; and originals including Neverwinter Nights and thoughts around the house. The circles are in groups of their own elements. These spells use phonetic spelling, that may or may not work for you unless you get the spelling right from the pronunciation key in []. So have fun trying them, to see if they do.
To cast them easier, you must have said them at least once right and thus you imagine the spell in some manner, such as the spell word itself, and think of where it effects as though it were in effect. If, ya can't get any effect from the phrase, then summon energy to be there by thinking its metainfluence is there. And try casting it then. Then, optional is the word you choose to cause it to be more effective. Its stated as in the place for the spell words, and can be 'done' or something else thats suitable to you.

If, ya find that ya can't complete a phrase word by stating it, then draw the rest of what ya can't say out by spelling it out with a limb or any finger. This will complete the spell as though using hand language. Optional is just drawing a freehand rune that means in ya mind the spell itself. This is as ya do rituals required for the spell itself. After casting the spell, then mentioning the thing to effect, ya can cause a more directed effect. Sometimes things that are general, aren't actually felt or understood as 'there'. So, when ya direct the effect more than often its easier, to feel or to see the effect.

There is mention of damages and healing amounts listed with the spell. These are those idea effects for the amounts. We start with A note on damages and to cure the damages, we go onto A note on healing.
A note on damages: Damage amount is accumulative and is shock like slight damage that is healed by being regenerated to negate damage;
   Minor is as in a cut or slight burn that must be healed within 3 days or the victim dies or its regenerated. It can also be some damage to the area, like chipping and slight burns.
  Minor-medium or minor-moderate is for a 2nd degree burn or deep cut which must be healed within 2 days or the victim dies or is regenerated. It can also be cuts in surfaces and abraded areas.
  Medium or moderate wounds the target for a very deep cut or a 3rd degree burn that must be healed within 1 1/2 days or the target may be infected and die unless its regenerated. It can also be allot of chipping and abrasively rubbed or burned area.
  Medium-high or moderate-serious dazes the target for at least 6 seconds with a deep wound or 3rd degree burns that must be healed within 1 day or victim dies or it can be assisted in healing to regenerate. It can also be some destruction of the area.
  High or serious is out cold for at least 6 seconds with a deep bruise, 4th degree burn or cut that shows bone and must be healed in half a day the victim dies. It can also be more destruction than is expected, to an area and it will show burns easily.
  High-extreme or serious-extreme knocks out the victim for at least 18 seconds with internal wounding (deep bleeding) or 5th degree burns and must be healed within 30 minutes or victim dies. This can be for the environment as though allot of damages.
  Extreme knocks out a victim for at least 36 seconds, with light internal wounding or 6th degree burns that must be treated in 15 minutes or the victim dies without chance of resurrection. This can be for the environment, as if major damages.
  Extreme-deadly and puts victim in system shock for at most 72 seconds with heavy internal bleeding and it can leave victim in hospital for 9 months or in a coma unless treated in 1 minute or the victim dies without possibility for raising except later may come back as a revenant. This can be chunks of things destroyed or a highly burned surface.
  Deadly kills victim with no raising possible. This can be massive damage that is with damages that cause things to crumble or fall on others. And, high marks of burning and incineration is everywhere as is possible.

A critical hit is a good chance to hit and will knock victim unconscious for least 36 seconds sometimes with heavy internal bleeding. If no treatment for internal bleeding, then the victim will die in 2 min for light internal bleeding and 30 sec for heavy internal bleeding. Head wounds are critical hits that daze the person. Any critical hits will daze them unless blood rage, cold rage and other rages, for which they are not effected and keep going. For dazing the person, creature or monster loses 6 seconds till the next time.

A note on healing: Healing amount like minor-moderate damage restored is accumulative, as;
  Slight or minor and cures or removes cuts and bruises.
  Slight-medium or minor-moderate and heals bruises faster and deep cuts.
  Medium and moderate as it heals deep bruising or open and deep cuts with stat recovery.
  Medium-high or moderate-serious and heals deep bruising or internal bleeding and higher stat recovery.
  High and serious for system shock recovery, bone repair and healing very deep wounds.
  High-extreme or serious-extreme wakes the person up in 6 seconds causing slow regeneration, including faster bone repair.
  Extreme and causes fast regeneration.
  Extreme-deadly healing for heavy internal bleeding recovery in 6 seconds with very fast regeneration, and very fast bone repair.
  Deadly restoration in an healing resurrects or raises victim with high regenerative ability rate including regenerating bones.
If ya want to add a boost to the spell, add a pronounced X, and however many times, each x will increase its potential. As in the speed spells, 'spe' will speed ya up so much where speXXX will speed ya up allot. There is only a certain amount of fire in the air to be used in fire based spells at one time. So if the fire spell ceases to work, then wait till the fire in the air is replenished or summon fire energy to be there in the air, and in a sufficient amount. Some can summon heat and the heat, if concentrated, will form into fire as it catches fire. Then there is cold spells, as to use cold based spells, ya have unlimited amounts of energy. Added to this is that fact, of if ya don't want it to be an attack, target or imagine the element form of the air or an object ya don't care for anymore. Now onto the spells.

 Circle/Level - Description
Circle I/(0) - Beginner effects
Circle II/(1) - Very easy effects
Circle III/(2)  - Easy effects
Circle IV/(3)  - Slightly easy effects
Circle V/(4)  - Moderate effects
Circle VI/(5)  - Very moderate effects
Circle VII/(6)  - Extremely moderate effects
Circle VIII/(7)  - Hard effects
Circle IX/(8)  - Very hard effects
Circle X/(9)  - Extremely hard effects
Circle XI/(10)  - Mastery & epic effects
Circle XII/(11)  - Particles and high effects
Circle XIII/(12)  - Source/being effects
Circle XIV/(13)  - Extreme metal effects; This can drive ye slightly insane
Circle XV/(14) - Very extreme, life & instant effects; These can drive ye slightly crazy
Circle XVI/(15) - High extreme of metal magic, drugs, conditions and substance effects; (These can make you appear addicted)
Circle XVII/(16) - Spells of Ages

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  1. Hey, I practice this too, and I wanted to know in what circle you are? And what's ghee most powerful spell you can do.
    Thank you very much.